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   Chapter 229 Colin Had Many Secrets

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About to enter the room, Sophia suddenly turned back and took the medicines from Colin's hand. "Don't bother. I will eat them later, " she said.

Though she had said this, Sophia was thinking of throwing them away!

When Sophia found the documents and came out of the room, the two men were still talking to each other. Sophia looked at Colin in confusion. "Why haven't you left till now?" she asked.

Her question made Colin's face gloomy. "I will take you there, " he said.

"No need. I can take a ride in Hugh's car." There was really no need to trouble Colin again.

Hugh smiled gently and said, "Sophia, I'm leaving now."

Sophia was speechless.

After Hugh left, Colin pulled Sophia to face him. "Why did you come to Z Country?" he asked.

"I'm on a business trip." Colin said.

There was nothing wrong in that. "And can you stop behaving like that in front of Hugh?"

He knew that Hugh liked her. But when they were together, Colin still treated her as his lover. He showed affection in front of Hugh on purpose. Hugh must have felt uncomfortable.

With his eyes bleak, Colin said angrily, "Why? Are you worried that he would be jealous?"

"Yeah. After all, I have to leave my options open. If you marry Dorothy later, maybe I will marry Hugh." Sophia shrugged and strode forward.

She had said that only to annoy Colin. As for marrying Hugh, she didn't want to think about it now. After all, nothing is impossible, isn't it?

Sophia felt a force on her arm. But she did not have any time to react, as Colin twirled her and pressed her against the wall of the corridor...

She didn't feel any pain as she had expected. Colin had placed his hand against the wall to cushion her back. Her back just ran into the back of his hand. And she was wearing lots of clothes because of the cold weather. So she didn't feel much pain.

But... Sophia couldn't help shivering. How cold his eyes were! In the previous three years, Colin must have practiced this look on the glacier. That's why he had such icy eyes!

"What have I said before?" He must have practiced talking also on the glacier. Listen to this voice! My God! There wasn't a trace of affection in it.

Sophia tightened her collar. "You have said so much. I don't know what are you asking about right now?"

"About Hugh and you!" He didn't mind reminding her.

Without saying a word, Sophia suddenly slithered down the wall, reaching a place where his arm could not stop her, and escaped from his grip.

"Sophia, you will be seriously punished if you run away now, " he called out. He was shocked that she had actually escaped.

Sophia could not believe her ears. Remembering the miserable experience she had earlier when she was tortured, Sophia stopped. She had no choice but to speak up. "Mr. Li, I am going to be late, " she tried.

"Come back!" Colin growled.

... She walked back obediently and stood in front of him.

"Tell me, Sophia. What have I said to you before?" The man talked down to the woman who was not convinced.

Sophia griped, "You're going to marry Dorothy! So why do you command that I can't marry Hugh?"

The voice was neither too loud nor too small. He could hear it clearly.

Colin sighed. "If you promise me that you won't marry any other man in future, I will tell you a secret, " he said.

... When did Mr. Li become so naive that he talked about secrets. No, Colin did have a lot of secrets. And what she wanted to know was more than one of them.

"Do you still have to think about it?" If she really loved him, she would have blurted out these words without hesitation. So... Realizing this, Colin suddenly lost his breath for a moment.

Not responding to Sophia's answer, he suddenly turned and said, "Just go."

Well? She curiously widened her eyes and looked at the indifferent Colin. Can she really leave then? Didn't she have to say that she won't marry any other man in


She looked at the man's receding back and felt a... sense of loss?

Arriving at Kuncheng Company, Sophia stole a glance at the man who followed her. "You don't have to take me there. I know how to get there, " she said. She had come to the company the day before.

Colin kept silent. He walked straight into the elevator, and pressed the button of the floor where Sophia wanted to go.

The door to the elevator closed. There was no one inside the elevator car except them and an air of mystery. Colin seemed to be angry.

Why? Was it because she hadn't said that she won't marry any other man?

"Colin... Achoo!" Just as Sophia called his name, she had to quickly turn to the other side and sneeze.

She rubbed her nose. Her eyes were red for a while. And here she had thought that she had recovered!

Colin sighed helplessly. In order to escape from taking any medicine, she didn't hesitate to even lie. "I can send you back so that you can rest, " he said.

"No. I would be better after drinking lots of hot water, but later, " she said. She was really looking forward to the bid at the Kuncheng Company. Seeing that they had reached the destination and that she was not seriously ill, but was suffering from just a common fever, she decided to attend the opening of the tender.

The elevator door opened and they walked out together. Sophia asked him, "Have you come here for the opening of the Kuncheng Company's clothing tender?"

Was that the case? Was the SL Group also participating... Wait a moment! When she was in a meeting the day before, she thought she had heard someone talking about the SL Group. At that time, she was polishing her design draft and didn't care much about it. She didn't really expect that designers from his company would also be participating...

Does that mean that she would not get the tender? The designers from the SL Group… Well, almost half of the ten designers who got the prizes in Milan were from the SL Group.

Sophia was shocked. The man looked at her and raised his eyebrows. "Are you afraid?"

Sophia looked at him and gradually changed her look from confused to confident. "You should be afraid!" she retorted. Why should I be afraid? I am the best student of my teacher!

She didn't brag about that. She was the only student of Eason. Strictly, Scott could also be seen as his student since he was Eason's son.

However, as Scott was not interested in designing clothes, he paid little attention to Eason's lessons and was often punished by his father.

Colin looked at her with amusement in his eyes. "I won't ask my employees to give away the tender even though you are my woman."

Did Colin actually say that? Sophia blushed. "I am not your woman. And I don't need your employees to give away the tender to me. I will enter the hall first. Don't come with me, " she retorted. While they were talking there, many people looked at them inquisitively.

She didn't allow him to stay with her. Was it because he was not good enough or was it because she didn't like him?

Sophia didn't know that she had unintentionally saddened Colin.

They walked into the conference room one after the other. Many famous designers were attending the event. They were familiar to people since they often came on TV.

It was a busy day with everyone immersed in their fashion design. The only break they took was at noon when they had returned to the hotel to rest.

Colin kept his word. At noon, he personally ensured that Sophia took her medicine.

He also went with her to the hotel, so she could sleep well. Only when it was time to leave did he wake her up.

In fact, he had kissed her to wake her up rather than calling her name to wake her up.

When they were going out, Sophia saw Hugh. He stared at her red lips for a long time. Feeling uncomfortable, Sophia took out her mobile phone and checked her image in the screen…

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