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   Chapter 220 We are Going Home

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However, Colin was sitting still, and appeared indifferent when Dorothy kissed him.

And when Sophia was about to sit down, she stumbled over someone's leg and fell onto the floor.

But it turned out that this was a blessing in disguise. As a result, Sophia screamed as she suddenly fell in the arms of Colin, who should have been kissing Dorothy. Everyone froze as they saw Sophia and Colin accidentally hugging each other.

Colin seemed to embrace her in his arms reflectively and before anyone realized what just happened, Colin lowered his head and unexpectedly kissed Sophia on the lips.

Still, people felt he did not intended to kiss her as his movements were too fast and natural. They thought it was just an awkward accident...

Dorothy glared at Colin and Sophia, took a deep breath and quickly pulled them apart when everyone was still gasping at how Colin just kissed Sophia. Dorothy then said with her melancholic voice, "Colin."

Sophia quickly freed herself from Colin, and stood up. She stayed away from Colin, rubbed her hands and apologized, "I'm so sorry. I don't know why I fell down just now. I'm terribly sorry. Please forgive me!"

Sophia said she was sorry, but by the look on her face, Dorothy thought that Sophia actually didn't feel sorry. Instead, she saw that Sophia was mockingly looking at her in the dim light.

Hugh thought that he had seen what had happened clearly. His vigilant eyes saw everything.

It was Colin who had tripped Sophia with his foot.

He was right! Sophia could not have just fallen down by herself. It was Colin who had put his foot out! However, the reason why they had kissed was that Sophia tightly pulled Colin by his collar, and easily forced him to lower his head so she could kiss him.

In other words, they kissed because Colin had pulled out his foot and Sophia had cooperated with him...

Seeing this awkward scene, people opted to be nonchalant about it and pretended that they did not witness what just happened. They just ate, drank and played games like what they were doing a while ago.

Sophia tidied up her clothes and her messed-up hair and whispered to Hugh, "Excuse me. I have to go to the restroom."

But Hugh just stood up and said, "I'll go with you."

Hmmm. Sophia blushed a little and said. "No, I..."

"I want to go to the bathroom, too. Let's go, now. Come on." With these words, Hugh pulled Sophia by her hand and led her to the restrooms.

Someone then curiously asked, "Mr. Pei. Where are you going?"

"To the bathroom." Hearing this, Flynn Fan suddenly stood up and said, "Okay! I'll go with you!"

Then another man stood up and said, "Mr. Fan, Mr. Pei! Please wait a minute! Let's go together!"

What was happening here?? Sophia was very confused. Sophia looked at the five or six men standing up and thought, 'Does these rich young men have the hobby to go to the bathroom together? If so, then it's true that rich men really act strange.' ...

When they finally went out of the room, Sophia let go of Hugh's hand and pointed at several men walking in front of them. "You shall go with them. I'll be okay by myself. You don't have to worry."

Hugh knew she was just being shy and replied, "No, I want to go with you."

"Well, okay then. Have it your way."

Though there was a bathroom in their room, they still chose to go to the public bathroom.

As Sophia finished and walked out of the bathroom, Hugh was walking up and down the hallway, waiting patiently for her. Seeing that she had finished, he went towards her and said, "Are you done? Let's go back."

"Okay." Sophia smiled to him, but she forgot that there was a step under her feet. Then she exclaimed, "Oh!" She missed a step and was falling.

'OMG! I'm doomed!'

But fortunately, Hugh saw this and immediately rushed towards her. He caught her before she fell down.

He tightly held her in his arms and because of the strong impact, he took a step backwards to balance both of them.

Colin lighted a cigarette and walked towards them from the other end of the

hallway, so he saw what happened.

Colin put his hands in his pockets, with the cigarette in his mouth. His shirt, with three buttons undone, was slightly open and the tie was casually hanging around his neck. He looked seductively sexy with his unbuttoned shirt. He coldly looked at the couple closely hugging together near him.

Sophia's ankle ached. She grasped Hugh's clothes while waiting for the pain to ease.

"Sophia! How do you feel? Is it painful? Let me see it! Just remain steady, okay?" Hugh was very concerned and asked her.

Sophia lightly shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter. I'll be fine in a minute. The pain will be gone by then."

Hugh saw that she was really painful, so he carried her, turned around and went towards the room.


He stood still when he saw a familiar figure coldly staring at them and smoking not far away.

When she saw Colin, Sophia wanted to free herself from Hugh's arms, but Hugh didn't let go of her and just went straight ahead.

When they reached the spot where Colin was standing, Hugh stopped and said, "We'll leave now." It seemed that Sophia got her ankle really hurt, so he wanted to take her to the hospital right away.

Colin reached out his hand and tried to pull Sophia to him, but they suddenly heard footsteps from around the corner. Hearing the sound of heels approaching them, they almost thought of Dorothy at the same time.

As expected, it was indeed Dorothy.

Dorothy immediately saw that Hugh was hugging Sophia and that Colin was just standing near them. She was very happy at the sight of this as she took Colin's arm. "Mr. Pei! Miss Lou! Where are you going?"

Sophia looked into Colin's eyes and said in a gentle voice, "We're going home already."

Dorothy had been angry at Sophia because Sophia kissed Colin just now. Hearing this, Dorothy's anger was completely gone. "Then we'll not bother you. Colin, let's go. Let's leave this lovely couple alone."

"Okay. Let's go." Colin replied indifferently and went towards the bathroom.

The four people parted. After they left the No.8 Cruise Ship, Hugh carried Sophia to the car and asked the driver to drive them to the hospital.

Sophia tried to move her ankle, "I think it is not serious as I can move it. I want to go home first. If it hurts still, I'll go to the hospital tomorrow."

"Okay. Please call me right away if it still hurts tomorrow."

"Okay. By the way, where is Aunt Hermosa right now?"

When she mentioned Hermosa, a painful look appeared in Hugh's eyes. "She is in the Jing'an Temple on the mountain area outside our city."

The day after tomorrow was Saturday. Sophia thought that she could try to finish her work in just two days so she could make some time to visit Aunt Hermosa. "I want to visit Aunt Hermosa. Would you like to go with me?"

Hugh was overjoyed to hear that. He nodded and replied, "Yes! Of course, I'll go with you!"

When they reached the gate of the Lo Family, Aaron opened the door for them. Aaron looked a bit strange when he saw them.

Sophia was still in Hugh's arms, so Aaron quickly took his sister from Hugh and asked, "What's the matter with my sister? Is she hurt? Why are you helping her walk?"

"You're Aaron, right? Your sister seemed to have twisted her ankle. It was an accident." Hugh had met Aaron several times already but they never had the chance to really familiarize with each other. He just knew that Aaron was Sophia's brother. That was all.

"Oh! Sister! Why were you so careless?" Aaron frowned and scolded her sister. Then he said to Hugh, "Mr. Pei, it's already late, so I'm not inviting you in for a drink. Thank you for sending my sister home! You should take some rest too."

"It's okay. Call me if the ankle still hurts tomorrow. I will always be free to help." Hugh waved to them.

Sophia bid goodbye to Hugh in a very caring tone, "Thank you, Hugh! Drive slowly on the road! Goodbye!"

"Okay! Have an early rest tonight! I had a wonderful time with you tonight." Hugh then closed the door and left.

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