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   Chapter 246 What do You Mean by Lovely Pig

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Dorothy was so furious that she raised her hand to slap Sophia, but Sophia held her by the wrist, "Your husband is so generous. I haven't even used up all the pocket money he gave me before!"

Although Sophia spoke in a low voice, both Dorothy and Colin heard her. After Colin listened to all of her words, he smiled a bit.

He grabbed an undershirt near him and suddenly spoke, "Dorothy, go try on this shirt now. I will help you teach her a lesson!"

Dorothy was very excited to hear that Colin was going to punish Sophia. She took the shirt from Colin and said, "I will try it on later. Help me teach this woman a lesson first!"

She would love to personally see Sophia get punished.

However, Colin looked at the watch on his wrist and said, "I have a meeting regarding a cooperative project worth hundreds of millions of dollars later, and there is no time left. You should go try it on now. I will punish her by myself!"

'A cooperative project worth hundreds of millions of dollars?' Dorothy's eyes lit up since she only cared about money. She immediately nodded and said, "Okay. Wait for me. I will be back soon."

After Dorothy left, Colin held Sophia's hand and walked up to the cashier's desk. He then handed his credit card to the cashier and said, "I'll pay the bill!"

"..." The shop manager, the sales clerk, Sophia and Selina were all stunned by his words.

Before Sophia had the chance to react, the cashier had already settled the account.

She looked at Colin and was about to say something. But Colin put his palm on the back of her head, pulled her close, and whispered in her ear, "You look so good in this overcoat. You can wear it when I see you tonight. I'm going to get married at the end of this month. You can wear it to my wedding!"

After he finished these words, he kissed Sophia's lips in front of the others.


Colin continued, "I promised my fiancee that I will punish you! So I have to do what I promised!"

Sophia suddenly had a bad feeling, so she turned around, meaning to escape, but Colin brought his handsome face close to her... Colin kissed her again in front of a big crowd of people.

All of the sales clerks were so surprised that they almost screamed. 'What... What is going on? Is Mr. Li d

e so cute."


"You're silly and cute!"

"I'm not silly." She was annoyed by his words.

Colin put one hand on his waist. He then saw Dorothy coming out of the restroom, so he turned his back to Dorothy and said to Sophia, "I will go home along with Sophia, my woman. Got it? You lovely pig*."

(*TN: In Chinese culture, calling others by their nickname is a way to show fondness.)

Before she felt embarrassed, Sophia asked, "What do you mean by lovely pig?"

"A lovely little pig."

"What are you referring to?"

When he heard the taps of Dorothy's high-heeled shoes get closer, he said, "You!"

... Sophia didn't know why Colin could say these words. It made her very furious. "Colin, you're such a pig. You're a male pig*..."

(*TN: However, Sophia was annoyed.)

Colin tried to control his laughter. "Bye now. I'll see you later."

Dorothy thought he was talking to someone from work. She pretended to care for him and his company, and said, "Colin, your work is important. You should go back to the office now!"

Colin pretended to hesitate for a little while and said, "I will send you back first."

"No. I can ask my driver to pick me up. You go first."

Colin agreed and said, "Okay." Since Colin needed to go to the underground parking lot, they said goodbye to each other in front of the elevator.

Dorothy was content because not only did Colin went shopping with her, but he also taught Sophia a lesson. 'Humph! That shameless woman deserved it!' she thought.

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