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   Chapter 256 You Idiot

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Dorothy nodded abruptly. Her mother was her ultimate counselor and she would do whatever her mother told her so. She knew her mother was more experienced and intelligent.

"Have you already sent Sophia an invitation card of your wedding?" Marcella finished putting medicine on her daughter's wounds and closed the medical kit.

"It has been done a long time ago. She said she would come. I don't know if she will be true to her words." She was pleased at the thought of marrying Colin with Sophia witnessing all the proceedings. She wanted her to get so envious.

After their wedding, she would never be belittled by Sophia. After all, Sophia would be just an ex-wife by then.

Marcella suddenly paused and froze for a while. 'Will Sophia embarrass herself by attending her ex-husband's wedding? Or will she just cause a scene that will embarrass us instead?' She thought seriously to herself. She hastily put the medical kit inside the cabinet and told her daughter, "Find somebody to keep close watch on Sophia at your wedding. She shouldn't make any trouble or even an uproar. As far as I'm concerned, lots of distinguished guests will be there that day. That shows Colin's respect to us. I will not let Sophia ruin the big day of our family."

"You're right. When Sophia married Colin, they got their marriage certificate secretly. It was in low profile. Now, he has prepared a grand wedding ceremony for me. Mom, I think Colin treats me in a more important sense than Sophia, right?" Dorothy seemed to think of something and lowered her head, timidly expecting a positive response from her mother.

Marcella thought for a moment but she didn't rush to answer the question. Then, she asked, "Did Colin ever tell you when will you get your marriage certificate?"

"Yes, he told me that we could do that the day after our wedding. He assured me of that already."

"That's good news! It seems that he does treat you differently." Marcella's imagination made both of them walk on air. They suddenly became so proud of themselves.

Then Dorothy accidentally touched her wound and it ached so much. She decided, "Mom, let's go to the hospital. I can't risk any infections on these wounds."

"OK", her mother answered in a very concerned tone.

They went to the Chengyang Private Hospital together. Before Dorothy was vaccinated, Marcella suddenly grabbed the nurse's arm and stopped her.

"What's up? What are you doing, Mom?" Dorothy asked, obviously very confused. Both Dorothy and the nurse looked at Marcella curiously.

Marcella thought for a while then asked Dorothy, "When did you have your most recent period?"

Dorothy wondered as to her mother's intention behind this question and hesitatingly responded with another question, "Mom, why are you asking this? I don't know. I think the maid has been keeping records of that for me."

It's true. The maid would prepare the necessary things for Dorothy several days before her period. That was how Dorothy was taken care of in their home.

But a light flashed in Dorothy's eyes. She added, "Although I can't really remember the date of my last period, I think a long time has already passed! It's really unusual..."

Then, both Dorothy and Marcella asked the doctor to arrange a pregnancy test. They had to be really careful now. But the nurse wanted to get Dorothy vaccinated first.

Marcella asked as she was being very careful of her daughter's condition, "Can a pregnant woman be injected this kind of vaccine? I'm just being careful."

"Yes. This vaccine won't hurt the mother nor the baby. You don't have to worry about that." The nurse's explanation set their hearts at ease. As a result, Dorothy was vaccinated before receiving the pregnancy test.

Half an hour later, Dorothy came rushing to her mother and hugged her excitedly, "Mom, I'm pregnant! I'm with Colin's baby! We are having a baby!"

Marcella nodded so happily as she seemed to imagine mountains of gold and silver at their house.

However, Marcella's expression suddenly changed as she took the test report from Dorothy's hands. It said that Dorothy was already in the 7th week of her pregnancy. That meant one thing: Dorothy got pregnant at the office.

Marcella slapped her daughter on the head, to the astonishment of Dorothy. "Mom, why?! This is what you want all along, right?"

"You idiot! Can you just use your brain even for once?!" Marcella shouted angrily. Her loud voice drew lots of curious glances at them. Marcella pushed her daughter into a corner and asked, "You are such a stupid girl. Why didn't you take a contraceptive pill after you had sex last time at the office?" Marcella knew that someday she would be extremely mad at her daughter. Why would her daughter cause such a blunder right now?

It's such bad news. They were doomed. Although Dorothy was pregnant, the baby's father wasn

't Colin. Colin had sex with Dorothy at the Patrick Mansion less than a month ago. So, if the baby's father was Colin, Dorothy's pregnancy shouldn't be more than four weeks. She should have been in her early weeks of pregnancy right now.

Dorothy then realized what her mother meant. She put on a long, lonely face and regretfully thought why she didn't take a contraceptive pill after having sex with Payne.

"It's fine. Mom, don't worry. Now, I will just tell Colin that I'm pregnant for just four weeks. Later, I'll seek an opportunity to have an abortion. That's a good plan."

Gritting her teeth, Marcella saw no other choice and had to agree.

"Now, call Colin and tell him about your pregnancy. Tell him that you're four weeks into pregnancy. He'll know the baby's his. And of course, you have to sound very happy. Don't mess this up again." Then, Marcella hesitated and changed the plan, "I will call him and ask him to have dinner tonight. Then, we can tell him this news face to face. That way, it will be more personal and intimate."

Dorothy wanted to personally tell Colin about her pregnancy. But, since her mother had made such a decision, she had to suppress her disappointment and just give in to what her mother was thinking.

Colin was having a meeting when he received a call from Marcella. Although he wanted to hang up, he still got out of the office and answered the phone. Now's not the time to dodge Marcella's calls.

"Colin, I'm going to tell you a good news. Can we have dinner tonight?"

Colin answered in an indifferent tone, "Where shall we meet?"

"I'm fine with the French restaurant near your company. I'll go there." Marcella liked the food at this restaurant. However, it was too expensive and she was reluctant to pay the bill herself. If she had dinner with Colin, she knew the man would not hesitate to pay the bill.

"Ok. But, I can't leave the company before eight o'clock. There are many things to do here." He replied in a cold manner.

Marcella's expression turned sour. Eight o'clock was too late for her. By that time, she would have starved to death. "Colin, that would be too late. Can we meet in an earlier time?"

"Half past seven."

Well, that was better. So Marcella agreed, "Ok. Now, I will leave you alone. I will call the restaurant and make seat reservation in advance. See you soon!"

Hanging up the phone, Colin called Wade and asked him to investigate Marcella and Dorothy's movements today. He wondered why would that woman suddenly get hold of a good news. It aroused his suspicion.

Wade immediately set forth to work.

Before long, Colin already had the report from Wade. He was informed of that Dorothy was already pregnant for seven weeks. He was also told that Dorothy and Marcella had bribed the doctor and asked him to tamper the test report. Colin sneered in utter disgust! 'Nobody can make a fool of me!'

He already knew what they were planning to do. They couldn't make a fool out of him anymore.

However, if Dorothy could get pregnant, why Sophia couldn't? He wondered sadly. Colin felt discouraged upon this thought. Was it because he was not exerting much effort?

Sophia suddenly sneezed at her office. She felt cold and had to raise the temperature of the room's air conditioner.

Right after that, she went to the toilet. When she came out, she suddenly thought of something and was confused.

She remembered that her period had come this morning. But she felt nothing now. It just disappeared. She had always had her period normally for a long time. Was she suffering from some gynecologic inflammation? She pondered about this.

Suddenly, she thought of another possibility, and this put a grave expression on her face. Did Colin really get infected with syphilis with Dorothy? "No, that would be wrong." She quickly corrected herself. Colin said he never touched Dorothy. She believed his words.

Then, what happened to her? Sophia wondered, her mind consumed with that question. Why didn't her period come?

For the sake of her health, Sophia decided to see a doctor immediately when she had free time. She should take some pills if she was suffering from gynecologic inflammation.

Sitting back at her office desk, Sophia picked up her phone then hesitated, debating if it's a smart move to call Hugh.

She was not busy for a long time now as the company had been engaged in fewer projects in this time of the year.

She decided to call him, anyway.

But at that very moment, Sophia's phone suddenly rang. The phone ringtone sang, "If you can't love deeply, please save your face at least. I won't regret having loved you. But I also respect the ending of our story." Sophia was startled.

She hastily checked her phone and saw that the call was from an unknown number.

"Are you Sophia?" An old, familiar voice was heard on the phone.

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