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   Chapter 240 Let Him Kneel down and Call Me His Master

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Sophia took her mobile phone and lifted it so the men would immediately know what she would do. "If you come any closer to me, I won't hesitate to call the police!"

"Just call the police! Come on! We dare you! Go ahead!" But Vivek suddenly rushed to her. He snatched away the phone in her hand when she was dialing the number of the police station.

"Ha ha ha!" Everyone began to laugh out loud as they thought that Sophia was too naive.

At that very moment, Aaron finally came out from the convenience store. Seeing that his sister was surrounded by men, he immediately ran over to her. He knew that the men were taking advantage of her.

As he was running from the other side of the road, he heard a man shout, "Go! Join us to drinking several glasses of wine! Come with us!"

Throwing away the milk in his hand, Aaron quickly picked up a stool and hit Vivek directly on his head.

"Ah!" Vivek screamed in shock and pain.

The stool was made of plastic. After hitting Vivek hard on the head, one of its legs immediately broke.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden arrival of Aaron. Sophia quickly stopped Aaron from hitting someone again. "Let's pay our bill and leave this place!"

He knew that Aaron would hurt everyone if they stayed there. His brother's anger could not be controlled. She didn't want to let Aaron get into trouble again just because of her!

But the men had already surrounded them, and were fiercely staring at Aaron.

Noticing that his forehead was bleeding, Vivek yelled, "Fuck! Who dare hit me? Come here and I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!"

"Teach yourself!" Aaron freed himself from his sister's grip and then smashed the stool to the ground.

The stool broken into pieces because of the strong impact. Seeing Aaron's aggressive gesture, Vivek was so scared that he almost jumped up.

"Hey brat, where are you from? Don't you know me? How dare you hit me? Are you tired of living? I'll beat the shit out of you!" The group of men led by Vivek were slowly moving closer to Aaron.

Aaron took out his phone angrily. "Ask my people to come over to the food stalls in Kaixuan Road! Now!"

Sophia grabbed his brother's hand, "Aaron, don't make any trouble! I don't want this!"

As she was telling him this, her mobile phone suddenly rang. But her phone was still in one of those men's hand. A guy recklessly answered the call, "Hey, who are you? Stop calling!"

Having waited for Sophia's call for a long time, Colin felt a little anxious as to why she hadn't contacted him yet. So he dialed Sophia's number and wanted to ask where she was. He didn't expect that a man would answer the phone. And this man is definitely not Aaron! What's happening to her?? "Who are you?"

"Who are you? Why are you calling this woman?" The man said in a hoarse and arrogant voice.

Sophia wanted to get her phone again. She wanted to hear Colin's voice whenever she was scared. She said angrily, "Return my phone to me! Don't answer it!"

Hearing her voice, Colin immediately knew that she was in immense danger.

"Return the phone to her! And if you dare to hurt her, I won't allow you to see the sun tomorrow! Take this warning seriously if you still want to live!" Colin's cold and determined voice scared the man who just answered the phone. He quickly returned the phone to Sophia as if he had thrown a hot potato.

After changing his shoes and closing the door of the apartment, Colin heard the trembling voice of Sophia. "It is me, Colin."

"How are you now? Where are you? I'll go there right now! Wait for me!"

The men ignored Sophia and fixed their eyes on Aaron. One of them boldly got closer to Aaron and said arrogantly, "Apologize to my friend and pay for his medical fee!"

Aaron just smirked. "Let him kneel down and call me his master. Then I will consider apologizing to him!"

Very annoyed, the man raised his fist and punched Aaron straight in the face. Sophia screamed, "Aaron!"

Sophia quickly put he

r phone into her pocket, as she was about to stop these two people from fighting.

Colin knew that the situation was bad. He called Wade. "Now, locate Sophia's mobile phone and then call a group of men to rush to where Sophia is."

"Okay, Mr. Li."

Colin sat in the Lamborghini car, pressed on the accelerator, driving away the car in a fearless speed.

When Sophia wanted to drag Aaron away but she was grabbed by a couple of men. "Release me!"

Ignoring her words, several men surrounding Aaron moved even closer. She knew that it's useless to warn these men about going to prison if they continued what they were doing. So she spoke, "Do you know Mr. Huo?"

Herring was the one of the leaders in the underworld. He may be the most dangerous man in the streets. She thought it would be better to mention his name.

As what she expected, several men who were fighting against Aaron suddenly paused. Then Aaron took advantage of the opportunity and hit one of them squarely in the nose.

"Fuck! What's the relationship between you and Mr. Huo?"

"I'm Mr. Huo's friend. That's my brother, Aaron Lo. If you hurt him, you know what will happen to you!"

The men looked at each other. Finally, one of them asked her, "How can you prove that you are Mr. Huo's friend?"

Then, a man next to them whispered, "Is this Aaron Lo the newly rising power in the underworld? I may have heard of a Boss Lo..."

"I don't know. I just know someone called Boss Lo but I don't know about his full background! Is he the man in front of us?!"

Aaron pointed to the two men who was holding Sophia. "Release her!"

But those men did not react at all. Aaron immediately took off his jacket and threw it aside. After warming up, he raised his fists towards the men grabbing Sophia.

Sophia shouted to her brother, "Aaron!"

"Ah!" The man next to her was not able to dodge Aaron's fist and was hit.

Vivek was still on the phone, asking his men about what was Boss Lo's full name.

The two men who grabbed Sophia earlier were already writhing in pain on the ground. Seeing their friends getting hit, the men tried everything to punch at Aaron from every direction.

Dragging Sophia away to a safe place, Aaron went over to those men to fight them alone.

Sophia had no choice but to take the phone out of her pocket and call Colin in a very anxious voice. "Hello, Colin..."

"Sophia, wait for me. I'll be there in five minutes!"

Huh? How did Colin know where she is? She didn't tell him where she was, did she?

"Okay. They are fighting with Aaron. I can't stop them. Aaron is fighting alone. He might be terribly hurt..." She felt so angry about herself because she didn't know anything about self-defense. She could have helped her brother right now.

"It's okay. Protect yourself well. I will be there soon!"

"Okay. Be fast!"

After hanging up the phone, she worriedly looked at Aaron. At the beginning, Aaron was able to fend off all attacks against him. But later on, he was hit on the face several times as he was greatly outnumbered.

Not knowing what to do, Sophia picked up the chair next to her and threw it to the men. "All of you stop!" Just stop!"

Sophia had no other way but can only use a chair to hit the man closest to her. She was not that strong to use her own fists. The man immediately felt the pain, turned around and yelled at Vivek who was next to him. "Vivek, tear this woman away. Don't show mercy! Ah!!"

While he was still saying these words, Sophia hit him with the chair again.

Vivek was frozen still. He was also anxious. If Aaron was really that person whom they knew, he couldn't just hit him or else, he will be in deep trouble.

Taking the phone into the pocket and despite the injury on his head, Vivek pulled Sophia.

Losing her balance, Sophia hit Vivek on his head with the stool again. Then Vivek shouted in agony, "Fuck! I'm not someone you can just hit whenever you want! It's over now! I won't show any mercy!"

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