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   Chapter 224 I Won't Bother You Anymore

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Sitting squarely on the driver's seat, Hugh hurriedly put on his clean shoes and threw aside the muddy ones into a trash can nearby. After that, he instantly drove away.

Inside the expensive and sophisticated Porsche Cayenne, Colin opened the shoe box, took out the fancy leisure shoes, and personally helped Sophia to put them on. It was really a sweet gesture that Sophia was not used to.

Knowing that it was no use to refuse his gesture, Sophia just tightly bit her lips, and stared at Colin's handsome features while she let him help put on her shoes. Why was he doing this? Was he trying to pursue her again?

"Next time that you visit Auntie Hemosa, call me and I'll go with you. No ifs and buts. I'll go with you." He set the shoe box aside, and then casually leaned back on his chair.

She couldn't say anything just yet. Her anger still consumed and her mind was going places.

Colin did not mind at all. He knew he should let Sophia think for a while. Then he turned to Aaron, "Take us to the Redbud Mansion."

"Okay, brother-in-law."

Not until then did Sophia finally open her mouth, "Aaron, I don't want to go there. Take me home. I'm your sister. Let's go home, instead."

Aaron chuckled and said, "My dear sister, brother-in-law has been waiting for you all night long. Don't be so stubborn!"

…… Stubborn? Was she really the one who was stubborn? After everything that happened?

So what if he has been waiting for her all night long? Well, he should wait some more. In reality, she did not even force him to wait. It was not her fault.

"Aaron, I will be really angry if you don't send me home!" At first, she was just angry with Colin. But now she was angry with both of them? Why was Aaron so loyal to Colin, and not to her?

For fear that Sophia would be really mad at him, Aaron begged her, "Sister, please don't be angry! I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do! Brother-in-law, how..."

"Brother-in-law? Do not call him brother-in-law! I don't want to hear you calling him that again!" "He will marry another woman soon. How many times have I told you not to call him the wrong way! He's not part of the family anymore!"

...... Before the two men got wind of what was happening, Sophia was already extremely angry!

Facing her anger, Colin told Aaron in a low voice, "Take us to your home. It's okay."

"No. You can't step foot in my home!" Sophia looked at the man next to her, "And, how much are the shoes? I will transfer the money to you right now! I don't want your help!"

After those words, she took down her backpack, pulled out her phone and prepared to transfer the money to him.

"One million! That's how much those shoes cost." He wanted to test her.

Sophia opened her eyes wide and was bewildered. "Colin, have you gone robbing banks? Are you testing my intelligence and common sense? A pair of leisure shoes does not cost one million! That's impossible!"

"Of course, you're right. The price of a pair of shoes won't be a million dollars. In fact, it was only 10, 000. But in order to buy you the shoes, I used my precious time, my resources, my oil and my car...... You are supposed to pay for them! So all in all,

in's obvious intention. She knew what he was about to do. But the timing was really not proper. They were in the car and it's still daytime. On the other hand, her younger brother was just not far away from them. What if he happened to see what they were doing?

Sophia forcefully pushed Colin away and shouted, "I'm going upstairs! Get off from me!"

With a sarcastic smile in his eyes, Colin kissed her again on the lips, "Don't be hard-headed!"

Why should I let him do this? I'm not a fool!

In the apartment

When she was removing her shoes, Sophia made up her mind that she wouldn't be captivated by Colin's sugar-coated words this time around.

"Sophia Lo!" Colin hung his coat on a hanger and called her over. She was already sitting on the sofa.

Sophia was still so angry and frustrated that she immediately sat on the sofa without saying anything. She really didn't want to be here.

Colin came over to her and held her in his arms. To his surprise, she didn't push him away.

He stroked her long hair back and forth, caressing it passionately, "How dare you drink wine with Hugh? You know that was a gesture that a married couple would do." His voice was so faint that Sophia could hardly sense any emotion.

So she softened her voice too, "Since you will be marrying someone and there's no chance I could be with you, you don't have to care about me. Just please take good care of yourself and so will I. I won't bother you anymore!"

'Take care? Bother me? She's not bothering me at all!' Colin slid his hand gently onto her face, "Will you have a better life if you leave me? You would be better off without me?"

"Absolutely! Mr. Li, you can find your happiness, so can I. You're not the only person in this world who deserves to be happy." His hands on her made her feel uncomfortable, so Sophia gripped his hand and pushed it away.

Colin let go of Sophia and said, "Take the card away!"

"No. If you don't have anything else to do or anything good to say, I'll go now."

She had to go home and pack her bags for she had a business trip tomorrow. She couldn't stay here anymore.

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