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   Chapter 231 Sleepover

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Ambrose didn't notice the flirting glances between the two adults. He gulped down the porridge quickly.

Patting his round belly, he leaned against the sofa with satisfaction. He watched Sophia clear the table with a smile, feeling very happy that they were having dinner together.

After washing his hands, Colin sat beside Ambrose and said casually, "I made the dinner tonight. I'm glad my son enjoyed it so much."

Ambrose looked at his father in disbelief. He shot a curious glance at Sophia, who was smiling in amusement. "Aunt Sophia, is it true?"

"Yes, it's true." As soon as Sophia confirmed it, Ambrose stood up and looked around the room.

Sophia asked him curiously, "What are you looking for?"

"A trash can."

"What? Why are you looking for a trash can?"

"I'm going to vomit everything out! Then you can cook another meal for me." For his cheek, Ambrose got spanked several times.

With a worried smile, Sophia rescued the mischievous boy from his father. "Colin is your father. A lot of people want to eat your father's cooking, but they can't. Why don't you want to eat a meal cooked by your father? Are you sick of eating your father's cooking?"

Ambrose pretended to wipe his tears. "You're wrong. Aunt Sophia, my father has never cooked a meal for me before."

Actually, he was just pretending. He liked eating meals cooked by his father and Sophia.

Sophia shot a glance at the man who was looking at his mobile phone. She held the poor boy in her arms. "I'll tell your father to cook more meals for you in the future."

"Excellent!" Ambrose exclaimed. "But Aunt Sophia, it's a pity that I can't eat your cooking tonight! Can I come over again next time?" Ambrose looked pathetic, like a child deprived of love.

Sophia's heart ached as she looked at Ambrose in distress. "Of course, you can come over anytime! But you should call me in advance, or you might end up waiting for me outside for a long time."

"Okay, Aunt Sophia. I love you!" Ambrose wrapped his arms around Sophia's neck and hugged her tightly.

Sitting nearby, Colin watched the intimate moment between the mother and the child. He smiled in satisfaction.

After playing with Ambrose for a while, Sophia went to the toilet. When she came out, Colin was nowhere to be found. "Where's your father?"

Ambrose pointed to the kitchen. "He's cutting watermelon."

That was unexpected. She asked Ambrose casually, "It's cold outside. Why had your father bought a watermelon?"

"Sophia, didn't you say you like eating watermelon? My father went with me to the market to buy it."

Sophia was bewildered. When did she say that? Oh! It was back when they were eating grilled fish at a restaurant. Sophia hugged Ambrose tightly. "Brody, it would be wonderful if you were my son."

She whispered the words in Ambrose's ears in fear that Colin might overhear and become angry. She didn't want him to think she was planning to take Ambrose away from him.

Ambrose kissed Sophia's cheek and whispered, "Aunt Sophia, can I call you mom?"

Sophia was taken aback by surprise. After struggling to think up something, she finally gave up. She touched Ambrose's face in comfort. "Of course you can, little one, but not now."

She couldn't agree to his request just yet. If she failed to stop Colin's wedding, the boy would devote his affections for nothing. She didn't want to hurt him.

Ambrose looked at Sophia in disappointment as he sat in her arms. "Aunt Sophia, can I try and talk my father into marrying you in

stead of Dorothy?"

If Colin married Sophia, she would become his mother.

"Wait for a month. Can you do that for me, Brody?" Sophia's eyes filled with tears as she leaned her forehead against his tenderly.

Colin walked out of the kitchen with a plate of watermelon slices in his hands and told them to have some.

Restraining her emotions, Sophia put on a strained smile and picked Ambrose up. "Let's have some watermelon."

"Okay! Aunt Sophia, can you feed me?"

"No. Eat the watermelon by yourself." Colin put the plate on the table and shot down his son's request.

Ambrose glared at his father. "I asked Aunt Sophia, not you."

"I can decide for Sophia." He picked a hunk of watermelon and handed it over to Sophia. Then he gave another slice to his son before taking a piece for himself.

Sophia had her attention fixed on Ambrose. She didn't notice that Colin selected the best piece of watermelon for her, but Ambrose did. Although he was just a 3-year-old boy, Ambrose was much smarter than the average children. He immediately protested, "Dad, why did you give Sophia the watermelon first? Shouldn't I be the first one to have the watermelon?"

Sophia glanced at the father and the son curiously. She slowly realized that Colin gave her the watermelon first, before he gave one to his son.

She flushed scarlet. But it wasn't too late. She exchanged her piece of watermelon for Ambrose's. "Brody, you can have mine."

Colin shot his son a warning look and scolded, "Don't you know it's ladies first?"

"Okay." The boy's arrogance deflated.

Sophia laughed out loud. "Come on, Brody. I'll feed you."


Colin reproved her, "You're spoiling him."

"How? It's just watermelon. Didn't you see him having meals by himself before?"

At Sophia's words, Ambrose nodded. "Aunt Sophia's right." Sophia was much better than his own father!

With Sophia and Ambrose ganging up on him, Colin was speechless.

In the evening, Ambrose didn't want Colin to take him home. Sophia had to ask, "Is it alright if Brody sleeps with me tonight?"

Colin agreed quickly, "Yes." Then he added, "So will I."


Did Colin mean he would also sleep over at her house?

In the end, the three of them crowded in Sophia's small bed. Ambrose's occasional complaints rang in the room. "Dad, don't hold Sophia all the time!"

Colin ignored his son. "Why aren't you sleeping? Do you want Wade to take you home instead?"

Brody immediately shut up. Not willing to submit, he held one of Sophia's arms and slowly fell asleep with his head on her shoulder.

Sophia and Colin talked quietly. Sophia asked, "I'm getting more worried about Aaron. What else does he do besides follow you at work?"

Colin was playing with her hair. "He handles his own affairs."

That was useless information. He practically told her nothing.

"Can you help me persuade him to stop getting involved in those awful things?" Aaron seemed to listen to Colin.

"Can't you pay more attention to me?"

Sophia knew Colin was making fun of her. "There are many women lining up for your affections, all of them are willing to take care of you. Why are you asking me?" Colin spanked Sophia in retaliation.

"Let me ask you a question. You've already met Sandy. Why haven't you done anything? What are you waiting for? Or, what are you afraid of?" Colin was confused about this.

Sophia stopped fondling Brody's head. She didn't know how to answer him. "I'm waiting a bit longer."

"What are you waiting for?"

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