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   Chapter 249 Colin Will Never Marry Dorothy

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"By the way, I will retire soon, and I plan to travel around the world with your mother." All these years Wendy had been with him, he seldom took her abroad because of work. He often felt guilty about it.

Colin took out a cigarette case and lighted two cigarettes for him and his father. "That would be awesome. You can take my credit card, and don't hesitate to buy anything you like! Don't worry about the cost!"

... Without a second thought, Jordan punched his son on the shoulder, "You brat, who do you think I am?"

Jordan's punch was stronger than Sophia's. Colin winced in pain, "You didn't earn much as a soldier. I'm doing it for mom!"

Obviously, Colin was kidding. There was nothing that the Li Clan could not obtain. As for money, it was the least of their concerns.

Colin just showed his filial piety the wrong way, so he got himself punched.

Nevertheless, at least the atmosphere in the room was light and easy. Colin and his father seldom discussed things this way.

Jordan nonchalantly refused his son's offer, "She has my love, and that's enough for her. You, on the other hand, need to worry about your own wife. Stop worrying about your mother when you can't even get your own problem fixed!"

"Don't scold me. Otherwise, I might make more grandchildren for Mother. Guess what she would choose. Travel around the world or take care of her grandchildren- Ouch..." Jordan threw another punch, and Colin had to put up with it.

Since Jordan had been in the military for dozens of years, he threw quite the punch.

"Are you threatening me? You want me to go downstairs and kick Sophia out right now?" Jordan joked with his son, which he rarely did.

There was another reason behind this banter with his son.

Jordan had seen how miserable Colin was when he got divorced with Sophia. During that period, Colin often missed his meals. He just kept working and had no interest in other things, like a dead man walking. He even ignored the people around him,

she won't accompany you to sleep."

Ambrose pouted at his words. He thought that his dad had a point.

Following behind them, Sophia didn't say anything, but she was touched.

Sophia had become quite familiar with lulling Ambrose to sleep. Ambrose would fall asleep with his hand holding Sophia's at 9:30 PM every night.

Rubbing the boy's little head, she was still surprised that Ambrose just called her "Mom". She doubted that Colin would allow his son to do that.

That man was petty, after all!

At 9:40 PM, Sophia quietly pulled Ambrose's arm away and got off from his bed. Then, she went into his bathroom.

She did not have time to clean up the mess after she bathed him. But now Ambrose was sleeping, she could tidy it up and leave.

It was about 10 PM when she finished. Having kissed him on the cheeks, she turned the lights off and left.

But soon after she left the boy's room, the door of the opposite room opened.

Looking stolid, the man appeared in front of her. Sophia pointed to the stairs, "I should leave now. Good night."

She headed toward the stairway as she spoke. Colin knew that she was not playing hard to get.

"You clothes are still in my room!" Colin said casually.

Confused, Sophia looked back, "What clothes?" She did not remember having left any clothes in his room.

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