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   Chapter 252 He Couldn't Stand That Any More

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Flynn entered her office.

Sophia didn't recognize him when he entered the room. She then thought for a moment, and realized who the man was.

Flynn hadn't seen her for a long time, and he had missed her very much. She seemed to be very sad at the time of his visit. "Why are you crying?" asked Flynn.

He had already had the answer, but he wanted the confirmation.

Sophia recovered fast, and hastily wiped her tears as she listened to his words. She didn't even realize that she was crying, and said, "Good morning. Mr. Fan!"

Flynn carefully looked at her face, and said, "I'm going to meet Hugh now, but we can have lunch together after I finish my work."

"Oh, thank you, but I don't have time. I have a lot of things to do around here, " replied Sophia.

"I won't take no as an answer. I already know that the Pei Group doesn't have that much business with other companies as it used to, so you aren't busy at all, " said Flynn, wearing a smile on his face. He put his hands inside his pockets, and watched her reaction after he debunked her lie.

Sophia was embarrassed when she heard Flynn's words. With a flushed face, Sophia said, "You're right, I'm not busy with work, but I have some other personal things to do."

"What are you going to do? Colin's going to get married, and he will be very busy by the end of the year. Sophia, don't refuse me! You've always refused me! Although you broke our appointment last time, you can still have lunch with me this one time, " said Flynn, in an anxious tone.

Sophia was determined to refuse him decisively. ··· "Mr. Fan, trust me, I'm not the right girl for you, " said Sophia.

Flynn chuckled, and said, "How do you even know this? We haven't even had a chance to try."

When he walked up to her, Sophia got frightened, and took a step backwards. She concealed her embarrassment by pouring tea, and said, "Mr. Fan, do you want a cup of tea?"

"Please, don't be shy... Yes, I would be glad to have some tea, " replied Flynn. He loosened his tie and took the cup of tea, lolling on the sofa after. He then squinted at Sophia, who was standing in front of him with a flushed face.

Sophia took a deep breath, and said, "Mr. Fan, what can I do for you? If you don't need my help, then please leave my office and do your own work."

When he heard her, Flynn smiled, and said, "Sophia, Colin is going to get married soon. You know you have to give up on the relationship with him."

Flynn knew the reason why Sophia refused him—she loved Colin.

Sophia looked into his eyes, and said, "I'll give up after he actually gets married, but not now."

She wouldn't give up on her endeavors until the very end.

Flynn was filled with envy when he heard her words. He also wanted to have a girl who loved him as much as she did Colin.

The girls trying to get close to him wanted only his wealth, and he couldn't stand that any longer.

Flynn stood up from his seat on the sofa and then moved towards Sophia. He rested his arms on her desk, and said, "I'll never bother you again if you have lunch with me this one time."

Sophia hesitated for a moment, but finally agreed.

Flynn felt happy, and with a contented look on his face, said, "I'll book the restaurant and send the location to your phone before noon."

"Okay. Mr. Fan, see you later then, " said Sophia. She couldn't wait for him to leave her office faster.

Flynn was a little upset, and thought to himself, 'Although she hates me, I won't give up yet.'

After he left Sophia's office, Flynn called his assistant. "Where will Colin and the people from FW have lunch? Check their location and send it to me, " said Flynn.

The assistant quickly replied, "No problem, I'll check it for you right now, Mr. Fan."

Back in her office, Sophia was confused. She remembered that Hugh had said that Flynn was the CEO of Jinggua

n Entertainment Company. Why did he wanted to employ her? She knew that the Pei Group hadn't moved to the entertainment industry, but why did Flynn come there?

She searched for Flynn on the internet and found her answer.

Flynn was not only the boss of Jingguan Entertainment Company, but also the boss of his family's firm. The Fan Group was similar to the Pei Group, because both of them were in the business of clothes trading.

That was why he had come there.

'I see, ' thought Sophia to herself. She then put down her phone, and continued to draw on a piece of paper.

She didn't know whether Brody could have the chance yet to wear the clothes that she had designed.

In the Aviks Western Restaurant.

A red Lamborghini stopped at the restaurant's gates, and Flynn, who wore a light grey suit, got out of the car. He quickly walked up to the passenger seat and opened the car's door for Sophia.

He then offered out his hand to her, and said, "Miss Lo, please take my hand."

Sophia looked at him and hesitated, but she finally put her hand on his arm and got out of the car.

At that moment, a Cayenne stopped right beside the Lamborghini.

Sophia realized that the Cayenne was Colin's car, and she wanted to loosen her hand, but Flynn stopped her and instead held her even more tightly.

She stared at him furiously. But Flynn smiled and said, "But you can test whether Colin really loves you or not."

As Sophia heard these words, she had mixed emotions stirring up inside her. And the expression on her face turned from anger to confusion. On one hand, she really wanted to see Colin's reaction, but on the other, if he really didn't care about her at all, she would feel heartbroken.

Suddenly, a voice called, "Is that Sophia?" Sophia gritted her teeth as she recognized the voice to be Dorothy's.

She really hated Dorothy, but she had to control her anger in that moment.

Then a penetrating gaze fixed on her back. Sophia knew it was Colin.

Her body turned stiffened as she realized that Flynn was still holding her hand. There were too many coincidences happening in Sophia's life in recent time. She met Colin and Dorothy nearly everywhere, including the shopping mall, restaurant, cinema...

Flynn proudly held Sophia's hand, turned her to Colin and Dorothy, and greeted Colin with a smile, and said, "Mr. Li, long time no see!"

Sophia had to force a smile. She looked to the unmarried couple, who were standing at the entrance of the restaurant.

Colin looked at Flynn, and said, "Mr. Fan, how do you feel when you're accompanied by nine beautiful women?"

Sophia was shocked by his words. 'What? Nine women?' She thought to herself.

Flynn was a little angry when he heard his words, and hastily explained to Sophia, "Honey, trust me, all of those women had belong to Mr. Li. I didn't touch any of them, I swear!" said Flynn.

... Hearing his words, she thought to herself, "That's none of my business, I don't care whether you touched them or not."

Dorothy furiously looked at Sophia. She thought to herself, 'Sophia, you're really good at seducing men, but how can you be with Flynn? You're a dissolute, shameless woman! I'll make you look foolish!'

She then carelessly said, "Sophia, I remember that your boyfriend is Mr. Pei, but why are you here with Mr. Fan? I didn't believe the rumours and gossip about you before I met you, but I think I might have been wrong. Maybe the rumors are right!"

Dorothy spoke all of these words in a sarcastic and cruel way.

Sophia wasn't offended by her words, and instead held Flynn's arm, and said, "What do you know, Dorothy? I refused Hugh. Flynn wants me to be his girlfriend, but I haven't said yes, yet. We just want to have lunch together. Are you jealous, Mrs. Li?" Sophia quickly gave Flynn an appealing look, and hoped that he would help her.

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