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   Chapter 257 Problem Solver

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Sophia nodded doubtfully. "Yes, this is. Who's that?"

"I'm Flynn's grandfather. Do you know why I'm calling?"

Why was Flynn's grandfather calling her?

Recalling Colin's words, she got a bad feeling.

She might be in trouble. With a better understanding of what Flynn's grandfather meant, she said, "Do you want me to stay away from Flynn?" Flynn's family had the power and influence to investigate Sophia's past.

She was a divorced woman. An old conservative man like Flynn's grandfather would definitely not allow his grandson to marry her.

"Yes, you're right. You're also clever. What do you say?" Mr. Fan's eyes fell on the family photo at his desk.

"Alright, Mr. Fan. If you can find a way to stop Flynn from bothering me again, I'll appreciate it." Sophia was happy to suddenly find herself an ally.

Mr. Fan's initial shock quickly gave way to annoyance. "Out of respect, you should call me 'grandpa.' Don't call me 'Mr. Fan.' It makes people think I'm taking advantage of you. More importantly, do you really think that Colin's better than my grandson?"

A moment ago, Sophia was pleased by the prospect of getting rid of Flynn.

But hearing Mr. Fan's displeasure, Sophia quickly shut her mouth. She hesitated for a moment, but couldn't help saying, "Of course, as far as I'm concerned, Colin is the best."

Mr. Fan sneered. "In that case, the next time Flynn calls you, don't answer."

"Alright. But what if he comes to me personally?" It was possible.

Mr. Fan thought for a moment. "Then tell him that Niki is getting engaged."

Niki? Who was that? Despite her confusion, Sophia didn't ask further and readily agreed. "Okay. Thank you, Grandpa Fan."

"Good. If Flynn approaches you again, call me." Mr. Fan's voice turned serious again.

"I will. Goodbye." Sophia hung up the phone. She was delighted to have someone to help solve her problem.

Her mobile phone rang again. This time, it was Colin. "Mr. Colin, why did you tell on me?"

She found it difficult to believe that Colin could do such thi

ice. At his words, she hastily shook her head. "I'm fine. Do your job and don't worry about me. I'll tell Wade if I need anything. I'll be a good mother and take care of our baby."

"All right. Do you have anything else to tell me?" Colin looked at Marcella.

"Yes. Colin, Aaron locked up Dorothy with two fierce dogs recently. My daughter was nearly scared to death, and she was even scratched! Luckily, the baby is fine."

Marcella grasped her daughter's arm and pulled up her sleeves to show Colin the scratches.

Colin tried hard to contain his smile and put on a frown instead. "Has she been vaccinated? I'll get back at Aaron for this!"

"Yes, she's already been vaccinated. The doctor said that she's fine." Marcella pulled her daughter's sleeves down.

Dorothy bit her bottom lip, hastily saying, "Colin, I overreacted earlier at noon. I lost my temper at Sophia, I'm sorry. I'll behave myself in the future."

Colin nodded. "Good. My wife is supposed to be gentle and forgiving. Dorothy, if anybody angers you in the future, tell me. I won't let them go easily."

Moved, Dorothy looked at her fiance with gratitude and admiration. She would've hugged him if they weren't in public.

"Thank you, Colin."

Colin looked at his watch again. "I should go now. Enjoy your dinner. Dorothy, please take care of the baby. It's important to me."

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