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   Chapter 244 The Average People Might Not Look Good in These Clothes

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Some people commented that Colin had finally dumped Sophia, who had cheated on him, and got himself a better wife.

Pre-wedding photos... Sophia and Colin had been married before, but they had neither taken any pre-wedding photos nor held a wedding ceremony.

When she looked at those photos and comments, Sophia felt very distressed. She turned off her phone and sat in the office as if in a trance. After a couple of minutes, she decided to go shopping to relax herself.

Before she went out, she called Selina and asked her to join her at the mall.

Selina was going to get married. Besides, being a model was only her avocation and it was not so important. Thus, she had asked for a six months leave starting before the New Year and ending after it. She stayed at the Li family house to keep Levi and Wendy company.

In the shopping mall

Selina was dressed in a casual white suit and carried a black backpack on her back. When she saw Sophia, she happily ran over to her and greeted her, "Sophia!"

They hugged each other. Sophia then gently pulled Selina away from her and carefully looked at her. "Selina, you are chubbier than before, " she said.

"Oh! You also think so? It's Levi's fault. He doesn't allow me to do anything and forces me to eat a lot of food every day, " Selina discontentedly complained, but with an expression of happiness on her face.

Sophia remembered that once when she looked at herself in the mirror, she had also been happy, just like Selina.

But now, the man, who had made her smile happily before, had taken pre-wedding photos with another woman, whom he was going to marry...

Selina mumbled a few more words, but Sophia didn't reply. Seeing that Sophia was lost in her thoughts, she waved a hand in front of her and said, "Sophia, what's wrong?"

Sophia came back to her senses and smilingly took Selina's arm. "Nothing. Let's go in."

"Okay, " Selina said allowing Sophia to lead her inside the mall.

Putting the annoyance aside, Sophia strolled in the shopping mall with Selina. They were laughing and joking all the time. In just a short while, they bought a lot of stuff.

Sophia raised several shopping bags in her hands and said, "We've already bought a lot of things. I think we should leave now."

Selina was also carrying at least seven or eight shopping bags in her hands. She looked around the mall and said, "Sure, but let's browse around the WY shop first and then we can take our suff to our car."

"Okay." They went towards the WY shop, a large clothing shop in the mall.

With international styles and leading brands, the clothes at WY were very fashionable. The average people might not look good in these clothes.

The shop was huge. After they had put their stuff in one of the rest areas and asked the salesclerk to help them watch over them, they went together to look at the clothes.

"The clothing styles here would suit you a lot, " said Selina. Arm in arm with Sophia, Selina took down a coat from the rack and put it in front of Sophia.

Sophia slightly smiled and said, "The clothes of this style are too high-grade and I don't think they would suit me."

"Well, Sophia, you've become more mature and attractive than you were several years ago. The clothes of this style will definitely look good on you. You must try them on." Selina was sincere in her words since what she had just said was indeed true.

She then chose a light grey coat and asked Sophia to try it on. When Sophia tried it, she clapped her hands and said, "It's looking lovely! See, I'm right. Any of these clothes would look good on you."

"Do I really look good in this coat?" Sophia asked looking at herself in the mirror. She wore a knee-length, grey coat. If she changed into a pair of high-heeled shoes, she would be qualified to join the T-stage show!

"Yes, you do. And I think I have good ta

ste in clothes and I've chosen a nice one for you. Hahaha!" Selina laughed good-naturedly.

Sophia couldn't help but laugh along with her. "Great. It's so nice! Look, that one seems to be better."

Sophia pointed at a glass showcase placed near the wall of the shop. Selina looked towards it. There were three dummies in the showcase and one of them stood in front of the other two.

The first dummy wore a long khaki overcoat almost down to the ankles.

The salesclerk behind them immediately introduced the overcoat, "Ladies, this overcoat is the most treasured piece of our shop and has been designed by Eason, the international fashion designer. The material contains only New Zealand wool. It was produced according to Italian technological process with 360 processing steps. It is the only overcoat of this style here and arrived just today. It has the highest price tag among all the clothes in our shop. The size available is medium and I think both of you wear medium-sized clothes. If you are interested, I can take it down and you can give it a try."

The price tag near the dummy's foot read 999999.

These kinds of clothes were expensive mainly because of the unique technological process used to make them and the good reputation of the designer.

When Selina learned that her father had designed this overcoat, she couldn't help but laugh.

Sophia took a look at Selina and smiled, thinking that Eason had a very high reputation and even a simple overcoat designed by him could become unique.

She stopped smiling, turned to the salesclerk and said, "Please take the coat down. I want to try it."

"Hi. Please take this coat down. I want to try it, " said a voice simultaneously from behind.

Sophia turned her head and was surprised to see Dorothy

Along with... Colin. Two or three staff members followed them around to keep them company.

When Sophia looked at Colin, he also looked back at her, with a passionate and affectionate expression gleaming in his eyes.

Sophia felt a little sad when she saw the man and woman of the news appear right in front of her. She immediately turned her eyes away from Colin and began to look at Dorothy who was squinting at her.

The salesclerk near Sophia felt a little embarrassed and didn't know whom she should give the overcoat to. But the shop manager next to Colin spoke, "Bring that overcoat to Mrs. Li!"

"Okay, Miss Zhang."

Dorothy was very pleased and even took a step back to take Colin's arm.

The atmosphere became a little embarrassing. Selina lightly coughed and greeted Colin, "Colin, you're also here for shopping."

Colin nodded at her and replied, "Are you out for fun? Do you want to buy anything from here? Do go ahead. It's on me."

Dorothy knew Selina as she had seen her twice at the Li Manor. She released Colin's arm, walked up to Selina and pulled her close to her, so that she was away from Sophia's side. She tenderly smiled at her and said, "Selina, I like this overcoat. I will put it on and you could help me check if it fits me."

Selina took a quick look at Sophia and smiled. She was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to say at the moment.

She hated Dorothy so much and was wondering how to refuse her.

Two salesclerks removed the overcoat from the dummy, and just when they were about to hand it to Dorothy, Sophia said, "Stop!"

Everyone turned their eyes to look at her. Sophia, dressed in a grey woolen coat with a white fox fur collar, stood up straighter. She had an air of confidence around her. With his hands in his pockets, Colin also looked at her with great interest.

When Sophia saw that he was looking at her, she looked squarely back at him and said in a sonorous voice, "Mr. Li, I took a fancy to this overcoat first. So I think I should try it on first. You can't be unreasonable just because she is your fiancee!"

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