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   Chapter 248 It's Too Risky

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Ambrose got the hint, so he immediately burst into tears. "Aunt Sophia, do you hate me? I like you so much, but why don't you want to stay here to keep me company. I feel angry!" He continued crying.

After he finished his words, Ambrose ran over to the stairs. Sophia's heart broke as she saw him cry. As Ambrose was about to go upstairs, she caught up with him and held him in her arms, saying, "Ambrose, I didn't mean that. Don't cry."

Ambrose rubbed his eyes with his hands and sobbed some more, pleading, "Can you sleep with me tonight? Or can you bring me home with you?"

"..." It was the first time that Sophia had seen Ambrose depend on her so much.

She really didn't know whether she should be happy or not. She touched Ambrose's head and said, "Okay, Ambrose, I will lull you to sleep."

After he heard her, Ambrose clapped his hands and happily hugged her. "Okay. Auntie Sophia, you should keep your words!"

When Sophia looked at Ambrose again, she didn't see any tears in his eyes or on his face. She was fooled by this naughty kid! Alas! She massaged Ambrose's head, carried him to Jordan and Wendy, and timidly said, "I will stay here tonight. I promise I won't bother you at all."

This time, Jordan and Wendy nodded at the same time... Wendy secretly gave Ambrose a thumb-up. Then, she pretended not to know what had happened just now and asked a servant to bring some fruits to them.

Sophia sat back in her seat which was beside Colin's. He looked inhospitable...

Alas! She just hoped that she wouldn't feel so awkward after he married. But she knew she still displeased him.

She wondered whether he thought of her situation...

When Sophia almost couldn't stand Colin's indifference, Jordan asked Colin to go to his study together.

In the study

They sat opposite each other at the tea table. Jordan boiled the water in the kettle, took out some raw Pu'er tea leaves, and put them into the purple clay teapot.

Colin played with the purple clay tea pet* on the tea table and flatly asked, (*TN: Tea pet is a small clay figure kept by tea drinkers for good luck.) "Father, do you want to talk to me about Sophia?"

Jordan nodded and said, "You're already in your thirties. I should have let you deal with your matters by yourself. You also saw that she tried to keep her distance from you, but why didn't you let her?"

Jordan didn't agree to let Sophia leave because he saw Colin's expression.

"Why do I need to stay away from her?"

Jordan poured the boiling water into the teapot and washed the raw Pu'er tea leaves twice. "Why do you need to stay away from her? You and Dorothy have already taken your pre-wedding photos and are going to get married at the end of the month. What do you want Sophia to do? Do you want her to be your mistress?"

"Colin, I think you know what Sophia is trying to do. Even though she came to our house several times, I could feel that she tried to keep her distance from you. She wants to get close to you, but she also doesn't dare to do it. I think you know why."

Wendy had told Jordan to retell her words to Colin. She thought that Colin would listen to Jordan, and Jordan had to obey.

Colin knew what this was all about and said, "Father, this would all be resolved in less than a month."

"Resolved? How? Can you tell me?" Jordan thought that Sophia was a good person. Although the Li Clan's reputation dwindled because

of her ruthless behaviors before, they never cared about what other people thought.

They liked Sophia. Besides, Colin had once told Jordan that Sophia didn't do anything wrong, nor did she cheat on him.

It was because Jordan remembered Colin's words that he decided to ask Colin about their relationship.

Colin then replied, "I just want Dorothy to lose everything she owns right now."

Jordan poured Colin a cup of freshly brewed tea and asked, "Does Sophia know about it?"

A light, herbal fragrance emanated from the tea. Colin sniffed and suddenly recalled Herring's words. Herring once said that Sophia was like an aged tea, refined and with pleasant flavor.

He now thought that what Herring said was right.

"She doesn't know it. But I will use my actions to show her that I love her."

He thought that it was unnecessary to explain anything because he might be misunderstood, so he'd rather show it through his actions.

Jordan took a sip of tea and savoured it. "The decoration of the wedding site is almost done. You know your mother doesn't like Dorothy. So, she is trying her best to prepare for Levi and Selina's wedding. And your wedding..."

"Wedding?" Colin chuckled and said, "Father, the wedding is not important, and I don't care about the decorations. But the more people we invite, the better. Ask mother to invite more people related to the Lien Clan for the wedding."

Jordan kept silent for a while. He knew what Colin wanted to do.

He then asked, "Are you still confident that you would be able to pull this off?"

"This matter has nothing to do with confidence. It's just a matter of doing things to tamper with the wedding and finding people. Simple." He could easily destroy Dorothy.

"I've never seen you behave like this. You're even betting your marriage on it. Don't you think it's too risky?" Jordan felt confused. He wondered why his son didn't take after him.

He didn't mention any of it to Wendy because if he dared ask her, she would not let him get into the bedroom for several days... When he thought of his wife, the solemn Jordan, began to smile.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I promised the Lien Clan that I will hold a wedding for Dorothy. In this way, they will trust me, and I can avoid a lot of unnecessary doubts." After all, Colin couldn't take advantage of his son.

He definitely wouldn't bet Ambrose on this matter.

He would never do that!

"As for Ambrose, I want to know why you won't tell Sophia the truth. Aren't you afraid that she will hate you after she figures it out?" Jordan really admired Colin's guts and courage. He even dared cross his beloved wife.

Speaking of which, Jordan was sure that Sophia was Colin's beloved woman.

'Hate me?' Colin pondered for a little while and said, "If Sophia knows that Ambrose is her son, she will be happy."

Though he wasn't sure of that. But it didn't matter. He thought she would forgive him in the end!

"Hahaha, " Jordan laughed and said, "I do hope Sophia will be happy."

Colin cast a glance at Jordan. "What do you mean? Do you think that Sophia won't be happy?" Colin thought that Sophia should be happy to know that her son was alive, and it was the boy she was very fond of. He had no doubt about it.

Jordan refilled the teapot and said, "I won't meddle in your business. It's okay as long as you have full control of this matter."

"Okay, " said Colin.

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