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   Chapter 243 Mr. Fan is A Boring Man

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The delivery man told Sophia that he relied on his job to feed his family.

When Sophia intended to throw the flowers into the garbage, the delivery man hurriedly said, "The sender said that if you throw away the flowers, he will personally bring you flowers every morning and propose to you..."

Sophia was speechless.

Was she close to Flynn Fan? Definitely not! They had only met once. Sophia didn't understand why he liked her so much. Was she something that rich men enjoyed playing with?

At the thought, Sophia became very unhappy. She decided that she needed to have a good talk with Flynn.

On the other line, Colin said, "Really? Then why were you suddenly so excited and shy?" Colin couldn't help cursing to himself.

"How did you know that?" Sophia asked. She immediately looked out of the office and wondered if Colin was currently in the Pei Group.

"That's not the point."

Sophia stammered, "Um, no..."

"How are you going to do with the flowers?" Colin lit a cigarette and took a drag.

"I don't know his phone number!" Sophia said in frustration. "Do you know?" she asked hopefully.

"Are you saying that you want to call him?"

"Yes, I want to see him and make things clear to him in person!"

Colin puffed out a cloud of smoke. "You're overthinking things. I won't give you his phone number even if I have it." How could he let Sophia be alone with Flynn?

Sophia was confused. "What do you mean?"

"I'll give you the name of another flower shop where you can sell the flowers for a discount. You can keep the money afterwards." said Colin.

Sophia was impressed. What a sly fox!

Not getting a reply, Colin demanded, "What? You don't want to?" His voice became colder as he spoke. He already had a competitor Hugh, and now Flynn had his eyes set on Sophia! The thought that Sophia attracted so much attention from men frustrated Colin.

"No, of course not! Mr. Li has the final say!" Sophia said. She massaged her temples, wondering why she had to please Colin this way.

"Okay, go on with your work. I'll arrange for someone to handle it for you."

"Fine. Mr. Li, please take good care of yourself. Goodbye!"

"What?" Colin said in a low and dangerous voice.

Sophia hurried to correct herself and said in a sweet voice, "Colin, please enjoy your lunch! Take care your health while I'm not by your side!"

"That's better. Alright. You're behaving so well today. As a reward, I'll let you have me tonight in bed." Colin said mischievously.

Sophia didn't say a word. She really wanted to tell him to fuck off, But she could only curse him in her mind.

Half an hour after they finished their call, a man who looked like a bodyguard came up to Sophia. "Hello, Miss Lo. I've come to take the flowers as Mr. Li has instructed."

"Hello. Okay, they're over there, please take them away! Thank you!" She pointed to the bouquet of flowers on her table.

"You're welcome, Miss Lo. It's my duty." The bodyguard took away the roses. After he left, Sophia sent a message to Colin to ask him for Flynn's phone number.

Colin sent her the number with the instructions, "Make an appointment with Flynn. Tell him to have dinner with you tonight at the No. 8 Cruise Ship. I'll reserve a room for you."

She really wanted to refuse. But she couldn't. "Okay..."

Soon, Colin sent her the room number. Sophia dialed Flynn's number.

Flynn was handling the contracts of his company's major artists when his phone suddenly rang. Seeing the number on the screen, Flynn instantly knew it was a call from Sophia. He had already found out her number and had saved it in his phone directory.

"Sophia, did you miss me?" Flynn teased in a naughty voice.

Sophia was shocked by his tone. She didn't expect that Flynn, who was always graceful and elegant in public, to be... so frivolous.

"Mr. Fan, I've received your roses, thank you. Would yo

u like to have dinner with me tonight?"

Flynn smiled. He knew what she wanted to do. "Yes, of course! I'd love to!"

Sophia paused. His enthusiastic tone threw her off a bit. "Let's meet in Room 909 at the No. 8 Cruise Ship tonight. Thank you for your time, Mr. Fan. I'll leave you to your work now." Sophia said politely, before hanging up the phone.

In the evening, Sophia received a call from Colin before she left the office. He wanted her to wait for him at the entrance of the Pei Group.

The couple left together and Colin drove Sophia to... a supermarket.

Sophia stopped at the entrance of the supermarket. "It's almost time for my appointment with Mr. Fan."

Colin looked at her with obvious displeasure. "Did you really think that I'd let you go on a date with Flynn?"

Sophia denied, "It's not a date! I just wanted to clear everything with him!"

Colin dragged her into the supermarket. "I'll handle it. No need to worry about this. Now, buy some ingredients and make dinner for me."

"But... I was the one who made the appointment. Shouldn't I let him know I'm not coming?" Sophia didn't feel comfortable standing someone up like this.

Colin said, "I've arranged for someone to keep him company. Just stay with me. Understand?"

... "Fine!"

Afterwards, they went back to the Redbud Mansion. By the time Sophia started washing the vegetables, Flynn had arrived at Room 909.

He arranged his clothes again before pushing the door open. Instantly, the smell of strong perfume filled his nose. He frowned in confusion. To his knowledge, Sophia wasn't that kind of woman.

When he saw the people inside the room, he realized what was happening.

There was a dinner table with ten chairs in Room 909. Nine people were already seated.

They were all women of different sizes, all with heavy makeup. The scene made Flynn lose his appetite. At the sight of Flynn, they all excitedly jumped towards him "Mr. Fan! You're finally here!"

"Mr. Fan! We've been waiting for you for a long while!"

"Oh, so handsome! My name is Jennifer. Give me a kiss!"

Flynn was shocked.

The strong perfume made his face twist in disgust. He yelled, "Get out! All of you!"

All the women exchanged glances with each other. One of them daringly threw herself into his arms. "Come on, girls! Mr. Li said that Mr. Fan is a boring man, we should be more aggressive!"

Flynn had no words.

"Mr. Fan, let's have fun together! Turn up the music!"

"Come on, Mr. Fan. I'll definitely satisfy you tonight! Mr. Fan..."

With his face twisted in anger, Flynn took out his phone to make a call. But after a second thought, he closed his eyes in defeat.

Well done, Colin!

Since Colin was protecting Sophia so well, Flynn just had to be more aggressive in his pursuit.

He put back his phone and pushed away the women, leaving Room 909 with a grim face.

Cheering still echoed behind him. "Mr. Fan, I love you! Please come back soon!"

"Remember to come back and see me, I'm Jennifer!"

Flynn felt like he had gone to a brothel. He shuddered in disgust.

Since Sophia had already settled her contracts on the business trip at Z Country, she wasn't busy in the past few days. On the other hand, Hugh had been quite busy these days. Sophia didn't know what he was occupied with, but she hadn't seen him for several days.

She assumed he was busy with his own business that Colin had mentioned.

One afternoon, Sophia was looking at her mobile phone idly in her office. The news on her phone made her eyes red.

Since Colin and Dorothy's wedding photos were released, a lot of news articles were going around on Weibo. Two of the photos had been leaked.

The photos seemed to have been taken yesterday. A lot of netizens reposted because Colin looked so handsome in them.

There were also a lot of comments expressing their love and best wishes to Colin.

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