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   Chapter 222 Get Out

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"How does that concern you? Go ask your fiancee where she is!" Sophia wasn't going to make Colin happy tonight. He could hold other women in his arms, but she wasn't allowed to be with other men? Ridiculous!

To Colin, her avoidance confirmed that she was hiding something from him. "Did you sleep with Hugh?"

Sophia sat up in bed in anger. "What's wrong with you?"

Assuming he was right, Colin clenched his fist in anger. "Am I right?" He asked darkly.

Getting no response, he continued, "Is my brother better in bed? Or me?"

Sophia grasped the blanket for a long while before she coldly answered, "Colin Li, don't call me ever again. Goodbye." Sophia ended the call, cursing Colin in her mind.

Damn Colin! Did he think everyone was as depraved as he was?

He was the one who got engaged with someone, embraced another woman, and had a baby with another one...

Who was better in bed? Was he crazy? Sophia got increasingly enraged at the thought.

Meanwhile, Aaron received a call from Colin. "My sister? She's home. Hugh brought her back earlier."

Colin was relieved to hear Aaron's response. He knew Sophia wasn't that kind of person, but he couldn't help asking her those stupid questions.

Knowing she was home, he got off the car and went to Sophia's house.

When Aaron opened the door, Colin went straight to Sophia's room.

Colin opened the door to find Sophia sitting on the bed, glaring at her phone.

He was a little out of breath from running up the stairs. At the sight of Sophia in the room, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the person she was just talking to on the phone standing in front of her, Sophia was at a loss for words.

Dressed in a black overcoat, Colin looked at her expressionlessly.

Then he suddenly walked to the bedside, gathered her in his arms, and kissed her.

Sophia choked on the thick taste of alcohol in Colin's mouth. She pushed him away violently. Why did he come to see her? She wouldn't forgive him anyway!

Sophia got out of bed and drove him out of the house. "Get out!"

Then she slammed the door shut.

Aaron stood behind looking at her in astonishment. " just..." Did she just throw Colin out?

"What? If you dare open that door, I'll lock you out with him!" Sophia was furious.

Aaron immediately fell silent and watched her go back to her room in a huff.

Despite facing Sophia's rage, the man outside was calm. Leaning against the wall, he took out his phone to call her.

It kept ringing for a while. When he tried calling a fourth time, the phone was switched off.

It was late. He decided to stop bothering her and coax her another time.

This was the first time in Colin's life that he had a door slammed in his face, but he wasn't angry at all. It was understandable. He walked out the building and left.

Hearing no sounds outside, Sophia knew that Colin had left. She was a little disappointed.

She couldn't stop herself from peeking out of the window.

She saw Colin get in the backseat of a Maserati, and look up in her direction before closing the door.

Surprised, she took a step back to avoid being seen.

Stupid Colin, she wouldn't forgive him this time! Did he expect her to be fine after being insulted?

Sophia tossed and turned until

three o'clock in the morning before finally falling asleep.

When Colin arrived at the villa, he went straight to his son's room as usual. Ambrose was sleeping soundly. Colin kissed his face. "Dad will get back Sophia soon. She'll be with you every day."

Then the three of them would... No, they would have a daughter and the four of them would live happily together every day.

Dreaming of the beautiful future, Colin couldn't help smiling. When he realized he had forgotten himself, he wiped the smile off his face instantly and went back to his room.

At the Jing'an Nunnery

Sophia was lucky that she had worn sneakers. It wasn't too tiring to climb the mountain.

After hearing Hugh say "let me carry you" millions of times, Sophia finally saw a plaque that read Jing'an Temple.

"Let's go in!" Sophia's fatigue disappeared the moment she saw the destination.

Hugh shook his head fondly as he watched her enter at a brisk pace.

Inside the Nunnery

The nunnery Hermosa picked was ancient and serene.

Few people were visiting. It wasn't the 1st or the 15th day of the lunar month, when people would come to the temples and nunneries to worship.

When they passed by the statue of Buddha, Sophia stopped in front of it and bowed devoutly with her palms pressed together. Hugh wasn't a believer, but he followed suit when he saw that Sophia was so pious.

Sophia reached into her backpack for her purse and took out a few hundreds. She put them into the donation box next to the statue.

Hugh mirrored her actions and put more money into the box.

Sophia shook her head fondly at the sight.

"Let's go." Packing up their belongings, they resumed walking.

They didn't find Hermosa after walking around the nunnery. After asking a female abbot, they found out that she was in a worship hall at the backyard.

There was a huge Buddha statue in the worship hall. In front of the statue, a woman wearing a rough shirt and a small round hat was kneeling and reciting the Buddhist chants.

The woman was so thin, Hugh wasn't certain she was his mother.

He came closer to see her face. "Mother."

The familiar voice made Hermosa's heart jump with excitement. She opened her eyes to see her son, and Sophia.

After a moment of excitement, Hermosa rose from the cushion and said calmly, "Oh, you're here."

Sophia's nose twitched at the sight of her, but she restrained her tears and smiled. "We came to see you."

Hugh took Hermosa's hands and begged her, "Mother, please come back with us."

He felt guilty for failing to protect his mother and letting her come to such a remote place and live a hard life.

Hermosa pat his shoulder in reassurance. "No, I'm good here. I work at sunrise and retire at sunset."

"Mother, you don't need to..." Hermosa interrupted before Hugh could finish, "Hugh, don't persuade me anymore. If you could persuade me, I wouldn't have come here."

She was right. Both Hugh and Perla had tried to talk her out of going to the nunnery, but it was in vain.

Releasing Hugh, Hermosa took Sophia's hands. "Sophia, I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you doing lately?"

"I'm doing fine, auntie. How about you?" After talking for a while, they left the worship hall and went to Hermosa's temporary room.

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