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   Chapter 232 On the Verge of Bankruptcy

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"I'm not telling you!" Squirming out of Colin's arms, Sophia turned over and kissed him.

She wanted him to be satisfied with the kiss, and stop asking questions. What she would answer might upset him...

To her relief, her plan worked and Colin stopped asking.

Colin relented because he had sensed Sophia's unease. He decided to let her keep her secret.

"If I found evidence of the Pei Clan and Lien Clan's involvement in the crime, what would happen to Hugh and Patrick?" Sophia was worried for Patrick's wife, June, who had been very good to her.

Colin smiled. "Hugh and Patrick will be able to protect themselves. They have their own companies separate from the family business." After Colin's undermining, the Pei Group and Lien Group were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Although they appeared to be operating normally, Gregary Lien and Jonas Pei were desperately trying everything they could to prolong the survival of their companies. This was why Gregary was anxious to have Colin marry Dorothy.

But Patrick and Hugh had helped Colin in his revenge.

Hugh hated Jonas so much, that he believed death was too kind for his father. And Patrick didn't have much feelings for Gregary either. After all, he wasn't Patrick's birth father.

When Gregary and Marcella got married, Gregary found himself infertile. To sustain his power and influence, he adopted a baby from an orphanage in secret.

But years later, Marcella got pregnant. She gave birth to their daughter, Dorothy. Since Dorothy's birth, she had been cherished by couple. Her every whim would be catered to by their parents.

In the beginning, Patrick wanted to get along with her for his foster parents. But after hearing of Dorothy's deeds, especially what she had done to Sophia, Patrick was deeply disappointed. With time, his indifference grew, until he completely ignored her in the end.

"Really? No wonder Hugh has told me that I could do whatever I wanted to in the company. He also assured me that he would come to my aid if I got myself into trouble." She hadn't known that Hugh had his own company.

Frowning at her words, Colin locked Sophia into his arms. Burned by jealousy, he blurted out, "Hugh's parents are your mother's murderers. Although you two are good friends, he can never be your partner."

Despite his friendship with Hugh, Colin would say anything against him to keep Sophia at his side.

Sophia didn't say a word. She had her own opinions on the matter. In her eyes, Hugh was still a brother figure for her, not her enemy's son. She would never extend her hatred to an innocent person.

When Sophia didn't respond, he tried to guess what she was thinking and gradually started to panic. "Sophia, whether you love me or not, I will never let you go!"

Sophia paused. "Why did you say that? As if you had ever loved me." Sophia's heart jolted as she waited for Colin's answer. She hadn't heard him tell her that he loved her for a long time. What would he say?

"How can you doubt my feelings for you?" Colin had never stopped loving her.

Even when she was in Milan for three years, Colin had paid many visits to C Country to meet her teacher, Eason Bo. He had talked a lot with Eason, expressing his love for Sophia and asking him to look after her for him.

And Colin's entanglements with Dorothy was entirely for Sophia. He loved Sophia so much, he would do anything to make her happy. He would even take revenge on her enemies in her stead. To avenge Sophia, he had sent her unfaithful boyfriend to a black market and sold him to an illegal mine. He would also get back at Dorothy for her, and send Jonas and Gregary to jail...

He had planned this revenge for a long time. Even when Sophia misunderstood him, he didn't explain for himself.

Before they met, he had absorbed himself in work and seldom involved himself in intrigue. He hated trouble and refused to participate in anything dubious.

Fortunately, Harry had made up for him. Although he had refused many business partners due to their shady background, the SL Group continued to prosper.

But it also meant that he wasn't good at undermining a company or plotting against several people. He could only hope that his plan went smoothly.

He didn't dislike Sophia for the hatred buried in her heart. Knowing what had happened to her, he understood her feelings, and was willing to help her do anything she wanted.

He also intended to give his wedding invitation to her in person. He would explain his reasons of marrying Dorothy by showing Sophia what he would do to Dorothy on their wedding day.

Sophia was confused. Did he still love her? Did he truly love her? Was his love for her as deep as how she felt for him?

She didn't believe it.

"I can't say any more. But please remember, Sophia. Don't give up on me." When their eyes met, Sophia saw the affection in his gaze.

Colin had decided. He would have Sophia back at his side after the wedding.

Although the bed was crowded, the three slept soundly together throughout the night.

Knowing Colin had slept over, Aaron texted Sophia to say that he wouldn't come home that night.

At about 6 o'clock in the morning, Sophia woke up from her alarm. Ambrose was still sleeping, but Colin had woken up at the first sound.

Sitting up in bed, Sophia leaned over and whispered to Colin, "I need to get up. You can sleep some more."

Sophia smiled sweetly as she spoke. She had woken up in the morning next to the person she loved. It was the life she had been longing for.

Colin pulled her back to the sheets. "No, I'll make the breakfast."

"No, let me. I didn't cook for Brody last night. I have to compensate for it this morning." Sophia smiled at the memory of Ambrose's angry face.

Leaning over, Colin whispered to her ear, "Where's my compensation?"

Sophia pulled his hands off her. She glared at him. "Haven't I compensated you already? Don't you count what we did in the kitchen?"

It reminded her of the another time in America a few years ago.

They had done the same thing in the same room...

"What if I say it doesn't count? Would you compensate me again?"

"Not in your dreams!" Sophia pecked him on his lips and jumped off the bed.

Suddenly, she was pulled backwards. Colin pressed her down into the bed and kissed her deeply.

A few minutes later, they parted. Colin panted as he spoke to the flushed Sophia, "That's what compensation should be like."

Suddenly, Ambrose rolled over and turned his face towards them. His eyes were still closed. Sophia froze and looked at him. After assuring that Ambrose was still asleep, she pulled Colin off her. "Stop it. I need to get up. You can hold Ambrose for me and sleep for a while."

At 7 o'clock, Sophia set breakfast on the table and went to wake them up.

When she returned to the bedroom, Colin had already gone to the bathroom to wash his face. Ambrose looked adorable as he sat on the bed in a daze. Having just gotten up, he looked at the surroundings in confusion, hair shaggy and messy from sleeping.

Sophia picked him up. "Brody, you're awake!"

Seeing Sophia, Ambrose remembered that he had slept over the night before. He was in Sophia's home, and they slept together last night. "Good morning, Aunt Sophia!"

Giving Sophia a big hug, Ambrose kissed her cheek.

"Morning, Brody. Do you want to use the bathroom?" During her past two visits to the Li Clan, she learned that the boy had the habit of using the bathroom after waking up in the morning.

"Yes, please!"

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