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   Chapter 228 Do You Want Me to Worry about You

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Colin patted Sophia's back soothingly. "Laugh all you want. I never thought I'd meet such a foolish woman who ends up coughing from trying not to laugh!"

"Don't talk to me. I'm still angry with you." Said Sophia as she closed her eyes. She didn't want to look at him anymore.

The corners of Colin's lips lifted. "Sophia, I want to..."

"Yes?" Her curiosity got the better of her, and she opened eyes to look at him.

Colin was suddenly inches away from her face. "I want to kiss you."

As soon as he spoke, Sophia's lips were sealed.

She moaned involuntarily. No! Her illness could infect him!

Although she pushed him away with all her strength, Colin stayed in place and continued kissing her.

Soon, Sophia nestled comfortably in Colin's strong arms. At the same time, Colin made a pun, "Sophia, don't try to push me away. You can't do it!"

Whether she loved him or not, he would do everything to make her stay with him.

If she fell in love with another man, he would get rid of that person using whatever means necessary.

"Colin li." Sophia sighed.

"I'm here." Colin took her hands.

Sophia's heart softened at his simple words. He was here with her right now. It made her feel good.

"Colin, I want a child... A child of our own." Sophia said softly. Her right hand was connected to the IV drip. She used her left hand to caress his handsome face as she looked at him fondly. "Do you have a way to prevent our child from becoming a bastard?" she asked.

She nearly begged him not to marry Dorothy. But she couldn't say that.

If he could give up his marriage with Dorothy on his own, she wouldn't have to break up his wedding. But she really didn't want Colin to see what kind of horrible woman she was.

The only response Sophia got was a passionate kiss.

After a long time, Colin finally released Sophia. Panting slightly, he told her, "I won't let our child become illegitimate. Please believe me. Can you do that?"

Sophia hesitated. He was going to marry Dorothy. How could he keep his promise to her?

What did he mean? Sophia couldn't understood Colin at all. She asked him directly, "If I get pregnant, would you divorce Dorothy?"

Colin smiled and kissed Sophia's forehead. "No." he answered.

He didn't elaborate further.

Colin's behavior depressed Sophia again. She wasn't just depressed. She was angry.

Not wanting to pay him any attention, she closed her eyes.

Colin kissed her forehead again. He said in a low voice, "Recover quickly and I'll make your wish come true."

Sophia didn't open her eyes. But her cheeks flushed crimson showed that she had heard Colin's words clearly.

She didn't know what time she fell asleep, but she didn't wake up until the sun rose.

In the morning, Sophia felt much better when she opened her eyes. Then she heard a deep voice beside her. "Are you awake? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Colin placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature.

Sophia shook her head, "I'm fine... No, I'm not." Came her contradicting response.

"Are you feeling well or not?" Colin arched his eyebrows.

Maybe it was because she was ill, but Sophia wanted to act like a spoiled child. "Not well. I have an ache in my stomach."

"What? I'll call the doctor." Colin said without any hesitation. When he turned around, Sophia quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him back.

Colin turned to her in confusion. Sophia laughed. "Because I'm hungry!"

Colin let out a long-suffering sigh. But his eyes showed nothing but love. "Just tell me if you're hungry. Don't say that you have stomachache. Do you want me to worry about you?"

Sophia looked at Colin carefully. "If I'm ill, would you worry about me?"

Colin didn't respon

d with words, but expressed himself in action. He kissed Sophia.

Sophia pushed him away immediately. "No! I haven't brushed my teeth!"

Colin said, "I don't mind."

Well, she did! She still had her morning breath. That was disgusting! Sophia paused. "I have to brush teeth and wash my face before we eat breakfast!" she said.

"Okay. Let me help you." Colin bent to pick her up.

"There's no need for that, I'm feeling better now. I can do it on my own." Sophia pushed his arms away, and sat up in bed to wear her shoes. Then she went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, there was a new toothbrush. It didn't seem like the kind that hospitals provided. 'It must've been Colin.' Sophia thought.

Sophia got lost in thought as she squeezed the toothpaste.

From last night until now, Colin had treated her tenderly. It was as if she went back several years ago to when he still loved her...

Thinking Sophia was already finished, Colin opened the bathroom door. He found her looking at the mirror in a daze with the toothbrush in her mouth.

"Sophia, " he said. "Are you waiting for me to help you brush your teeth?" His voice made Sophia snap back to reality.

"Ah! Wait, I'll get ready!" She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face.

Without moving from his spot, Colin leaned against the door and watched her until she finished.

After breakfast, Colin drove Sophia to the hotel. When Hugh exited the door of his room, he was surprised to see Colin and Sophia coming back together.

"Good morning, Hugh! Will you go to the other company later?" Sophia greeted Hugh in embarrassment. She didn't think that Hugh knew Colin was here.

She was right.

"Yes, I'm going there later." Hugh replied. Then he turned to Colin. "When did you arrive?"


"Okay..." He turned back to Sophia. "Sophia, you can get ready. I'll wait for you." Hugh would've asked Sophia if she had breakfast already. But knowing that she came back with Colin, he knew he didn't have to.

At that moment, Colin interrupted their conversation and handed Sophia a box of medicine. "Remember to take it on time."

Sophia didn't accept it. "I feel better already. I don't need to take it." She didn't like taking medicine unnecessarily.

After saying that, Sophia intended to go back to her room. Then she remembered that she left the room last night without taking her key card with her. She needed to go the front desk to get another key.

Turning the box of medicine in his hand several times, Colin asked Hugh, "When do you get off work for lunch?"

"At about twelve o'clock. What's wrong with Sophia?" Hugh asked. "Is she ill?" Hugh didn't know Sophia was ill until just now. Hugh came back to the hotel at about two o'clock earlier that morning. He thought it was too late to disturb Sophia and let her rest.

"She had a severe fever last night." Colin answered him. Then he called a passing waiter to open Sophia's room.

Hugh couldn't help approaching Sophia and looking at her worriedly, "Sophia, are you feeling better? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? You can stay in the hotel to rest today."

It was obvious from Hugh's expression that he was concerned about her. Although Sophia was touched, she was a little embarrassed. "I'm fine. I feel better already."

Looking at their interaction, Colin was filled with dissatisfaction. He said coldly, "Sophia, I'll come at noon and watch you take the medicine. Go inside and get ready."

He needed to find a way to hire Sophia and get her away from the Pei Group. Then she could keep him company all the time... Yes, he had to consider it carefully.

Seeing Sophia follow Hugh every day and go with him on business trips together was a horrible sight.

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