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   Chapter 226 Damned Slut

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Sophia hadn't put on her coat, washed her face, or combed her hair.

Looking at the apartment door being slammed, Colin clutched his hair in frustration. What an unreasonable woman!

Not long after, Colin received a video on WeChat while he was drinking wine and smoking a cigarette. In the video, Sophia was taking a pill and washing it down with a glass of water.

"Colin, I'll never let my kid become a bastard." With Dorothy around, Sophia didn't want her children to live their lives in constant fear of a vicious woman.

When the video ended, Colin's wine glass dropped from his hand and shattered on the floor.

In the dead of the night, Sophia received a message from Colin that said, "There's a month and a half left before my wedding. If you get pregnant with my child before that, I will cancel the wedding."

Sophia was shocked.

What the fuck! Why hadn't he told her that before? Sophia rushed to the bathroom and gagged over the toilet to throw up the contraceptive pill.

But it's been three hours and the pill had already been digested.

Colin didn't get any response from Sophia. The next day, he heard from Aaron that Sophia went on a business trip.

She had gone to Z Country with Hugh.

Colin's face darkened. Has Sophia given up on him?

He already told her before that their child wouldn't become a bastard. The ruthless woman still didn't want to give him a child and refused to sleep with him. Instead, she was becoming closer to Hugh. What did all these mean?

It could only mean one thing... She didn't love him.

He knew that she used to be in love with Payne, and now she was getting closer to Hugh. Maybe she just didn't want to be with him.

Aaron stole a look at Colin's neck. Rumor was going around the company this morning that Colin slept with a woman last night.

But he was certain that the mark on Colin's neck was left by his sister. He chuckled to himself in amusement.

Glancing at Aaron, Colin immediately knew what he was thinking about. He feigned ignorance and called the manage

arrassed by Colin's flirting, Dorothy covered her flushed face. "Don't do this here, Colin. I'm leaving now."

"All right. Goodbye."

"Bye!" Dorothy left the office, shooting glances at her future husband.

As soon as the door closed, Colin dropped his pen and wiped his hands with a wet towel.

Then he told Aaron to throw the soup away.


The disdain on Colin's face gave away his emotions. Colin didn't need to explain himself, Aaron understood right away.

Aaron had no idea why his silly sister couldn't seem to understand.

The weather in Z Country was colder than in A Country. It was their second day at the hotel. As she prepared to draw a design, Sophia sneezed and went to raise the room temperature.

At that moment, her mobile phone rang. It was Wendy. "Aunt, how are you?"

"Aunt Sophia, it's me!" Ambrose's cheerful voice rang through the speaker.

Sophia's smile reached her eyes. "Brody, have you come back from the kindergarten?" She looked at her watch. It was 6 o'clock in the evening and school was over.

"Yes. Aunt Sophia, do you miss me? Can I see you?"

"Oh! I'm on a business trip. I'm not in A Country, but I can play with you when I come back." She hadn't seen Brody for a couple of days and she missed him terribly.

"A business trip? Aunt Sophia, which hotel are you staying at?" Brody asked casually.

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