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   Chapter 230 Come and Give Aunt Sophia a Kiss

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Sophia discreetly pinched Colin's arm. "From tonight on, whenever I have a break, you are not allowed to appear in front of me."

"Not allowed to appear? So as to give you a chance to stay with Hugh alone? Sophia, are you still dreaming?" Saying these words, Colin entered his car.

Sophia felt a bit frustrated.

She felt that her business trip had been terrible. During the daytime, she was mentally tortured by the design drafts. While at night, she was physically tortured by Colin.

They had already spent several happy hours in the hotel, but Colin wanted more. Thus, he took her to the villa in which they had lived before. There they could do whatever they wanted.

Every time she tried to say no, he would overcome all her resistance with the sentence, "All we are doing now is to try to get you pregnant!"

Sophia had no choice but to obey him and allow him to do what he wanted. It sounded like she was eager to get pregnant with his child. But... It was the truth. She did want to get pregnant with Colin's baby.

After several days of hard work, dark circles had appeared under Sophia's eyes. But to her delight, the hard work had paid off and she had won the clothing bid of the Kuncheng Company.

People were jealous of her success. She had made a name for herself again in the Design Sector.

During the next few days, Sophia was very busy. Even after she had returned home, she had no time to call Colin.

One day, when she was working, she received a call from Ambrose. Not until then did she realize that she had been dedicating her days and nights to her work.

"Aunt Sophia, I am in front of your house. I have been waiting for you for a long time. When will you come?" Ambrose cried, full of grievance.

Holding the phone between her ear and shoulder, Sophia quickly packed her belongings. "I'm so sorry, Ambrose! I am still at work. But I will come back right now."

Sophia returned home as quickly as she could. When she reached home, she wanted to laugh out loud at what she saw. But she dared not.

There was a large watermelon on the ground in front of the gate. The father and son piteously looked at her. Sophia hastily opened the door and complained to Colin. "Why didn't you give me a call before coming? It is your fault to have kept Ambrose waiting so long."

Colin didn't say anything. Ambrose took the initiative to tell Sophia. "Aunt Sophia, I was the one who stopped daddy from informing you. I wanted to give you a surprise."

The mother and son entered the house first. Colin reluctantly lifted the watermelon which Ambrose had insisted on buying.

"Mwah!" Sophia held Ambrose in her arms and gave him a big kiss. She had missed this little guy so much!

Ambrose laughed happily. He held onto Sophia's neck and kissed her back.

Finally, he got down from Sophia's lap. "Daddy, come and give Aunt Sophia a kiss!"

Sophia stood there and smiled helplessly. Seeing Colin coming over, Sophia quickly waved her hands. "No. I am happy enough to have Brody's kiss. After all, your daddy is... he is an..." Colin held Sophia and gave her a deep kiss, swallowing the word 'adult'.

At first, the little guy jumped up and down and applauded excitedly. "Daddy, you are so cool!"

Several minutes later, Ambrose stopped jumping. "Daddy, you have been kissing Aunt Sophia for a long time, " he complained.

Finally, low in spirits, Ambrose sat on the couch and looked at the two adults. "Dad, it's bad for kids, " he tried to reason.

On hearing what Ambrose had just said, Sophia anxiously bit Colin's lips and pushed him away.

She turned red and breathlessly yelling at Colin, "Brody is still here! Can't you control yourself?"

"It was a punishment for you. Do you understand?"

"I don't think I have offended you, " Sophia replied with an innocent look.

"Why didn't you inform me when you returned from Z Country?" Colin had been waitin

g for Sophia in the villa for a long time. If he hadn't found her, he would surely have thought that she had eloped with someone.

"That's because... I was too busy with my work. Anyhow, have you had dinner yet? If not, I will cook for you." She had enough ingredients to make a meal.

Ambrose was still on the couch. He cupped his chin and said, "Aunt Sophia, I'm starving!"

Sophia hurriedly took off her coat and said, "I'm sorry, my little sweety! I'll cook for you at once."

Sophia put on an apron and went into the kitchen.

Ambrose asked his father, "Daddy, which one is Sophia's bedroom?"

Colin pointed to Sophia's bedroom with his head. Ambrose got up from the sofa and ran into that room.

"Oh my god!" Ambrose's scream attracted Colin's attention.

After a glance at the busy Sophia in the kitchen, Colin followed his son into the bedroom, where

Ambrose was staring at a photo frame with his big eyes.

When he sensed Colin standing behind him, he gave his father a jealous look. "Well, you said that you would make Sophia become my mother. When can I start calling her mommy? Here, you have already held her to sleep. It's unfair!"

Colin picked up the frame. When he saw the photo, an obvious smile appeared on his face.

The photo was taken when they had a lazy morning in the villa at Z Country. When Colin was sleeping, Sophia had furtively taken a photo of him. He hadn't expected Sophia to get the photo developed and put it by her bedside. Wonderful!

Colin put the frame back at its original place. Then he stroked Ambrose's short hair and told him, "Take it easy. Just believe your father. I will soon make Sophia your mommy."

Although Ambrose was dissatisfied with his dad, he did not say anything. He just watched Colin leave Sophia's bedroom.

In the kitchen, Sophia was still busy washing and cutting vegetables. She didn't know that the father and son had checked her bedroom.

When she was washing the carrots, Colin wrapped his arms around her waist from the back.

She blushed slightly and softly refused. "Don't disturb me, I'm cooking."

His kisses fell on her long hair, then on her face, and finally on her lips. Maybe because he couldn't enjoy himself to the full from the back, Colin pulled Sophia's arm. Then he made her face him and seriously tasted her beauty.

Sophia felt a little confused. Why were they kissing again? And she was carried... to the table top!

No...No...No! This was not the right time. "Brody...Brody is still here, " she said panting.

Colin let go of her and leaned over her neck, gasping for breath.

Damn! He regretted having brought that little guy with him at that moment.

When Colin went back to the bedroom, he found the little guy in his wife's bed... sleeping soundly.

He had a sweet smile on his face and was hugging Sophia's downy doll.

It seemed as if Colin suddenly remembered something. He covered Ambrose with a quilt and hastily went back to the kitchen. There he grabbed Sophia who was about to cut the vegetables to make love to her.

The kitchen had an enjoyable atmosphere.

Sophia was confused and wondered why they had started again.


Colin replaced Sophia in cooking dinner. And as Colin was cooking, Sophia slept soundly in the bedroom holding her son in her arms. She was extremely exhausted because of Colin.

At about 9 in the evening, Ambrose, who was awakened by Sophia, was happily having dinner. He muttered, "I must eat more as Sophia has specially cooked this meal for me. And when I grow up, I will cook for her."

"How delicious the meal is!" Well, it was more than just delicious! Ambrose had tasted mother's love in it.

Sophia was moved by the little guy and picked up a piece of mushroom for him, "Brody, your father..."

"Stop talking and eat your dinner, " interrupted Colin. Sophia looked at him doubtfully. Can't she tell Brody the truth?

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