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   Chapter 254 White Lotus Flower

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When the waiter finally left, Sophia looked at Flynn in mere curiosity and asked in a surprised tone, "Is a serve of steak already enough for you?"

"Speaking of which, a serve of steak is too much for you already. Can you really finish all the steak, wine and ice-cream?" He responded by also putting up another question. He was aware that women couldn't eat too much. Women were always picky when it came to food.

Sophia put on a pretentious smile and replied, "I can have another two set of meals. No worries."

Flynn was utterly astonished by her appetite. He didn't expect that the girl in front of her could eat that much! He came closer to Sophia and asked with his eyebrows raised, "Are you even a human being?"

Her sexy and curvy body made Flynn doubt if Sophia's words were true.

"Fuck off. Do I need to do something to prove myself as a woman?" She raised her eyebrows and looked at him defiantly.

Then, the waiter brought to the table an expensive bottle of the 1982 Vantage Lafite. He opened it and poured some into the wine decanter.

"How can you prove that? Show me, then." Flynn said, excitedly expecting Sophia to give in to his desires.

Sophia moved closer to Flynn and whispered, "You should ask Colin about this. He knows clearly what kind of person I am."

As she sat with an upright posture, Flynn gazed at her intently. Sophia sneered, knowing what Flynn was thinking.

Flynn nodded with such admiration, "You're really good at seducing men. I'll give you that." Then Sophia replied in a casual tone, "Mr. Flynn, as for this lunch, can we go Dutch instead?." Flynn knew what she meant. He knew that she was playing tricks on him. If Flynn went Dutch, he would give Sophia a hint that he would give up on her.

Flynn smiled at Sophia lustfully and said, "Nice try. I must pay the bill. Don't argue with me."

Sophia felt helpless. This was an arrogant man in front of her. What's wrong with this man, she thought to herself. Hadn't she been told that men always love virgins? And she had provoked Flynn so many times already. Why wouldn't he just give up? She already gave him a really difficult time.

Sophia gently massaged her aching forehead and suddenly thought of something. She came closer to Flynn and poured another glass of wine. "Are you sexually impotent? I think you are."

This was the only possibility. Otherwise, a man that rich and amorous as Flynn would have all kinds of women fighting against each other for his love and attention. If that's the case, he would never want a divorced woman to become his partner. He would want somebody fresh.

Flynn's facial expression immediately darkened. "Sophia, do you have any idea of what a man hates the most? You should be more sensitive!"

"Of course, I know that." How couldn't she know that? That's why she didn't dare to ask Colin that question. But she was playing tricks on Flynn. "But I asked you seriously. So t

t you're as innocent as a white lotus flower. But you're not. You must be hiding something. I always love mysterious women."

Sophia asked in return, "What do you mean? I don't understand you." She put her phone on the table.

"You should lecture Dorothy every day so that she would behave herself. That woman needs to be taught some harsh lessons in life."

Sophia shook her head and replied, "You don't know me. I'm not as good a person as you think. I asked my brother to let her go because I don't want Aaron to be involved with this woman. As for myself, I won't let her off the hook that easily."

"Is that so? I admire Aaron for putting up with you then. He is so supportive of you."

Sophia was taken aback again. She replied, "Mr. Fan, I think you're missing the key point."

"What's the key point then?" Flynn called the waiter to get them the bill.

"The key point is that I won't forgive anybody for trying to hurt me or my family." She said in a very sincere tone.

Flynn gave his credit card to the waiter and replied, "There's nothing wrong with that. No one could just hurt a person so intentionally like that."

His affirmation comforted Sophia. She felt relieved to have somebody accept her ideas. It wasn't always that way with her previous relationships.

She stopped the waiter from leaving and said to Flynn in a strong voice, "We can go Dutch. So, Mr. Fan, don't feel forced to pay the bill. I don't mind it."

Flynn smiled softly, "Then, can you pay the bill?"

"Of course, I can do this. You don't have to worry!" Sophia said excitedly.

"Then, I can buy you lunch the other day. I should repay you for your kind deed." Flynn said and smiled.

'Isn't this an indirect way of dating?' Sophia thought helplessly. Sophia had to do all kinds of tricks to stop Flynn.

She utterly failed at persuading Flynn to give up on her. What should she do now? Maybe it was because she was not that good with words...

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