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   Chapter 218 Cross-cupped Wine

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Just as he finished speaking, the two party girls near them immediately opened two bottles of cold beer.

Hugh slowly approached Herring. Sophia's arms were draped on Hugh's as they casually stood beside Colin. Holding the bottle of beer that Herring gave him, Hugh apologized, "I was late because I had an important meeting. It has nothing to do with Sophia. I'll drink for her, then!"

Upon hearing this, other men started to boo. They hated that a beautiful woman would not drink just because of his partner. "Mr.Hugh, I'm 100 percent sure that she's you girlfriend now. You have become so protective of her! I have never seen you like this before!"

"A hero saves the beautiful woman! What a story!"

With a smile, Hugh looked at the man who just teased him, "I am chasing her! I am trying to win this beautiful woman's heart. Isn't it something I should do? How could I let go of a pretty girl like her?"

"Oh! I see! So Ms. Lo, what are you waiting for?? You may never meet someone as rich and handsome as Hugh again! Accept him and start a new life with this handsome bachelor!" Flynn Fan, the regional CEO who just came here to work a couple of years ago, said with a hint of excitement. He knew nothing about the things that happened between them before. He doesn't have any idea about Colin and Sophia's past.

Sophia felt everyone was staring at her. She felt a bit uncomfortable but still managed to smile. "Hugh deserves someone much better than me. An average designer like me is never worthy of a man like him! There are better women than me!"

"I didn't expect that she's this modest. She is really humble! It makes her more beautiful!" Flynn became interested of Sophia. He let go of the girl beside him and picked up a glass of wine. Then he walked up to her, "I wonder if Ms. Lo would care to join me in a drink. It would be a privilege for a beautiful woman like you to sit beside me."

Casting a glance at the wine in his hand, Hugh quickly whispered in Sophia's ears, "He's the regional CEO of Jingguan Entertainment Company in A Country. His name is Flynn. He's quite a famous man in Green Cold Country. Won't you share a drink with him? That will do good for your image. Go ahead."

Several people around him overheard what he just said since he did not keep his voice down. Flynn smiled when he heard Hugh introducing him to the pretty lady.

Sophia did not expect that had to drink out of courtesy soon after she walked in the party. This was happening too fast.

She had't even eaten anything yet! She guessed that she probably would get drunk tonight. "There's no harm in starting early, then." She thought to herself. Smiling, she picked up the glass of wine, let go of Hugh's hand and charmingly walked up to Flynn. She clinked glasses with him. "Thanks for your appreciation. Mr. Fan. Cheers!"

They clinked glasses and drank the wine in just one gulp.

After the two have bottomed up their glasses, a man standing nearby began to tease Hugh again, "Mr.Hugh, now it's your turn to drink! It would be a shame if you don't get to drink for your own woman! How about two bottles?! You can do it!"

Hugh picked up a bottle in front him, and drank it all up. He didn't want his manhood to be questioned at all.

Seeing there was not a single drop in his bottle, every girl in the room was attracted to his glamour and charm.

Each girl immediately had a desire to have a thing with Hugh tonight. They saw him as the most handsome bachelor in A Country. Their eyes turned to Sophia, and was instantly envious that Hugh has chosen her as his date.

Sophia pulled on Hugh's sleeve, "Let me do this. Come on."

Since Herring had turned down the music a bit, a lot of people heard what Sophia just said. She didn't know that she will be overheard as she kept her voice down low.

"Oh! They probably have started dating already! Ms. Lo doesn't even want Hugh to take a second bottle! She's very protective of him!"

The others laughed and were having a good time as well, "Why don't the two of you cross your cups with each other while drinking? You're like a true couple anyway!"

"Brilliant idea! Cross your cups of wine! Oh! Cross-cupped wine!

Cross-cupped wine! Do it!"

All of the people in this room seemed to be shouting these phrases at this very moment. Feeling embarrassed, Sophia secretly cast a glance at the man not far from her.

Colin looked a bit strange right now. He was quietly sitting with his right arm holding Dorothy and a girl leaning on his left shoulder. He was such a playboy right now! "How merry he is!" Sophia cursed him as she thought to herself.

Hugh spoke in a pleasant and respectful voice, "Guys, please stop. We're not settling on a relationship just yet.

She's a girl, not like us thick-skinned men. Please don't push her! We're not rushing things here, okay?"

"I see. All right, then..." But there were still quite a few people who didn't give up on them. "Ms. Lo, won't you give him a little taste of that wine? He's so nice to you! You should reward him!" Someone suddenly spoke from the crowd.

Maybe it was because of his funny tone or the hidden meaning behind his words that made the crowd burst into laughter. Soon after, everyone fixed their eyes on Sophia and was interested to see how she would react.

Gritting her teeth, Sophia picked up a bottle and turned to face Hugh, "Since everybody's enjoying the party, surely I can't be a bummer. I can't kill the vibe. Right, Hugh?"

Confronting Sophia's sudden intimidating gaze, Hugh cast a quick glance at Colin, who still looked pretty calm. Then Hugh consented, "Of course. Come here! I don't have any problems with that at all!" Hugh sweetly held Sophia's hand as they charmingly smiled to each other.

But suddenly Herring growled in pain as he wondered who just pinched him. As he was about to question the people around him, he found himself under Colin's cold and terrorizing gaze. It was rare for him to see Colin be angry like this.

But he immediately understood what Colin was thinking. The moment when Sophia and Hugh was about to have their cross-cupped wine, he suddenly stood up from sofa and interrupted what could be a memorable sight. "Little Sophia!"

Confused, Sophia looked at him with a baffled gaze.

Dragging a girl behind him, Herring walked up to Sophia and let the girl stand nearby the spot where Sophia was standing. "Hugh, this girl has a huge crush on you. Really a huge fan of your charm. You can have your wine with her! Leave little Sophia out of this! She can do this some other time!"

... The crowd became speechless. They didn't know why Herring was doing this.

But the party girl did have feelings for Hugh. She was embarrassed and overjoyed at the same time. The girl put on a demure expression as she picked up a glass of wine. "Mr. Hugh, can I have a drink with you?"

She was one of the party girls working in the No.8 Cruise Ship. Anyone of them was much more beautiful than the usual celebrity. All of them were hand-picked for their beauty and charm. Actually, every man in the room was allured by her demure beauty and appeal.

But there was one exception. For Hugh, this girl just meant complete trouble. He suddenly looked gloomy as he said to Sophia, "It's just a joke. Hope you don't mind it. I just don't want to kill the happy vibe." Then he drank up the glass of wine in his hand.

... Slightly feeling awkward, Sophia stared hard at Hugh. She did not know what was wrong with Herring when he pulled her away from Hugh. What did Herring mean by doing this? Why would he want to separate her from Hugh?

The people became a bit indifferent when they saw Sophia being pulled away. They left Hugh and the party girl alone.

Then Herring led Sophia to a seat beside the sexy party girl leaning on Colin. Sophia did not know if he did this on purpose. Or maybe somebody asked him to. Either way, Sophia found Herring's actions to be strange. While Hugh was about to sit next to Sophia, Herring urged him to go to the karaoke and have some fun.

When they were picking songs to sing, Hugh glanced at Herring and asked, "You're having fun doing it? I know what you're up to."

"Of course not. Who on earth would want to have any problem with you guys? But I happen to know who is truly in Sophia's heart. So, sorry about it! Bro, could you just be a little generous this time and let Sophia be truly happy?"

Hugh disdainfully stared at him. "Did he ever think of Sophia's feelings when he was making out with all these girls? Do you think Sophia will be happy knowing that?"

"That's their own business! Did you notice that Colin had been avoiding physical contact with the girls when Sophia stepped in? That was unheard of him. But these girls are clingy as a sticky candy. They just won't get off from him even if Colin wanted to get rid of them already."

Sitting in front of the jukebox, the two bantered back and forth for a while. Then they picked a song entitled Good Buddies and started singing merrily.

Sophia kept some distance from the girl and quietly listened to song. She was feeling very uncomfortable right now.

Wearing a white shirt and a black jacket, Flynn approached them and sat next to her with his hands holding two glasses and a bottle of expensive wine. Then he opened the bottle and poured some into the glasses.

He didn't hesitate to give Sophia one of the glasses.

Then the two glasses clinked. Sophia took a sip. "Thank you."

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