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   Chapter 225 Make Dorothy Pregnant

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She quickly put on her slippers and walked towards the door. Suddenly, she was pulled back into the bedroom, and Colin forcefully threw her onto the bed.

Sophia then sat up and threw a pillow to Colin. He got even angrier but she warned, "Don't you think that I could get Dorothy... kidnapped? Don't you think I could do that?"

Colin did not even flinch or say anything. She continued with her threats, "Oh, it seems like you don't believe me at all. I'll call someone to kidnap her right now!"

At that very moment, Sophia forgot that Colin had avenged her a few days ago, so she was focused on venting out her ire on him.

Then she put on an act to make her threat more convincing. She quickly got out of the bed, pointed at the knapsack that had fallen onto the floor, and said, "There is my bag. I'll get my phone and call someone. Wait for me here!"

Grabbing the knapsack, she dashed for the living room.

But a big hand suddenly grabbed her on her waist. "Ah!" She screamed in shock. Colin lifted her and put her over his broad shoulders.

Before she got wind of what was happening, Colin threw her onto the bed again. As she was closing her eyes to relieve the sudden dizziness that she felt, a man's body pressed against her.

Of course it was Colin. Oh, when would he stop?

"How dare you be so sweet to another man? How dare you drink with that man and let him carry you on the back? I'll teach you a lesson!" Then he turned her over and slapped her bottom like what he did to teach Brody when he did something not right.

Sophia gripped on the sheet tightly, feeling so ashamed... for being slapped... on the bottom. She was treated and punished like a child...

Was there anything more embarrassing than this?

She suddenly wanted to cry out loud. Then with a burst of strength, she sat up and pounced on him. "You have flirted with other women. How dare you say those words to teach me when you were greedy yourself?! Why is it that only you can hit me? I may not be powerful to hit you, but I'm sure I can bite you!"

Then she suddenly bit him hard and sucked on his neck! She could not control her rage so she continued biting him. Not just once... Not twice... But thrice. She bit him hard three times!

Feeling satisfied as she had already vented out her anger, she let go of Colin's neck.

She could not only vent out her embarrassment, but leaving a love mark on Colin's neck which would also irritate Dorothy, like killing two birds with one stone! Good job! She was satisfied with her bright idea.

She carelessly sat on Colin's stomach and put on a wide grin on her face. But she didn't realize how sexy and seductive she looked like right now.

Colin became so enamored with her sexy posture. In an instant, he pinned her down on the bed. "Have you played enough? Are you done now?"

His dangerous eyes reminded her that what she did just heightened his sexual urge...

"Wait a moment! What are you doing?" She frantically tried to stop him. She wouldn't give in until the very last moment.

"You can wait, but I can't! Come here!" Colin said in a faint but careless voice. Instead of listening to her nonsense, he just tore off her clothes and passionately made love to her.

Sophia couldn't believe what was happening. Instead of having lunch right now, here she was being harshly taught of a lesson. She continually pleaded Colin to stop but it didn't work.

Finally, Colin stopped. Before going to sleep, Sophia unwittingly asked Colin a question, "Who satisfies you more? Dorothy or me? Answer me honestly."

Colin smiled and did not hesitate to say, "Of course you!"

... Why did he know that? Had he already made love with Dorothy? So Colin and Dorothy, they really... Were they really a couple? It didn't seem that way... She felt uncomfortable, but planned to test Colin's limits. Despite his compliment, she answered, "Well, I have to tell you that Hugh is better than you. You can't satisfy me!"

Colin was about to light a cigarette, but he paused. "I can't? Did I hear that right?"

Although he knew that she said it deliberately so she could irritate him, he still couldn't help getting mad at her.

"Yes! You don't satisfy me at all! So don't make love to me again! You're just wasting my time." The truth was that it was painful for her to say those words.

Colin then put back the cigarette into the pack and placed it on the side table.

He then carried her off the bed. "Where

are we going? What are you doing? Hey!"

"Oh, I'll tell you where to go." Colin put her down in the front of the French windows, and then suddenly opened the curtains. Sophia screamed as she realized what he was doing.

Feeling that she was just overreacting, she closed her mouth and did not say anything more. There was a balcony outside and fortunately no one was nearby to see them.

"So you are inviting me to enjoy the views with you? How sweet of you then!" Sometimes, Sophia was really innocent.

Her thoughts were naturally naive, but she was often exposed to grudges between adults and elders. She was so unsophisticated and innocent that other girls could steal her boyfriend. She didn't even know before it was too late.

"Enjoy the view! It's really a beautiful day, isn't it?" Then he pressed her against the window and pointed at the distant building. He continued in a serious tone, "See? That's the logo of the SL group."

"Oh, but I feel tired. I don't want to enjoy the scenery! I just want to go to sleep. Let's go back now!" She pulled back the curtains a little bit to avoid other people from seeing them.

"Today, I won't go to the company. I will be here to stay with you!" And he would do many different things with her. Sophia then realized what he was planning to do as she exclaimed, "Colin, you are a son of a bitch! You cheated on me! Ah..."

Because of Colin's sheer strength, Sophia couldn't free herself from his tight grip. What she could do was just to let him do anything he wanted.

Then they did it again, but Colin did it harder this time around. She fell asleep soon after and when she woke up, it was already dark outside. Sophia slowly turned over on the bed. "Ouch..." She could feel that her body was so sore.

Pushing away the quilt from her head, she heard Colin's voice, "... make her pregnant..." She heard nothing except those three words.

Make her pregnant? What did he mean by that? And who? Dorothy?

She felt desperate as soon as she thought of this possibility.

Was Ambrose not enough that Colin can't wait to have another child?

When Colin walked in the bedroom, Sophia stared at him. Her hair was all messed-up. He stubbed out the cigarette immediately, "You're awake already? Then get up and have dinner."

"Are you planning to make Dorothy pregnant?" She asked him directly without hesitation.

Colin was puzzled at first. But he found out what she meant right away. "Yes, you are clever! How did you know that?"

It's true that he wanted to make Dorothy pregnant. But not by him. He wouldn't be the father to Dorothy's child. He thought Sophia could understand him so he didn't give any explanation at all. He thought it was already obvious for her.

He walked to the cloakroom and took out a lady's pajama. He passed it to her and said, "Put it on and get up. Have dinner first."

She looked at the pajama for a while. Why did he have a pajama for women in his room? She painfully wondered. Ho ho... How stupid she was! He had a fiancee so it was just normal to see women's clothes here!

She pushed away the pajama he just offered, and coldly said, "No, thank you! I'll leave now!"

As he sensed that she suddenly became angry, Colin raised her chin to let her look at him. "What's happening? Any explanations at all?"

"To explain what? Why I want to leave?"

He said nothing because that was exactly what he wanted to know. Sophia sneered at him, "Dorothy is going to be pregnant, so why are you even stopping me from buying contraceptives?"

"But what does her pregnancy have to do with you? Don't you understand?"

Sophia became confused and mad. She closed her eyes for a few seconds, and decided to say something. But at the last second, she stopped as she knew that he would not understand her feelings.

"Nothing. Let me go!"

She clenched her teeth, got out of the bed and hurriedly put on her clothes.

Colin became a little annoyed with how strange she was behaving right now. He said, "If you take the pills, Sophia Lo, I'll lock you up!"

Sophia glared at him, and threw the quilt on the ground. "You can't stop me. I'll take the pills whether you like it or not!"

After that, she didn't say anything more. She picked up her knapsack, ran to the door, and put on the shoes he bought for her. She had no other choice. Then she left the Redbud Mansion.

Walking out of the district, Sophia held her bag tightly, feeling confused and hurt.

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