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   Chapter 233 99 Roses

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When Sophia carried Ambrose back from the bathroom, Colin had finished his shower and had wrapped himself in her bath towel.

Glancing at his solid chest and firm abs, she felt her ears turned red. "Get dressed. I've made breakfast."

After Sophia helped Ambrose get dressed, Colin was nearly done with breakfast by the time they walked out.

Sophia got the milk reheated for Ambrose and brought it to him. "Let me help you with the boiled eggs."

The ingredients she used to make breakfast were very limited. She had to go to the market earlier this morning to buy eggs and milk. She only made boiled eggs, simple sandwiches, and dumplings with leek and eggs.

Sophia was really happy that Colin had finished the entire meal she prepared for him.

Wiping his mouth, Colin grabbed the eggs from Sophia's hand. "Let me help Ambrose."

She didn't turn him down, she found it really sweet that Colin offered to help Ambrose with his breakfast. Ambrose could get to know his father's love towards him.

But Colin handed the egg to Sophia right after he peeling it. Glancing at his son, he said, "Ladies first."

The discontent in Ambrose's eyes disappeared instantly. "Aunt Sophia, you should eat first!"

Sophia took the egg and raised it to Ambrose's mouth. "Brody, take a bite first."

Ambrose looked at Colin, who was peeling another egg. Without raising his head, Colin said, "Brody's is almost ready." He meant that Sophia should eat the egg first.

Sophia heaved a sigh. She decided to give up and eat first. There was enough eggs for everyone. "Next time, Ambrose should eat first. Being a gentleman is good, but we also should respect the aged and take care of children." said Sophia.

Colin disagreed, "He's a boy. He should learn to be a gentleman."

There seemed to be something wrong with Colin's reply. Sophia asked, "What if Brody is a girl?"

"Then my daughter would be the most cherished."

Sophia didn't reply. Well, then! According to a famous saying, if a woman couldn't marry the man she loves, she would be reincarnated as his daughter in the next life. Sophia had a feeling that Colin would spoil his daughter the way Daniel did.

What if... she gave him a daughter?" Maybe Colin would be so happy that he would marry her to let their daughter have a complete family.

Sophia was very pleased at the thought. She loved the idea so much, that she already started picturing them having a daughter together.

Noticing the happy look on her face, Colin couldn't help but ask with a smile, "What are you thinking about? You're smiling."

"I want to give..." She stopped abruptly and said, "I want to make Brody a heart-shaped omelette next time."

Colin's smile dropped when he found out that Sophia was thinking about Ambrose instead of him.

Fine! The mother and son can have a good relationship. Ambrose was happy to have Sophia around. Despite the simple meal, Colin has never seen his son look so happy at breakfast.

Colin even felt a little jealous that Sophia and Ambrose were so close.

After breakfast, Colin and Sophia brought Ambrose to school together. Sophia didn't think it was proper to walk with Ambrose to school. Colin didn't ask her to do so either. After Sophia gave Ambrose several goodbye kisses, Colin took Ambrose's hand and led him to school.

After dropping off Ambrose, Colin drove Sophia directly to her office.

As soon as Sophia got out of the car, someone pointed her out to a delivery guy. "That's Sophia Lo, the one you're looking for."

The delivery guy ran to Sophia and handed her a bouquet of 99 roses. "Miss Lo, here are your roses, please sign here."

Who had sent her the flowers?

Sophia was confused. Lookin

g at the beautiful roses, she picked up the card that came along with it. She was surprised to see the signature. It was from Flynn.

But she wasn't bothered by the roses from Flynn, she was concerned about the man sitting inside the car. She could feel the anger radiating from behind her. She closed the door at once. "I'm sorry. I can't accept this. Please send them back. Thank you."

She walked to the gate quickly when Colin called her name. "Sophia!" Before Colin knew it, he had gotten off the car and was shouting at the fleeing Sophia.

"Yes?" She turned around and looked at Colin innocently. It wasn't her fault that someone had sent her flowers.

Before Colin could say anything else, the delivery guy ran to Sophia. "If you don't accept the roses today, the sender will send you 999 roses by himself tomorrow and every day after that, as he has promised."

Sophia was speechless. She glanced at Colin, feeling inexplicably guilty.

Because of Colin's presence and the large bouquet of flowers, they had drawn a lot of attention.

The Pei Group and SL Group had several cooperation projects before. Many employees had recognized Colin already.

"Is that Mr. Li? Is the woman standing next to him Sophia Lo? Are they a couple now? Are the roses a gift from Mr. Li to Sophia?"

"I don't know. There's still time before work. Let's see how things go."

"Aren't you afraid of the murderous look on Mr. Li's face?"

"No, he's definitely glaring at the roses. Maybe the roses weren't sent by him."


Striding towards the delivery guy, Colin took over the paper and signed Sophia's name on it furiously. Then he grabbed the roses and threw them into the backseat of the car.

"Wait, sir. Those aren't for you... Sir..." the delivery guy said helplessly. He couldn't do anything but watch Colin slam the door of the car. Since the car was so expensive, he didn't dare to get any closer.

It was a luxury car. Even a small scratch would cost him everything.

"Tell the sender that Colin Li took them away. He shouldn't bother to send her any more. Sophia has fallen in love with someone else, and she loves him to death."

The delivery guy was at a loss with what to do.

Sophia watched as Colin threw the roses into his car. Well, that would save her some trouble.

Sending away the delivery guy, Colin stared at Sophia with cold eyes. "If you keep seeing someone else, I will lock you in my house and tie you to the bed."

Sophia was speechless.

She hadn't done anything. Flynn was the one sent her the roses. Why Colin was talking like she had cheated on him...

Colin got into the car and sped away furiously.

Sophia felt upset. She walked towards the building entrance slowly and bumped into several nosy girls from her department. They asked excitedly, "Sophia, did Mr. Li drive you here?"

"Are the roses a gift from him, or a gift from you?"

"Sophia, when did you meet Mr. Colin? Are you seeing each other? He drove you to work!"


They asked all different kinds of questions. Sophia smiled slightly and answered all of them, "No. I... My car broke down on the way, and Mr. Li happened to pass by. I'm not seeing him. But we've met several times because of work during business trips. The roses might be a gift to his fiancee."

'Well. I've officially become a hypocritical woman who can tell a pack of lies.' Sophia thought to herself.

At the Jingguan Entertainment Company

Flynn was listening to the delivery guy report on the phone. As the guy told him the whole story, a frown appeared on his face. Colin?

What was Sophia's relationship with him?

Colin had claimed that Sophia was in love with someone else... Was it Colin?

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