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   Chapter 237 Trapped by the Lien Clan

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Marcella shook her head. "It's not likely. Last time, Colin told you that he was with Aaron and Sophia when the other incident happened, and promised it had nothing to do with the Lo siblings. I don't think she has the nerve to do it again. Perhaps Sophia has known that Colin is backing Dorothy up. She wouldn't dare target Dorothy anymore."

Gregary frowned. He'd have to wait until tomorrow to ask his daughter.

Gregary was also concerned about something. "Why did Sophia disappear in the end?"

"Oh, I asked June about that. Apparently, Sophia had to leave early to handle something." Marcella said. "Colin and Dorothy had been in the room for a long time by the time Sophia left." Since Sophia had left, Marcella didn't think she would be with Colin. He was still with Dorothy in the room.

As long as Colin and Dorothy spent the night together, Marcella didn't care where Sophia went to.

Gregary couldn't help but feel that there was still something wrong. "Are you sure that Colin and Dorothy were the ones in that room?"

"Of course! I personally saw Colin take Dorothy into the room where I burned the incense. The potency of the drugs in that room would've affect Colin so quickly that he wouldn't be able to leave." Marcella was quite sure of herself.

She had explained to the guests that the reason behind Dorothy's strange behavior was because she was playing a game with her fiancé.

As long as Colin had sex with Dorothy, her daughter would definitely be Colin's wofe. The title 'Mrs. Li' would belong to no one but her.

"Treat June better from now on. Jacob's company has been flourishing recently. Although we'll get Colin's support, it would be better if we have Jacob on our side." Said Gregary. But he didn't tell Marcella that his company had been in debt for a few months.

The only idea he could come up with was to get more business partners to help him.

Marcella looked down at the Ji Group. She was only counting on Colin to achieve her dreams. "We already have Dorothy. Patrick isn't our biological son. Why should we treat his wife well?"

She didn't think it was necessary to please an adopted son's wife. When she didn't have Colin, she had to please June because of Jacob Ji.

But now, Colin was her son-in-law. In addition to the SL Group, Colin was also a member of a prestigious family. More importantly, Colin got alon


Sophia glared at Colin in dissatisfaction as he grinned smugly. "If you keep this up every night, I'll work in the Lien Group after the Pei Group goes broke!"

Is that so? Raising his eyebrows, Colin said, "Then I will let the Lien Group and Pei Group go broke together."

"I'll go to the Ji Group!"

"I'll have them go broke as well."

"I'll find a job in the Zhang Group, Li Group, and the Zhao Group..."

Colin said confidently, "I'll run all of them into bankruptcy."

Sophia was impressed. "Colin, I didn't know that you were good at bluffing!" Sophia didn't believe him for she knew nothing about Colin's power and wealth.

Colin smiled without bothering to correct her. He watched Sophia as she got dressed and went to the bathroom.

It was half past eleven when they went outside. On their way to find something to eat, Sophia called her manager to explain her absence from work and took the rest of the day off.

"What are your plans this afternoon?" Colin asked. He skillfully controlled the steering wheel as he glanced at Sophia.

Leaning tiredly against the window, she replied, "Sleep."

... He should have just let her stay in bed and ordered lunch for her. "What do you want for lunch?"

"It's up to you. I just want to fill my stomach." Sophia was so hungry that she could eat a whole cow.

"Let's go to the supermarket." Colin decided.

"Why are we going there?" Sophia was confused.

"I'll buy some ingredients, so I can cook a meal for you." Colin said. Since Sophia wasn't going to work this afternoon, he wouldn't either.

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