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   Chapter 227 Colin's Decision

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Sophia told him the name of the hotel without a second thought. "It's a pity I'm so far away from you. Otherwise, I'd go to your house and play with you."

Work ended early that day. She refused Hugh's invitation to go around together.

Z Country reminded her of so many memories with Colin.

"It's okay. Aunt Sophia, which floor are you in? Is your room comfortable?"

"I'm staying at the presidential suite. The room the company gave me is very good." Sophia replied.

"What's your room number, 666 or 888?"

Sophia was a bit confused by Ambrose's question, but she replied, "No, it's on the 12th floor. But my room number also has the number 8, it's 1208." She chuckled softly.

Sophia covered her phone with one of her hands and coughed a few times. It seems she caught a cold.

"All right. You must be busy. I'm playing with Aunt Selina now. See you later!"

"Is Selina with you? Please tell her that I also miss her. When I come back, I'll go play with you both." At the thought, Sophia realized she really missed them.

Ambrose nodded. "Bye, Aunt Sophia! I love you!"

"I love you too. Bye!"

A few minutes after hanging up the phone, Sophia was still smiling. Suddenly, she burst into a fit of coughs.

Feeling dizzy, she decided to finish the design drawing tomorrow.

After tidying up her room, she drank some water and went to bed.

As soon as Ambrose hung up the phone, he called his father. "Dad, where are you?"

"I just got off the plane. I'll go to the office first. Have you gotten the information?" Colin replied.

"Yes. Aunt Sophia's staying at Room 1208 at the Xinuo Hotel. Don't forget to give me a mother and marry Sophia as soon as possible!"

Ambrose said expectantly. He was the little spy that Colin sent to ask Sophia for information. With his cleverness, he was able to get the exact room where Sophia was staying at.

Colin smiled. Sophia would never escape from him. He would never let her go.

Colin had come to a decision. He would marry Sophia one day. Even if she didn't love him, he would find a way to make her fall in love with him ag

s weakened and she swayed to the side. Colin hastily caught her and carried her out of the hotel.

"What's wrong with you?" He looked at the woman in his arms with deep concern. It's only been two days since he last saw her. Why did she suddenly get sick?

"I caught a cold." She went into a fit of coughs. Feeling unwell, she leaned against his chest.

Outside the hotel, Colin called Wade. He had just left after dropping Colin off. Carrying Sophia into the car, Colin told Wade to go to the hospital.

In the hospital, Sophia's temperature was taken and she had high fever of 39.8°.

She had to lay in bed with an IV drip attached to her arm.

The high fever appeared out of nowhere. She was healthy yesterday. How did she become ill all of a sudden?

When the nurse left, Colin covered her with a blanket and comforted her, "You'll feel much better after getting some sleep."

"Why did you go to my hotel room?" Sophia asked curiously.

Since they parted on bad terms last time, she didn't think they would see each other again so soon. She definitely didn't expect to see him in Z Country.

Colin sat on the edge of the bed and said in a serious tone, "God told me that you were sick and you needed me to take you to the hospital."

Colin just cracked a joke. Sophia never imagined he would cheer her up this way. She couldn't help her laughter, only to end up coughing again.

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