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   Chapter 236 Dorothy's Special Show

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Sophia was pleased to know that her plan had succeeded. But when she saw Colin and Dorothy being affectionate with each other, she found it difficult to smile. Not wanting to look at Colin anymore, she went to the pastry section to get something to eat.

When the show began, Colin was talking to Patrick. With a flushed face, Dorothy let go of Marcella's arm and involuntarily pulled her dress up.

Tonight, Dorothy was wearing a lilac evening dress with a white shawl over her shoulders.

Soon, her shawl fell to the ground.

Happily talking to a rich lady, Marcella didn't notice anything unusual with her daughter.

The crowd was shocked at Dorothy. But to their relief, she crouched down and picked up her shawl.

But it wasn't over yet. After putting her shawl on a nearby table, she stroked her neck indecently. It seemed like an erotic dance. Everyone was stunned into silence.

Then her hands went all the way down her neck...

The guests who were drinking wine choked at the scene.

"Oh my God! What is Dorothy doing?"

"She's groping herself in public! What a shameless woman!"

"She even lifted her evening dress!"

People were whispering and laughing at the scene.

At Dorothy's more lewd movements, the men couldn't move their eyes away from her.

When the rich lady Marcella was talking to stared at Dorothy in shock, Marcella finally noticed Dorothy's unusual behavior.

Marcella was horrified. Her daughter's actions was extremely obscene. Everyone was talking about Dorothy, shooting her judgmental looks and pointing at her in ridicule. With a red face, Marcella quickly ran to grab her daughter's hands.

"Dorothy, what are you doing?"

Dorothy didn't pay attention to her. She moaned lowly,"I need a man..."

Marcella realized that something was wrong with Dorothy, whose face was an alarming shade of red. In a panic, she quickly called Colin. "Colin, please take Dorothy to the bedroom quickly!"

Colin had already noticed Dorothy's scandalous behavior, but he feigned ignorance as he held her up. "What's wrong, Dorothy?"

At the scent of a man, she begged Colin,"Colin, I ne

were turned off in living room. When Sophia closed the door and moved to switch on the lights, a figure rushed over to her and gave her an overwhelming kiss.

Smelling Colin's familiar scent, Sophia sighed in relief. But something was wrong with him. There could be only one possibility. She asked Colin urgently,"Did you kiss Dorothy?"

If Colin had kissed Dorothy, the poison on her lipstick would've transferred to him.

"No, I didn't kiss her!" Overwhelmed with intense arousal, Colin didn't give her a chance to speak. It seemed like he wanted to consume her.

Sophia spent a night of passion with Colin.

In Patrick's villa, many people assumed that neither Dorothy nor Colin had come out of the bedroom. After the banquet, Marcella ran to a room on the first floor and listened to the movements inside.

The movements... The sound of rough movements reverberated in the room.

Although Marcella felt humiliated, if her daughter can win over Colin and finally become his wife, it would be fine.

Once her daughter becomes Colin's wife, no one would dare to talk about this matter.

On the way back, she asked Gregary,"Something's not right. Who would've drugged Dorothy?"

Earlier, Marcella didn't blame the person who had drugged her daughter. The culprit had done her a favor. At the time, she was more worried about getting Colin into the bedroom.

"Was it Sophia Lo?" It could only be her.

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