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   Chapter 251 Congratulations on Your Wedding

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It was already eight when she entered the company, but she didn't expect that Colin would still be there.

Aaron had told the security staff beforehand, that allow Sophia to directly go up to the 88th floor when she arrived.

But she didn't let Aaron inform Colin of her arrival, for she meant to give him a nice surprise.

As she walked into the elevator, Sophia couldn't help but smile when she touched the package she was holding.

But Sophia was anxious. She slowed her pace. It was very quiet on the 88th floor, where the CEO's office was located.

She noticed that the door wasn't entirely closed, and while she stood outside of the office, she heard someone talk. When she was about to knock the door, she heard, "Daddy, I haven't seen you for a long time!"

Sophia's face instantly became pallid, because it was not Ambrose's voice she was hearing. Instead, it was that of a little girl.

She gradually lowered her hands, and through the crack, she saw a girl who seemed to be around the age of two. She then saw Colin, with his back against the door, pick the girl up in his hands. He said, "Nana, have you been eating well?"

"Dad, of course I have! Mrs. Shane even praised me! She said I'm becoming taller and taller by each passing day."

The littler girl looked pretty with her big eyes and little mouth, and the two short braids on her head made her look even more beautiful.

Sophia's mind was about to blow. "Did she just call Colin... dad?"

She had never known that Colin had a daughter.

Colin's voice sounded very affable. He said, "That's good! Do you want to go to the restaurant and have dinner with your brother tonight?"

"Of course I want to! Dad, you're so good to me!" The little girl sounded very excited. She put her arm around Colin's neck.

"Dad is a little busy today. You should go home with Mrs. Shane first!"

The word dad made Sophia's heart ache.

"Okay, bye, dad!"


Slightly feeling guilty of her eavesdropping, she hid herself in a corner when the little girl was about to walk out of Colin's office.

She held her breath and clung to her collar, and then she saw the girl go into the elevator with a woman by her side.

Her eyes were suddenly brimmed with tears, and she wondered why no one had told her that Colin had a daughter.

When it was about nine, Sophia's phone suddenly rang, and all of her thoughts were brought back to the present.

She immediately hung up when she saw it was Aaron, and she texted him that she was already in the company. With her tears wiped, she cleared her mind and walked towards the office.

She then knocked the door.

"Come in!" Said Colin. The man's deep voice floated into her ears.

Trying to restrain her tears, she pushed the door open, and said, "It's me."

Hearing the familiar voice, Colin grinned a smile. He then put the pen down on his desk, stood up, and then walked up to her.

Without uttering another single word, he put her in his arms, and kissed her crimson lips.

Since the end of the year approached, the company was busy. And he hadn't called her recently, as he had been on a ten-day business trip.

Thinking of the little girl, Sophia wanted to ask him who was the girl's mother. But she was not sure whether Colin would give her the answer, or not. Restraining her urge, she pushed him away, and said, "Please, don't! I have things to discuss with you!"

It was not until then that Colin noticed that she was holding a box in her hand. "What's this?" he asked.

Sophia opened it, showed him the suit, and softly said, "Colin, congratulations on your wedding!"

It was a

black suit, and the material was so smooth, that it didn't wrinkle even after it was folded.

Colin was delighted. He took it from her hands, and said, "Let me try it on."

"I can make some adjustments to it, if it doesn't fit you well." She placed the big box on the table and then began to help him dress the suit.

To her surprise, it turned out that it did not need any more adjustments, and while she placed her hands against her mouth, Sophia stared at the man.

Colin buttoned, and he looked handsome. The suit, which was of a slightly casual style, made the man look noble, businesslike, and also gentle.

He didn't have to look into the mirror to know if it fitted well. He was satisfied, and he grabbed her in his arms again, and said, "I don't want your congratulations! I love you, Sophia!"

His sudden confession made the woman open her eyes wide at him. She hardly could believe what he was saying.

But Colin was getting married in one week, and she didn't know whether to laugh, or to cry. The entire world knew about his wedding, and yet Colin said he loved another woman.

There was a moment where Sophia thought that she actually knew nothing of this man.

Colin stopped for a moment, and again kissed her red lips.

Some time later, Sophia loosely leaned on his body, and heard him say how much he loved the suit that she had made for him.

"Um... Then you should wear it in one of your most important days of your life! Colin, wear it on your wedding next week!" She gently fixed the suit on him, and thought that it might look better with a claret tie.

But she didn't say it to him, because she thought that it wasn't her business.

Looking expectant, Colin stared at her, and asked, "Sophia, you will be at the wedding, right?"

If she wouldn't be there, all of his work would then go to waste.

Sophia still wondered why Colin could say such heart-breaking things in such a nonchalant manner. She managed to put on a smile, and replied, "Of course, I have a big gift for... your fiancee!"

"You asked me if I'll come... You'll see for yourself on your wedding day, " she thought.

She caressed his eyebrows with her trembling hands, and thought, "Colin, please forgive me... I love you so much that I can't live without you... That's why I have to ruin your wedding.

But if I fail this time, I promise I'll let you go..."

Hearing Sophia say that she love him, Colin became excited. "Sophia, I love you too! I will never let you go!"

"Okay..." Because of his excitement, her soft response seemed to mean something to Colin.

Then had not been in each other's company for almost two weeks. Colin took off the suit, carefully put it on the sofa, and then lifted her to his chest.

She instantly knew about what he was thinking. She knew him better than anybody else, because all of this time she had been with him.

Colin pinned Sophia to the king sized bed in the lounge, took off his coat, and unbuttoned his shirt. After every move, he looked with more and more passion burning in his eyes at the woman underneath him.

As the air in the room started to heat up, the two soon became one.

The next morning, when Sophia finished drawing a sketch, she felt that something was wrong. She dashed into the bathroom, but came out with a disappointed look on her face.

She was on her period, and she thought that it might mean that it was God's will to have Colin married to Dorothy.

Sophia then became really upset.

While she was scribbling on a piece of paper with her eyes looking tearful, someone knocked at the door of her office. "Come in!" she said.

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