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   Chapter 241 Please Forgive Me

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Vivek dragged Sophia over, took the chair from her hands, and threw it away.

But before he could do anything more, a luxury car appeared at the corner of the street. It accelerated along the road, and suddenly stopped in front of them. The brakes screeched loudly as the car made a circle to slow down.

The men looked at each other in speechless despair. The next moment, Colin descended from the car with a majestic demeanor. Sophia almost cried out when she saw his face. She felt herself so useless and unprotected without him.

Colin shot a glance around at the horrified gangsters. As he walked closer, his eyes fixed on Vivek. "Let her go, " he ordered.

Vivek cowered under Colin's intense gaze. But he was too frightened to say a word or do anything. His silence infuriated Colin. The next moment, Colin punched Vivek in the face.

Before Vivek could even struggle, Colin pulled him up by his collar, and landed another blow on his nose. "Ah!" Vivek let out an abruptly painful shriek, and loosened his grip on Sophia.

As Sophia was released, Colin pushed Vivek away. When he was at the right distance, he kicked hard in his belly.

Overwhelmed by pain, Vivek wasn't even able to fight back. He could only roll on the ground and wail, "Motherfucker! How dare you kick me!" He looked at his men and shouted, "All of you! Why are you still watching! Beat him up!"

Upon hearing this, Sophia shot a worried look at Colin, but saw nothing expect for calmness and confidence on his face. Colin took off his suit jacket and threw it to Sophia, "Hold this."

"Colin, we are outnumbered!" Sophia didn't know what to do, but she couldn't stand idly and watch her brother and Colin fight a group of gangsters.

But just then, she had an idea. She could call the police! That might help. Thinking it over, she took out her phone in a hurry. But Colin had seen her through. As he warmed up for the upcoming gang fight, he said, "There's no need to call the police."

Sophia was confused. But before she could stop them, Colin and Aaron had started fighting with the men.

There were nine gangsters in total. Since Vivek was lying on the ground, eight of them could fight. So it was a 2 vs 8 situation.

However, Colin and Aaron prevailed in the fight.

Sophia felt a sudden urge to cheer Colin. Every move of his was swift, elegant, and effective. And he looked extremely attractive when he fought.

Before long, a few black Bentleys came along and braked sharply to a halt near the fighting group.

More than a dozen people came out of the car. They were all big, black-suited bodyguards.

Not only that, Aaron's people also drove over. Two saloon cars stopped at the corner of the street. Dozens of people got out from the cars and surrounded the gangsters.

The eight men stopped fighting and looked around. They were frightened.

"Boss Lo!"

"Boss Li!"

Chanted the newly arrived people. Hearing that, the gangsters almost wet their pants.

Aaron Lo was Boss Lo. But who was Boss Li? Was he possibly...Colin Li?

Motherfucker! They had just picked on Colin Li of the SL Group! The men shuddered at the thought and didn't dare to say a word.

Colin kicked a gangster in front of him down to the ground. He ordered his bodyguards, "Beat them!"

Rubbing his knuckles, Aaron turned to his men, too. "You've heard what Boss Li said. Follow up."

Despite the nine gangsters begging for mercy, Colin and Aaron's men surrounded them and beat them up mercilessly.

The scene was so spectacular that even the store owner was too scared to show her face. Someone from the crowd of onlookers called the police.

When the policemen arrived, a bodyguard directly briefed them, and sent them away.

The bodyguard also glanced around to check if anyone was making a video. Having had every relative piece of video deleted, he drove the crowd away.

Colin grabbed his coat from Sophia's hands. As he put on his coat, another bodyguard placed a chair for him.

Colin sat on the chair, and pulled Sophia onto his lap. He took hold of her hand, asking, "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

Sophia felt a little ashamed to show love in public, but she didn't dare refuse. Shaking her head, she said, "I'm okay."

"Good. Call me immediately if this happens again. Will you?" Fortunately, the accident had taken place in the urban area, and he had come as quickly as he could.

Sophia pulled his hand to her. Massaging the bruise on his knuckles, she suddenly wanted to weep. "I will. Does this hurt?"

Sophia had seen Colin punch the gangster in the face with his full strength. He must have also hurt himself when delivering such a powerful punch.

Colin drew his hand back, and held hers. "It doesn't hurt. I've served in the army before. Compared to my earlier experiences, it's nothing."

Sophia gazed at him. She looked sad when she caressed his cheek with a hand. She wanted to say something. Though she tried several times, she didn't manage a word. She knew how he was overwhelmed by the daily grind.

"How did it happen?" Colin changed the subject.

Sophia hesitated a while before she confessed everything.

Colin became livid at her words. He wouldn't let these people get away with it!

Not long after, dragged by two bodyguards, a man with blood on his face and a swollen nose, fell on his knees in front of them.

"Mr. Li! I am so sorry! How could I have not recognized you! Please forgive me!" Begging for mercy, Vivek kowtowed repeatedly.

Colin sneered, "What are you sorry for?"

Vivek shuddered and turned to Sophia, "I am so sorry, Mrs. Li! Please forgive me! I didn't mean any harm! Please! Please forgive me!"

People like Vivek usually hung out in casinos and low-end entertainment places, and never watched the news or read the Sina Weibo updates. He had no idea about Colin's engagement to Dorothy, and mistook Sophia as Colin's wife for he had been so protective of her.

Sophia was a little embarrassed to be called Mrs. Li. "I'm not--"

Her words stopped mid-sentence as Colin pinched her hand forcefully.

Sophia was puzzled. She looked at Colin in confusion. What was wrong?

Colin held her waist, and stood up together with her from the chair. He ordered Aaron, "Take care of them. Don't let anyone escape."

He couldn't even imagine what would've happened to Sophia if he hadn't come in time. He wouldn't let these gangsters get away with it!

Aaron nodded to Colin. Then he turned to his men, "Take them away!"

Despite their begging, the nine gangsters were packed into the saloon cars. Then Aaron and his men got in. The cars drove away.

When Colin had come to rescue Sophia and Aaron, he had come in a hurry, and forgotten his wallet. He told his bodyguards, "Tell the store owner, all the losses will be borne by me."

"Yes, Boss Li!" Two bodyguard quickly obeyed. They found the store owner and started assessing the value of her loss.

At the start, Sophia intended to invite Colin to have some barbecue. But her good mood had been swept away by the attack.

She followed Colin back to the Redbud Mansion. When they arrived, Colin again mentioned his intention of inviting her to move in. But Sophia refused again.

The next day, when Colin reached his office, Wade put his blood report on his desk, "Mr. Li, all is well."

Colin scrutinized his blood test report. Indeed, all the indices were normal. But it was impossible. He was roofied two nights ago.

He took out his cell phone and dialed Sven's number to explain his situation.

Having heard his words, Sven said, "If you think that modern medical treatment is not helping, you can visit the doctors of Chinese medicine."

"I will, " Colin said, wondering what had happened to him.

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