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   Chapter 234 Go Investigate the Relationship between Colin and Sophia

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This wasn't a good sign. After hanging up the call, Flynn immediately asked the assistant to come in through the inside door. The assistant came in very quickly and respectfully said, "Mr. Fan."

"Go investigate the relationship between Colin and Sophia!" Flynn blurted out.

The assistant, though quite confused, nodded and said, "Okay. Mr. Fan!"

After the assistant left, Flynn played with the lighter in his hand and was lost in thought.

It was June's birthday and she had asked Sophia to attend her birthday party. With the intention of attending the party, Sophia had packed up her stuff and left work early.

She went to the mall and bought a gift for June. While she was buying her gift, Sophia realized that Dorothy, as Patrick's sister, would also be at June's birthday party.

After thinking for a while, she took out her phone and called someone. "I've seen that you were selling a popular lipstick. Do you still have that in stock?"

She was talking to a punk she had met in Milan. She had inadvertently saved his life, so they exchanged WeChat accounts and added each other as friends. She could always see what he was selling through his Moments.

However, what he was selling was... dirty.

"Yes, Sophia. Do you want to buy it?"

"Yes. I want to buy one lipstick."

"Okay. Let me know where you are. I can get it over to you right now."

Sophia told him where she was and then hung up. She sat in her car and waited for him to arrive.

Within half an hour, he came and gave the lipstick to her. The packing was pretty.

"Thank you. How much is it? I can transfer the money to you through WeChat."

Claude Zhang, with yellow hair, hastily shook his head and said, "No, Sophia. Don't mention it. Take this as my gift to you."

Sophia had saved his life, so he didn't want to charge her for the lipstick. Then he said, "Sophia, don't open this package. You'll be influenced even if you just smell it."

"Okay. I get it." Sophia still transferred money to Claude's account and said, "You should accept the money and buy some delicious food for your grandma."

Sophia and Claude had talked to each other on several occasions after they had become friends on WeChat. That is why Sophia knew that he was poor and had to take care of his sick grandma.

Hearing her words, Claude didn't decline her money.

When Claude saw the amount transferred, his eyes opened wide. "Sophia, you've transferred too much money. Half of the amount is enough, " he said.

"It doesn't matter. You can buy some gifts for your grandma from me."

"How could I do this..." Claude was embarrassed.

"My pleasure. I have other things to do, Claude, so I have to rush now. I'll talk to you later. Thank you and goodbye!" Sophia walked back inside her car in high heels.

"Okay... Sophia, let me take you out for dinner another time, " said Claude.

"Sure! Bye for now, " Sophia said driving off in the direction of Patrick's villa.

It had taken Claude quite some time to give her the lipstick. So when Sophia arrived at the villa, almost all the guests had already arrived.

The villa had been decorated in blue and white by Patrick. On the back wall, there was a photo of Patrick and June. They looked quite happy.

Beside the photo, there was a balloon that read "36 Years Old". Several other balloons with "Happy Birthday" on them surrounded the photo. A long table covered in white brocade had been placed in the middle. A big three-tier blue and white birthday cake was on the table.

Sophia looked around and noticed that the entire Lien Clan was present.

Even Colin, Dorothy's fiance, was present. He was standing with Dorothy.

June, looking lovely in a wine-red evening dress, notic

ed Sophia enter the villa. She gently smiled and walked up to her. "Sophia, there you are!"

June held Sophia's arm. Sophia smiled and said, "Happy birthday, dear June! Hope you always stay young and beautiful!" Wishing June, she handed over her gift.

June accepted her gift happily. "Thank you, Sophia! Come with me. I'll take you to see my father, " June said pulling Sophia by her hand.

June took her to Sandra and Leila. Sandra smiled when she saw Sophia and June approaching her. "Sophia, how nice to see you, " she said.

"Hello Aunt Sandra! Leila!" Sophia greeted the two.

Facing Sandra and Leila, Sophia tried hard to forget what had happened.

She could feel that they cared about her, so it was unnecessary for her to maintain a distance from them.

Leila glanced at Colin who was talking with her father. She had noticed that Colin had already looked over at Sophia several times.

She smiled ruefully and thought that it was time for her to give up. So she put her arm round Sophia and said, "Sophia, come with me and greet your uncle."

Sandra patted her hand and said, "Go with Leila!"

"Okay, Aunt Sandra. See you later, " Sophia waved as she was led away by Leila. Sophia also wanted to talk to Colin's fiancee and this was a good chance to do so.

The girls walked up to Colin and Joseph and stood between them. Leila put her arm round Joseph and said, "Excuse me, father. Let me make some introduction. This is Sophia Lo."

Leila kept shouldering Sophia towards Colin. It was uncertain whether she did it on purpose.

Dorothy saw that Sophia and Colin were almost pressed together. Her face twisted in anger.

She tried to pull Colin to her, but Colin, being a heavy man, stood still. She was too weak to pull him.

Sophia turned to look at Joseph and respectfully greeted him, "Hello, Lieutenant General Ji. I'm Sophia Lo."

Since she didn't know Joseph well, she dared not call this honorable man uncle.

Joseph laughed happily. He shook hands with Sophia and said, "Oh! Outsiders may call me Lieutenant General. Sophia, you are my niece, so you can just call me Uncle Joseph!"

Joseph was very kind. Sophia was a little relieved and sweetly said, "Yes. Uncle Joseph!"

"Good girl!" He then said in a soft voice, "If you have time, why don't you come and visit my family with your brother? I really want to help you, but if I don't know your situation, how can I do it?" When he said this, he glanced at Colin who was swirling the wine in his glass.

Joseph really meant what he said. Sophia felt so grateful. "Thank you, Uncle Joseph! I'll definitely visit you with Aaron some time, " she reassured him. She had called Sandra and Joseph, aunt and uncle; so it was right to visit them.

"Oh. If you still stand on ceremony, I'll be very sad, " said Joseph glaring at Sophia. This amused her and Leila to no end.

Leila laughed and said, "Sophia, I'll be staying in A Country these two days. How about you visit my house with your brother, either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? I'll ask my mom to cook for you at home."

"Sure, " said Sophia, shrugging her shoulders.

" young people should talk more. Sophia, you're a designer. I've heard that there are many talented designers in Colin's family. Maybe you should talk with him about this, " said Joseph patting her shoulder.

Oops. Didn't Joseph know her relationship with Colin? But, how could he not know? Sophia was confused, but she still nodded and said, "Okay, Uncle Joseph. I know you are busy. You can go first. Goodbye."

Joseph left. Leila wanted to leave arm-in-arm with Sophia, but Sophia suddenly looked at Dorothy and said, "Miss Lien, I want to talk to you in private. May we?"

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