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   Chapter 239 Hey, Beauty, Are You Alone

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Sophia nodded and said in a gentle voice, "Okay."

Before they left the counter, Aaron glanced at the diamond counter again. He noticed that Sophia was just wearing simple silver jewelry on her neck and wrist. He wanted her to wear more expensive jewelries as he knew that she would look more sophisticated with it. He knew that he had never bought anything for his sister. That was the reason why he had asked her if there was something she liked. Today's the time that he treated her sister like a princess.

Then they made their way to the clothes section. After Sophia picked out several sets of clothes and a few pairs of shoes for Aaron, they paid for everything and went out of the mall with lots of shopping bags on their hands.

Aaron put all the clothes and shoes they bought into the trunk of the Cadillac SUV which is given by Colin. "Sophia, what should we have for dinner? What kind of food do you want to eat?" Aaron said while he was busy placing the clothes inside the trunk.

Sophia thought about it for a while and then suggested in an excited voice, "Let's go to the street food stalls. It has been a while since we ate at such places. It would be wonderful to eat there again."

When she was still going out with Colin, they would never go to the street food stall. The restaurants they went to have dinner were always very fancy. Of course, that was Colin. He would always think that street food was dirty. Because of that, Sophia hasn't eaten street food for a long time already.

"Okay then. I know a small place on the side of Kaixuan Street and they make the best barbecue and shashliks. Let's go!" Aaron responded with an equally excited voice. Then they quickly got into the car and left the mall.

During early winter, few people would go to food stalls because of the cold weather. Under a big red tent, there were a few tables, and only two tables were occupied with customers.

A couple was sitting at one table and several men were huddled at another one. Aaron suddenly was on his alert self as it seemed that the men were gangsters from the neighborhood. You could tell that they could be dangerous men because of their fat gold chains, the tattoos on their forehead and on their neck... They were also using a lot of bad words and curses in their conversation.

Aaron parked the Cadillac on the side of the street. Because of how fancy the car was, they looked out of place in the crowded and messy streets. They caught so much attention right after Sophia got off the car.

Sophia and Aaron found a relatively quiet place in a corner far away from the crowd. Sophia sat with her back against the onlookers, while Aaron sat down across from Sophia.

The street stall was owned by a woman. She was lovingly carrying her sleeping child on her arms. Sophia thought that the woman already looked so exhausted.

In order to make a living, the woman had to go to work with her child. She has no other choice. Sophia felt so sad when she saw the child. Life was not easy at all, especially for these people.

Somehow, everything reminded her of Colin. She didn't understand why. She asked Aaron to place the order then she took out her phone and dialed Colin's number. "Have you eaten yet?" Sophia asked, almost whispering.

Colin looked at the chef who was about to bring dinner to his table and answered, "I am about to."

"Do you want any shashliks?" Sophia was hoping he would join them.

But there was just uncomfortable silence on the other end of the line. Sophia heaved a sigh and gave up. "Okay. Eat your dinner first. Don't mind me."

"Is it your treat? I can have some, then." Colin finally said. Colin knew that she was really hoping he would say yes just by her hesitant voice.

Sophia smiled, tried to hide her excitement and said, "Okay then. I'll bring some for you. Wait for me."

She would bring some street food for him, rather than ask him to come here. She knew very well that he would not be able to stand the mess and noise in here.

"Okay. I'll wait, for you. Please take care."

Sophia raised her head, looked at the stars in the sky and said deliberately to irritate him, "I'm not bringing them to you, Aaron will." She was in the mood to tease him, which means that she was actually happy.

"Okay then. He doesn't need to. I don't need the food." Colin refused without hesitating.

"Okay. Okay! I'm just kidding! Just wait for me. Are you at home right now?"

"Yes. I had the chef cook something for me." Colin wouldn't cook by himself when Sophia was not home. He was not in the mood to do something like that without her by his side.

"Well. Mr. Li. Maybe you have some beautiful women right there with you right now. I'll get jealous if that's the case." Aaron's eyes rolled at Sophia when he overheard what she said. It's obvious that she was flirting with Colin.

Colin chuckled, thought for a while and said, "You're the only beautiful woman I want to keep company."

Her heart raced, as her beloved man thought of her as a beautiful woman. "Is that so? I'll call you before I come home." Sophia replied in casual tone, hiding her happiness.

Colin nodded and replied, "Okay."



... One minute, two minutes passed, and they still hadn't hung up the phone. They already said goodbye a while ago. Sophia could not help but ask, "Why won't you hang up?"

"Why won't you?" Colin retorted with a question.

'I'm waiting for you to hang up first.' Sophia murmured to herself. "Okay. Bye." said Sophia.


"Bye." Sophia said once again. And then she pressed the end button on the phone.

As Sophia was talking on the phone with Colin, Aaron had already ordered several kinds of shashlik. He put the menu in front of Sophia and said, "Sister, what would you like to eat? I'll order them for you."

Sophia quickly got the menu and put her phone aside. She took a look at the order list and added several shashliks for Colin.

"I'll have these to go, please." Sophia said to the woman, who was also the owner of the place.

"Okay. Do you need some pepper?"

"Yes, please."

Aside from the shashlik, they also ordered some beverage, so they could have something to drink while chatting with each other.

"We've spent a lot of time together lately. Colin is such a good man that he can put up with you and your mood swings. You should treat him better in the future, Sophia." Aaron said in a sincere and serious tone. Aaron admired Colin for his efforts and hard work. Though he always worked hard at the company, he still made time to be with Sophia.

As Sophia had worked with him before, she also knew very well that Colin was very busy and was always bombarded with meetings and conferences.

"Okay, okay. I'll be very kind to him. I assure you of that." said Sophia. 'I will bring him some midnight snack, make him some soups, design a suit for him...' She had made up her mind already. She will be a supportive partner for him.

Halfway through dinner, Sophia wanted to order a glass of milk, but there wasn't any in the street stall. Aaron looked around and noticed that there was a store across the street. "Wait here. I'll be right back." Aaron said to her as he was about to get up from his seat.

"No! It's okay. No need to. I'm fine."

"No trouble at all. It's just right over there. No effort at all." Aaron pointed to the store so Sophia could clearly see that there was a store across the street.

After Aaron did that, he rushed to the store and left Sophia alone at the table. She picked up some lame shashliks and started to eat some.

"Hey, beauty. Are you alone? It's a pity if you are." There followed a round of laughter from the men sitting behind her.

Sophia knew that they were shouting and laughing at her, but she didn't turn around. She didn't want the situation to escalate.

When she walked into the street stall, she instinctively knew that they might be dangerous men and gangsters.

She didn't expect that they would make such kind of trouble for her. The man who was dressed gaudily walked to Sophia. He has the smell of alcohol and beer all over him. Before he said anything, he burped loudly. The liquor on his foul breath made Sophia want to vomit.

"Hey, beauty. I see you are alone. Come over to out table. Why don't you join us?" When the man had a better look at Sophia's fair and lovely face, he smirked and showed off some dirty, yellowish teeth.

Sophia put down the shashlik on her hand and said, "My brother is coming back very soon. He just went out to get some milk. Go back to your friends."

"Oh, you're eating with your brother? Don't you have a boyfriend? A beautiful woman like you doesn't have a boyfriend?" Right after he said that, he sat down beside Sophia to her surprise.

There was laughter coming from behind them again. "Vivek, bring her to our table. Hurry up!"

"Vivek, can't you handle her? Do you need my help? It seems like you're having a problem right there."


... They laughed so dirtily that Sophia didn't feel safe anymore. It was easy to tell that they were not nice people.

Sitting opposite Sophia, Vivek waved his hand at her and said, "Beauty, do me a favor. Just have one drink with us? That's all."

Sophia showed a grumpy expression. "Sorry. I don't know you. Please go back to your table."

When he saw her angrily pout at him, Vivek stood up straight in an instant and tried to reach for her hand. Sophia was able to dodge quickly. "Hey! Don't you know me? I'm Vivek! I'm a powerful man here in this area! Don't you dare refuse me! Guys, let's drag her to our table!"

After Vivek shouted his order, his fellows with the colorful dyed hair at his table stood up and started to approach Sophia.

Sophia glanced at the store across the street but Aaron has not come out yet. She was on her own right now. She has to do something.

Before the men got any closer, Sophia got up from the chair, took a long step backward and warned, "I'm warning you all. This is a safe and orderly neighborhood. Please don't make any trouble!"

"Well, well. Even though she is angry, she still looks pretty. Vivek, you have such great taste. Ha ha ha!"

What the man said brought more laughter and mocking. Sophia felt more uncomfortable.

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