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   Chapter 245 You're My Idol

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Everyone in the shop had gone silent. If Sophia hadn't had called the man "Mr. Li", they would've thought she was ignorant of Colin Li's identity. She had dared talk to Mr. Li so arrogantly!

Sophia watched Colin, trying to fathom what was going on in his head. If she knew what he was thinking of, she would've been mortified.

All Colin could think about was how much he wanted to undress the insolent woman.

Colin remained silent. Assuming he didn't want to bother responding to Sophia, Dorothy sneered, "What makes you think you're qualified to talk to me? I'm Colin's fiancé, you're beneath me!"

Unfazed at Dorothy's reply, Sophia laughed. She leaned closer and fixed Dorothy an unimpressed stare. "Why are you so smug? You've just picked up a shoe that I'd thrown away. I'm beneath you, you say? What a joke! What makes you so capable?"

Everyone was dumbfounded by her response. They all shot glances at Colin to gauge his reaction.

Devoid of any emotions on his face, Colin showed no interest in their conversation. He kept his feelings so deeply hidden, that no one could figure out what he was thinking of.

Dorothy wondered when Sophia had become... such a fearless woman. Back when they first met, Sophia used to be a docile and fat girl. She was stupid and had no personality at all.

But now, Sophia seemed to be glowing everywhere.

Maybe it was true that Colin was the man who had changed Sophia. She used to use cheap skincare products on her face, but she now used expensive ones. Sophia had also learned to apply makeup from a professional makeup artist. The makeup on her face suited her perfectly.

Despite her reluctance, Dorothy also had to admit to herself that Sophia was quickly making a name for herself in the designer industry.

The realization made Dorothy lose her confidence. Even if she was born in an upper-class family, she felt a sense of inferiority in front of Sophia...

She wondered if Colin really wanted to marry her. How could he give up such an excellent and confident woman?

Sophia continued, "Miss Lien, why don't you say anything? You're an upper-class lady. Tell me, is Mr. Li the

weetly at Colin instead. "Mr. Li, does the coat look good on me?"

Dorothy stared at her smiling face. Was this woman trying to seduce Colin? Over her dead body!

Afraid that Colin would praise her, Dorothy hurried to lie, "The coat doesn't look good on you, no matter the color or style!"

Sophia continued to ignore her and kept her eyes on Colin. She wouldn't give in. She had to make Colin say something.

Underneath everyone's curious glances, Colin grinned. "That's one of Eason Bo's works, isn't it? He's your mentor. Did he customize it for you?"

'Did he customize it for you?' Colin's question clearly spoke volumes.

Sophia's heart soar as she heard Colin's response. It was undoubtedly better than simply telling her she looked beautiful. Smiling happily, Sophia took off the coat and handed it to the saleslady. "Please pack it up, I'm taking it."

Dorothy looked at Sophia incredulously. She was just a daughter of a poor professor. How could she afford the price?

"Sophia, you must be some man's kept mistress!" Dorothy suddenly yelled, stopping Sophia on her way to the checkout counter.

Colin's eyes flashed with anger at Dorothy's outburst. But he was immediately pacified to hear Sophia's satisfying response.

Ignoring everyone's shocked and contemptuous looks, Sophia came up to Dorothy and whispered, "Yes, you're right. I'm definitely someone's kept mistress. And that man is your husband."

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