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   Chapter 219 Flynn was Born in a Rich Family

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"You're thanking me for what, pretty lady?" Flynn locked eyes with her as he lifted his thick eyebrows a bit. His squinting eyes looked quite charming.

"Thank you for bringing me some red wine. It's really tasty." Sophia smiled politely to him.

Flynn made a sweet gesture to show his appreciation. Then he suddenly turned to look at Colin, and said in a mocking tone, "Colin, she thanked you for the red wine you brought! She said it was nice and she liked it. How about we give her some more? How about two more bottles?"

Then Colin finally looked at Sophia. He saw her casually sipping the red wine in her glass. "Are you sure that two more bottles are enough? If not, how about four!"

Flynn chuckled at this thought. Removing his gaze away from Colin, he asked Sophia, "Sophia, I have to say that no one is allowed to leave unless they have become drunk. Would you agree with that?"

"What? Hmmm..." Sophia was taken aback by surprise. However, she remembered her purpose here and quickly regained her composure. "But I am, of course, no match against you when it comes to drinking! As the boss, you can do whatever you like! But for poor me? I'm just an ordinary clerk. If I got drunk and couldn't go to work tomorrow, I would lose all my bonuses and my money! I'm not that rich, you know."

Flynn moved closer to her, "Don't worry about that. Why not come work with me in my company? You can go to work if you are in a good mood, or go travel if you feel like you want a break. How about that?"

Feeling uneasy of the intimate distance between them, Sophia moved further away from him as she pretended to put down her glass of wine.

Flynn clearly saw how she negatively responded. Instead of getting angry, he felt more interested about her. Flynn loved challenges.

Sophia Lo was different from those women who wished to get close to him as much as possible just so they could share with his wealth and power. She was the only one who wanted to distance herself from him. Wow, she was different! And it seemed like she was not pretending to keep him away. She really meant it.

"Thank you, Mr. Fan. You have overestimated me so much, but I don't deserve your praises. I know Pei Group is a nice place to work in, but I'm not planning to find a new employer yet. Thank you for your offer." Sophia took up the wine glass again. But this time around, she walked farther away from Flynn while sipping the wine. She was feeling a bit annoyed right now.

Flynn suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. Then he put his arm on Sophia bare shoulders as if she was his girlfriend. This shocked Sophia so much that she dared not move. Her shock caused her to freeze on the spot. Flynn clearly felt that her body stiffened in his arms.

"Don't be afraid! Come on! I'm just curious why Hugh is not your type? He is a very handsome and rich young man. How choosy are you in selecting your partner? Tell me about your preferences." Sensing her growing uneasiness, Flynn slowly let go of her.

While Flynn was talking to her, Sophia saw Colin at the corner of her eyes.

Sophia sensed how furious Colin had become when Flynn suddenly took her into his arms. Sophia fe

hing. Right now, he is better than you! What's more, it is quite fascinating to hear a nice song sung by such a beautiful woman!"

"You have to be bossy to Sophia! You must not back down from her! And you must be bossier if she treats you in a similarly bossy way! You have to work to win her heart!"

"I think Flynn fancies Sophia. Just look at the way he stares at her. Wow... full of admiration and desire. If you don't get your act moving, Flynn will get the best of you."

Colin did not say anything.

Hugh became totally silent too.

Dorothy was sitting next to Colin. In spite of her gracefulness and elegance, she kept casting looks of jealousy at Sophia from time to time. She was envious of all the attention that Sophia attracted. She knew very well that Sophia was a good singer when she and Payne had not completely cut off their relationship.

But it was beyond her expectation that Sophia would be given a chance to show off her singing talent today. Why today when Colin was here in this very room?

However, she felt relieved that Colin has not looked at Sophia since the moment she stepped inside the room. Maybe Colin was not interested in her anymore.

Dorothy felt elated while thinking of this. As Colin seemed to be indifferent towards Sophia Lo, his only wish might be that their marriage will soon happen. She didn't have to worry about Colin's feelings for Sophia anymore.

Sophia and Flynn finished singing soon after. Sophia put down the microphone, and looked at the enthusiastic audience with her charming smile.

Hugh stood from his seat, walked to Sophia, and pulled her to his side. "Sophia, that was some good singing! Come on, sit here."

Flynn glanced at him, and grinned. He didn't feel worried, at all. Colin and his fiancee were so intimate that they seemed to love each other very much.

However, it only seemed...maybe pretentious?

Sophia could not help but clench her fists as she passed by Colin. The group was playing a game while drinking. As a consequence in the game, Dorothy must give Colin a kiss, and she did kiss him...deeply and passionately.

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