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   Chapter 255 Flynn Fan's Grandfather

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As they went out of the restaurant, Sophia realized that Aaron was waiting for Colin in the Cayenne. She knocked lightly at the car window and asked, "Have you eaten anything yet?"

"Yes, I just had some delicious plates of Sichuan cuisine with some friends at a restaurant nearby. Don't worry about me."

"Ok. I have to head to the office first. I guess Colin will be finished soon. Drive your car slowly and carefully. Take care!"

Aaron got out of the car and looked at the man standing behind her sister. "Sophia, did Flynn just ask you out?"

Sophia's face instantly turned red as she replied hastily, "It's none of your business. I got to go."

However, Flynn unexpectedly came over to Aaron and stretched out his right hand, "Nice to meet you. I'm Flynn Fan and I'm totally in love with your sister. Sophia has said many good things about you."

Hearing these words, Aaron was a bit dismayed. He looked at Flynn's hand but was not planning on reaching out for a handshake. Sophia pushed him, indicating that he shouldn't behave rudely in front of a polite person. "Aaron, what are you doing? Mr. Fan is just being nice. Don't give him such a hard time."

But Aaron just stubbornly put both of his hands inside his pockets and answered, "My sister does love somebody already, so she definitely doesn't have time for you. I can promise you that."

Flynn took his right hand back and did not show any discomfort on his face. "You're not your sister. So you can't decide for her. She knows herself better than anyone else."

Aaron disliked any man approaching his sister with ulterior motives. He knew that Flynn was a very pretentious man. He retorted, this time with a more determined tone, "You're wrong. I can decide who my sister will marry." Then, he turned to Sophia and said, "Sophia, I advise you not to spend time with this man anymore. I'm going to drive you home. Let's go."

But Sophia didn't realize that his brother disliked Flynn so much. She thought he was just being protective. She forced Aaron to get in the car and said, "Don't worry about me. I'm leaving. You can stay here and wait for Colin. Thank you, brother."

Then, she pulled Flynn by his sleeve and went away with him quickly.

When Sophia and Flynn got inside his expensive Lamborghini, Colin and his party came out of the restaurant. Flynn and Colin immediately exchanged glances.

Flynn shot a defiant glance at Colin, stepped on the accelerator and pulled away.

However, he failed to see the helpless smile on Colin's face. When Flynn started to approach Sophia, Colin had already sent a subordinate to investigate his background.

It turned out that Flynn had lots of secrets. Colin already had an inst

ough you want to beat a dog, you still should respect its master. Will Colin allow you to scold or even punish Aaron? No! He would not agree to that! Now, look at what you have done. Colin abandoned you and asked his bodyguard to send you home. He didn't care for you at all."

Marcella felt so dismayed as she thought of her daughter's thoughtlessness and stupidity. How did she give birth to such a silly child, she thought painfully to herself.

Dorothy took her mother's hand and said, "Mom, don't be angry at me. From now on, I will do whatever you tell me. I'm sorry!"

Marcella sighed heavily. Dorothy had always been her favorite daughter. She couldn't blame her daughter too much. Marcella gently took her hand and let her sit on the couch. "Sit here so I could put some medicine on your wounds."

"Thank you, Mom. You're so kind to me. I'm sorry for disappointing you." Dorothy was moved and looked at her mother, tears streaming down her face.

Marcella was applying medicine on Dorothy's scratches when she said, "Only a couple of days are left before your wedding. You have to be patient and make sure that you don't cause any trouble again. Remember, after your marriage with Colin, you can do whatever you want with your enemies. Remember that!"

"I won't forget that, Mom." Dorothy cursed Sophia and Aaron's ancestors under her breath and vowed to punish the sister and the brother right after her wedding.

Marcella continued with a determined voice, "I'm going to disinfect your injuries. Later, I will take you to the hospital and get you a rabies vaccine. I won't let Sophia and Aaron go unpunished. They are to be blamed for all the troubles you are going through!" Then she thought for a moment before adding, "You should keep silent first. I will talk to Colin about this."

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