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   Chapter 250 You are the Handsome Colin

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"Come inside my room, and you'll find out, " said Colin, while he leisurely leaned on the door, and waited for her.

"I don't want to go in, " she said. She knew that the moment she stepped into that room there would be no going back.

Colin wouldn't let her go so easily, and besides that, every time she touched him, she felt that she lost all control over herself.

"Selina accidentally took your clothes from the trunk of your car..." explained Colin patiently.

"Well, just leave them; I can pick them up in another day." She began to walk away from him, but he said, "If you take one step further, I can't promise that I won't do anything to you!"

She then suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Biting her lower lip, Sophia restrained her emotions, although she wanted to unleash all of them in a sudden burst. Very staunch to her initial idea, Sophia said, "I need to go back!"

But the man sounded even more steadfast, and said, "I won't allow it."


She tried to coax him, but Colin had already grown tired of the conversation! "I'll count to three, and if by then you're still not in here, then I'll come to you!"



While clenching her fists, Sophia wondered whether Colin really knew what her staying there might mean to the others.

People might then regard her as the other person between him and Dorothy.


'Alright!' She thought to herself. She was certain that she was feeling inhibited because she didn't have the confidence to ruin their wedding.

If she called the police and asked them to arrest Dorothy on their wedding day, it was highly likely that they would choose to do it on another day, just out of respect for Colin.

She did not expect herself to unconsciously walk up to him before he finished his count.

'Jesus! How useless you are, Sophia.' She thought to herself.

She then quietly walked into his room, and was a little startled when he closed the door behind her. She was even more surprised when she also saw Colin lock the door! Everything was so obvious.

On a desk nearby were two handbags, one of which read WY shop.

Colin picked that bag, and gave it to Sophia. He ordered, "Put it on."

'Right now? For what?' Sophia wondered. "Why?" She blurted out.

"Because I want to see how it fits on your body!" After saying this, Colin took a step back.

... 'I have to put it on just because he wants me to do so?' She thought. "I won't..."

"You have to, because I bought it for you."

"... Then I'll pay you back what I owe you!" As she said this, she grabbed her purse, But before she could even unzip it, Colin grabbed it from her hand, and crassly threw it on the sofa nearby.

"Put it on!" He commanded again. His voice turned colder, and he wondered why she couldn't do just what he said.

Sophia felt unhappy, and said, "Alright, alright, but why do you have to be so rude?"

For a moment, Colin's face turned rigid when he heard her aggrieved question, but soon it came back to normal as she began to take off her coat.

The man was very satisfied when he saw Sophia put on the khaki coat he had bought, making her presence even more imposing.

He walked up to her and slowly put his hands around her slender waist. He then gently whispered in her ear, "That's my girl."

'Ugh, save it for another time! All you do is to push me around!' Sneered Sophia in her mind.

Colin then kissed on her shivering lips, and said, "Now I need to discuss a project with you; its worth is over a hundred million."

... "I don't want to discuss it!" Thanks to him, she had a full understanding of the so called "project" he had in mind.

He began, "Well, Did you know that..." While listening to his alluri

ng voice, Sophia found that he was also fondling with her hair. "...while I was in that clothing shop, I wanted to hold you like this, and..." His kisses covered her rosy cheeks and crimson lips.

When she heard his last word, Sophia's mind went blank in an instant.

She did not expect that the shameless man would ever dare to say such obscene things to her. "Let me go, I need to go home!" she said.

"Go home?" Grinning, Colin then walked into the balcony with Sophia in his arms, and said, "Who told me that she wants to bear a child for me? What? Did you change your mind now?"

He would never allow her to do that, if that was the case indeed.

Reminded by him, Sophia then recalled her purpose. 'Why don't I want to have a baby with him, and instead I now want to push him away?' Wondered Sophia.

Her mind was in a whirl, and suddenly she didn't know what to do anymore. To stay and to have a baby with him, or to leave and keep some distance from him?

She wished that someone would come and tell her the best answer to her dilemma.

However, Colin had already made the decision for her.

He pressed her against the staircase's handrail, and Sophia sensed danger in his gaze.

"No!" Suddenly she had her eyes wide open, and while knowing what he was thinking of, she began to look around, flustered.

Fortunately, the only lights that she could see were the dim street lamps, and also the curtains in the other balconies were all down.

Staring at Sophia, who looked like a startled bird, Colin grinned, and said, "You don't have to be afraid of me."

... How on earth could've she not be afraid?

The coat was still on her body. She said, "Colin, can I say that you're a monster?" He had developed a sexual interest in her just because of... a coat.

"Well, whatever you say..." He kissed her red lips again, and continued, "But you should know that you can't say that and just get away with it! So I'll be the monster you say I am!"

Sophia instantly changed her tone, and coquettishly said, "I was wrong, forgive me! You are handsome, actually extremely handsome, and talented, and..."

"Well, I accept all those compliments!"


The next morning, Sophia left his house with her clothes, wrinkled by the man the night before. When she got back home, she smoothed them with an iron before she left for work.

Soon after she stepped into her office, she immediately started designing clothes for Colin.

She decided to make him a suit instead of other casual clothes, because he was about to get married.

She then drew the design, and called Wade for Colin's measurements.

She then selected the best material, and devoted herself to making it.

During this time, she did not take the initiative to call Colin, and he also didn't come to her. She surmised that Colin was busy with his work, and just didn't have the time.

Instead, Ambrose was sent to the Lo House by Selina several times.

Sophia slept with him, cooked him breakfast in the morning, and drove him to the kindergarten.

The days with Ambrose made Sophia feel that she was actually spending time with her son, because he would often plead her to hold him in her arms, and also because he was calling her mommy all the time.

At first, Sophia was uncomfortable with this, but over time she gradually learned to become more used to it.

The week before Colin's weeding, Sophia finally finished making the suit. She had worked day and night for it.

When December approached, the weather started to get colder, and many people started to wrap themselves in thick coats.

Sophia did the same, and with a big coat on her, she headed towards Colin's company with the finished suit in her hands.

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