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   Chapter 247 I Bet He Will Remarry His Ex-wife

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Dorothy thought it was a pity that she didn't see him punish Sophia. 'Never mind. After all, Sophia was obviously humiliated anyway!' she thought.

In the WY shop

Several sales clerks and the shop manager, gathered together to talk about what happened just now. "Do you think that Mr. Li doesn't like his fiancee?"

"I think so, too. He spent one million dollars on his ex-wife's overcoat, but he didn't even pay for his fiancee's undershirt." They then learned from the shop manager that Sophia was not only Eason's student, but also Colin's ex-wife!

After marvelling at the fact, a sales clerk said, "That's right. He even asked his fiancee to go away and kissed his ex-wife. Oh my god. I got goosebumps as I saw them kissing."

Another sales clerk said, "He is a wealthy man. He can definitely afford to date his ex-wife and fiancee at the same time."

The third sales clerk said, "I don't think so. I think Mr. Li is still in love with his ex-wife. Have you seen the way he looked at Sophia? It was so sweet. But his face was indifferent when he was dealing with his fiancee."

The shop manager said, "Of course. If not, why did he ask Mabel and Tabitha to play out his scheme in the fitting room? It shows how Mr. Li doesn't love his fiancee. He didn't even want to spend a small amount of money on her!"

The first sales clerk who spoke said, "That's right. Did you notice that he paid for the overcoat without hesitation? Even if it cost nearly one million?"

The second sales clerk who spoke said, "I'm envious of his ex-wife... Do you think Mr. Li and his ex-wife will remarry? Or will he continue his marriage with his fiancee? Let's make a bet."

"That's good idea! Count me in. I bet he will remarry his ex-wife! He truly loves her!"

"I will also join you guys. I bet he will marry his fiancee because Sophia Lo is already his ex-wife. He and his fiancee are going to get married."

... Only the shop manager and one of the sales clerks bet that he would remarry his ex-wife. The other four or five sales clerks bet that he would marry his fiancee.

In the Li Manor

Sophia and Selina arrived at the Li Manor. Sophia once again marvelled at the Li Clan's wealth. Despite one villa had been demolished, there were still three villas in the Li Manor.

As they got out of the car, Ambrose ran out to greet them.

Levi followed him. When Selina saw Levi, she curiously asked, "Why did you come back home so earlier today?"

Levi and Sophia greeted each other. Then, Levi went to hug Selina and said, "I have to carry out a task tomorrow, so I came back early today to pack my things."

When Selina heard him, she scrunched up her face and shouted, "Really? You need to carry out a task again?" Selina let out a sigh. Levi was always assigned to dangerous tasks, and not allowed to bring along any family member with him. She assumed this time would be the same.

Levi pinched her nose and replied, "I will go to Green Cold Country for a week to execute the task. Do you want to come with?"

Sophia carried Ambrose into her arms and entered the villa first, leaving Selina alone with Levi.

Surprised, Selina happily asked, "Can I go there with you this time?"

"Yes, you can, but I'm afraid that it is unsafe there. You'd better not go."

"..." Selina glared at him and disappointedly said, "You just asked me whether I wanted to go with you, but now you're telling me not to go there. How frustrating!"

Levi grinned and put his arm around her shoulder. "Let's enter the villa first."

At this moment, Colin's car stopped at the Li Manor, so Levi and Selina turned round and waited for Colin. Then, the three of them went into the villa together.

Wendy had cooked the dinner. She had also made a call to Jordan, telling him that they would be having a

family reunion dinner.

Indeed! A family reunion dinner! Jordan, Wendy, Colin, Sophia, Ambrose, Levi, and Selina had dinner together.

Everyone there was in such a good mood that none of them mentioned any matter related to Colin and Dorothy.

During the dinner, Sophia suddenly asked Colin, "You said you had a meeting about a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But why did you come back so soon?"

Colin was about to pick up some food with his chopsticks, but when he heard her, he stopped and laughed.

Sophia curiously looked at him and asked, "Why are you laughing?" She didn't say anything funny. She merely asked him a question.

Colin put down his chopsticks and whispered into Sophia's ears to explain.

Sophia suddenly flushed red and stretched out her left hand to pinch Colin's leg, thinking, 'You jerk! How dare you act like this in front of everyone!'

Colin held her hand, controlled his laughter, and said in a low voice, "Have some dinner first."

Selina, who sat opposite them, spoke with a smile, "Colin, Sophia, what are you doing?"

Sophia immediately brushed off Colin's hand. Ambrose curiously asked, "Aunt Sophia, why is your face so red?"

"Oh... Uhm... I'm fine. I think I burned my face with the hot food!" She casually made an excuse and then lowered her head to eat.

The other people knew exactly what had happened and began to laugh. When Sophia heard them laugh, she couldn't help but pinch Colin's leg again.

Colin got close to her and said, "You're flirting with me!" What? Sophia was in no mood to eat her food now. She wanted to eat something else...

She wondered why he said that she was the one who flirted with him. Sophia was annoyed. She picked up a brisket and placed it on his plate. "Just eat! Keep your month shut when you're eating!"

When he heard her words, Colin teased her again, "That wouldn't do. But you can gag my mouth with some other thing."

She asked by reflex, "What?"

Colin smiled slyly and whispered, "Your kiss."

Oh no! Sophia was very furious after hearing his words. 'We're eating dinner now! How could Colin keep on flirting with me like that!' she thought. She really wanted to cry.

"Auntie Sophia, your ears are also red. Is the porridge very hot? I can help you blow on the porridge." Brody was just a kid, not having the faintest clue on what was going on. He worriedly looked at Sophia.

Wendy snickered, took a spoonful of soup with Ambrose's spoon, and placed it in front of his lips. "Ambrose, have some soup. Leave them alone!"

Ambrose felt confused and thought about why his grandmother said that.

Sophia swore that she wouldn't talk with Colin again before dinner was over.

Not long after dinner, Sophia bid goodbye to Jordan and Wendy.

She left so soon because she thought she needed to keep her distance from Colin in the meantime. Since she didn't succeed in destroying their wedding, Colin and Dorothy had already taken their pre-wedding photos.

Of course, she just did whatever came to her mind...

Ambrose tightly put his arms around Sophia's leg and unhappily said, "Aunt Sophia, I want to sleep together with you. Could you stay here tonight?"

Colin, who looked cold, sat on the sofa and cast a cold glance at his son and Sophia, who was about to leave.

Sophia held Ambrose in her arms and said, "Ambrose, I have to go back now! Look. Your father is at home to keep you company! Don't get upset!" She then put Ambrose down gently and told Jordan and Wendy, "Thank you for dinner! It's rather late, so I need to leave now!"

They didn't say anything, but fixed their eyes on Colin.

Selina stood up from the sofa and went to take Sophia's arm. "Sophia, don't leave! Look. Brody is vey sad. Are you sad, Brody?" Selina secretly winked at Ambrose.

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