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   Chapter 242 A Rival in Love

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"Arvin's here in A Country giving lectures at the medical university. I'll contact him and tell him about you. He's not only good at modern medicine, but has also inherited the exquisite traditional Chinese leechcraft from his grandmother. You can get help from him, " said Sven.

Colin thought for a while and answered, "Alright. I'll visit him."

"Okay, " said Sven and hung up the phone.

At Jingguan Entertainment Company

Flynn listened to his assistant reporting and smiled understandingly. Sophia was Colin's ex-wife and they had divorced three years ago.

What surprising news!

"It's said that before they divorced, Colin loved his wife very much. People in both Z Country and A Country knew that. But before long, Sophia had an affair with her ex-boyfriend and carried his baby, which led to their break-up, " said the assistant.

"Sophia had an affair?" Flynn asked with great interest. Hugh was an excellent man and she didn't accept even his love. Would a woman like her betray her marriage? How perfect could her ex-boyfriend be?

Could he be better than Colin? If it was true that she had betrayed Colin and had an affair with her ex, it only suggested that Sophia must have been out of her mind.

"Who's her ex? What kind of man is he?"

The assistant pushed his glasses up his nose. "He's a so-called 'phoenix man' and the ex-husband of Colin's current fiancee. He grew up poor and in the countryside."

"Oh! Interesting!" Flynn tapped his fingers against the table and asked after a while, "Do Colin and Sophia still contact each other?"

"Yes! Very frequently. There were pictures taken a few days ago showing that Sophia Lo went to Colin's apartment and stayed overnight. Dorothy has offered a high price to buy those pictures. Two days ago, both of them had been on a business trip to Z Country. I sent my people to find out more details. It turns out that the meeting wasn't important enough to warrant the presence of the CEOs, but Colin was there.

And a designer of the SL Group saw him and Sophia sitting in the same car many times."

Flynn had a theory of his own. He nodded, "It seems that they're going to remarry. But why doesn't Colin cancel his engagement with Dorothy Lien?"

Was he having an affair? Was he in a relationship with both his ex-wife and Dorothy? No. Colin wasn't that kind of a person.

The assistant pushed his glasses up his nose again and answered, "I don't know. But it seems that Colin and Dorothy Lien are still in love."

"Alright. I understand."

"Mr. Fan, should we continue sending flowers to Miss Lo?" Asked the assistant.

Flynn rubbed his chin. "Yes. Of course. Send her 999 roses tomorrow."

The assistant nodded. 'The world of the rich people was unimaginable, ' he thought to himself.

The next morning, Sophia did receive 999 roses when she arrived at the company.

All the female workers in the Pei Group talked about her in envy. One of them took a picture and uploaded it on her WeChat moments. Her caption read, "A man who sends you 999 roses must be rich and romantic, handsome and considerate. If you meet such a great man, marry him!"

The woman sending this moment was a department manager who had once visited the SL Group to talk about cooperation on behalf of the Pei Group. She was Wade's WeChat friend.

Wade was checking his wife's WeChat moments, when he happened to see the picture. He thought for a while and went

to the CEO's office.

Colin was signing documents when Wade came in. He raised his eyes to see Wade and asked, "What?"

Wade glanced at Aaron who was waiting for the documents. Then he walked closer and held his phone in front of Colin's face, "Look, Mr. Li."

The picture depicted a woman carrying 999 roses in her arms, and it was hard to tell whether she flushed because the color of the roses reflected on her face or because she was being shy.

Colin's face darkened when he looked at the words captioning the picture.

He had warned Sophia to keep away from Flynn Fan just two days ago.

"Call Sophia... No, let it be. I will call her." Colin returned the phone to Wade and quickly signed the rest of the documents and gave them back to Aaron.

After the two secretary-generals left the office, Colin called Sophia.

Outside the office, Wade put his hand on Aaron's shoulder, "Your brother-in-law is jealous."

"Why?" Aaron meant to ask Colin why he wanted to call his sister, but he didn't because Colin looked angry. So he was about to ask Wade what he had shown Colin.

"Don't you know there's a rich man chasing your sister?"


"He sent 999 roses to your sister's company. Someone in your sister's company took a picture and uploaded it on WeChat, saying that if you meet such a great man, marry him. Don't you think this would make Mr. Li jealous?"

"Are you sure you're not the spy sent by Dorothy Lien?" Aaron asked.

Wade withdrew his hand. "Hey! You know nothing, don't you? I'm doing this for their own good. What if someone gets your sister and Mr. Li doesn't know? Women love romance!"

Aaron scratched his head. He had never been in love, so he knew nothing about women.

Although a few women had tried to court him when he was in Britain, he had refused them all. One of them was a woman of a rich family. He had showed total indifference to her.

There was a flash of sadness in Aaron's eyes, which startled Wade.

Young as Aaron was, he was unusual. He behaved like a boy when he was alone with Sophia and Colin, but difficult and cruel when he was at work or with others.

"Mr. Lo, let's go back to our office. Let them deal with their own issues, " assuming Aaron had thought of something sad, Wade pretended to move forward and not discuss it. He patted his shoulder and walked first to the Secretary Office.

Aaron snapped out of his thoughts and followed him.

Sophia was thinking about how to deal with the flowers when her phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Sophia opened her mouth in surprise. No way...

He was far away, seated in the SL Group office. He couldn't know.

She answered the phone with pretended lightness, "Hello! Mr. Li."

"Hello! Miss Lo."

It seemed like Colin was in a good mood. Sophia breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mr. Li, why are you calling me? Do you want to ask me out for lunch?" Sophia asked and chuckled deliberately.

Colin smirked, "Yes. I'll meet you in bed."

His words reminded Sophia of his warning: "If you dare flirt with other men, I'll lock you in the room and tie you to the bed..."

It seemed that Colin had already known about the roses. He was really well-informed. "Oh, come on, Colin. Flynn is the one to blame. It bothers me, too."

Sophia was telling the truth. She wanted to refuse to sign, but apparently Flynn had expected that. The courier told Sophia that if she wouldn't sign, he would be fired!

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