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   Chapter 216 You Should Call Me Hubby From Now On

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Though Levi had called Selina many times already, she still did not pick up the phone. As she was waiting in a line to check in her luggage, a man suddenly picked up her suitcase and led her out of the airport.

On the way back from the airport, Levi was completely silent. Whatever Selina said or did, he didn't paid any attention. Finally, their car stopped in the front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Sophia was in shock the whole time that they took the wedding photo and the marriage certificate. She didn't know what was going on right now...

Before she realized what was happening, Levi had brought her to his apartment already. He had this all planned out.

After Levi hurriedly took off his coat and hung up it with a hanger, he ripped off Selina's coat and hung up it. Selina frantically tried to stop him, but her effort was in vain. He was too strong.

He lifted her off her feet and forcefully carried her into the bedroom.

From the airport to the Civil Affairs Bureau, then to the bed in his apartment, Levi didn't say anything at all. He was acting so strange and...frightening.

This was the first time that Selina experienced having sex. She felt a lot of pain and with tears streaming down her face, she finally said, "Levi, I hate you! How can you just do whatever you want regardless of my feelings? Why are you doing this to me?! Huhuhu..."

He went straight to the the Civil Affairs Bureau without informing her, and he even got them a marriage certificate without her consent.

And now, he forcefully had sex with her even if she didn't want to. He was doing this just to satisfy his hunger!

Hiding his emotions, Levi kissed the tears on her face and said in a deep, serious voice, "You should call me hubby from now on. You're my wife now."

He had waited so many years for this to happen. He would not let go of her now that she will forever be his.

"No, no, I won't call you that! I'm breaking up with you. Please stop, Levi. Oh, hey! Levi, stop moving. It really hurts! Please!" Selina never thought that they would be having sex today. She was very upset with Levi this morning and was actually planning to break up with him. But it turned out that Levi has another plan in mind. How could all these things happen and fall into place in just one day?

"Be patient!" Levi exclaimed indifferently. Then he lowered his head and kissed her lips deeply and passionately.

It was a legally-protected marriage. That was how Levi and Selina got their marriage certificate, and how Selina changed from a girl to a woman in just one day. They have reached another stage of their lives.

In this beautiful day, the sky was blue and the weather was fine. It seemed like everything was staged to be a memorable day.

Levi had waited patiently for four years. He got what he always wanted right now.

He just wanted to laugh out loud after the sex. He just wanted to soak in the happiness of having sex with Selina. Selina was lying in the bed as she turned her back against Levi. Fondling the hickey on her shoulder, Levi said with a brimming smirk, "Selina, you are finally mine. Finally."

Selina felt that she has no strength left to even say a word. She had spent all her energy in trying to push Levi away from her.

But even if she was very tired, she turned around and faced Levi. She still managed to reply to him with half-closed eyes, "Levi, you'll see! You should be treating me like your queen. Not like this!"

"Yes, I will. Your highness, my beloved queen. I will do whatever you want me to do." He could keep calling her that. It doesn't matter as long as she was his.

"... Have you no shame, Mr. Senior Colonel? Aren't you embarrassed that you're doing this to a woman?"

"Shame? Let me show you something, then..." Levi quickly moved closer to her and got on top of her again.

Selina was shocked when she realized what he wanted to do. He just finished his thing a while ago. Wasn't he tired already? "Le... Levi, Levi Li! You're an animal! Control your penis!"

"Selina, how old am I?" Levi suddenly asked her.

"Nearly thirty-one. What do you mean?" She answered honestly.

"Isn't it thrilling and exciting that you're having sex with me? I have saved myself for you for nearly thirty-one years. Just for you!"

Selina was utterly speechless. But she was confused, too. Why can't she feel the thrill he was talking about? All she thought right now was to get rid of him.


When they got back to the Li Manor, Selina kept placing her hands on her waist to make herself feel better. She has sore muscles and joints all over her body. Ow! Her waist still ached a lot.

She felt like she could just sleep for three days just so she can recover from the physical and emotional pain she endured.

Selina and Levi bumped into Lorraine when they reached the second floor. She was holding her child in her arms. Levi was s

miling so happily. Selina walked slowly, her whole body aching with what Levi did to her a while ago. Lorraine's face turned pale when she saw Selina walking like a limp.

Levi looked at Lorraine and said with a slightly unpleasant tone in his voice, "Lorraine, pack your stuff. I'll have Beck to pick you up and drive you to the suburbs."

Lorraine was surprised. Her child was sleeping in her arms and she could not say a word.

Wendy heard voices outside her room and immediately approached them. "Selina, Levi, you're here. Is something wrong?" Wendy curiously asked.

Levi replied in an indifferent tone again, "Mom, my wife was really tired from all the exercises we've done together. She should take some rest first. Can you make some soup for her? She needs that to get better."

Levi was in his usual, authoritative self again. Selina's face suddenly went really red when she heard what Levi said. She was totally embarrassed.

Wendy didn't quite understand what Levi was talking about until she saw that Selina was covering her waist with her hands. Before Selina could put her hands down, Wendy had noticed it already. She realized that they both had their first sex together. "Oh! Okay! Selina, you come with me. I'll make you some soup downstairs." Wendy said with a comforting smile.

Though Selina had put down her hands, she realized that Wendy was already aware what Levi meant with his words. With a big smile on her face, Wendy held Selina's arm and led her down the stairs.

Levi shouted behind them, "Mom, Selina and I have gotten the marriage certificate. She is your daughter-in-law now!

Selina was so ashamed right now. She turned around and gave Levi a cold stare but Levi seemed not to care and even winked at her.

Wendy was pleasantly surprised with the news. She responded while making a thumbs-up gesture, "Great! I'm very happy for the two of you! Let's go, Selina. I must make you some soup so you would feel better already."

Whoopee! She should prepare their wedding in advance. Selina might get pregnant soon! She would have a grandchild!

"Wendy... You don't need to do all these...

"Just call me Mom. You're part of the family now, Selina." Wendy was very glad to have Selina as her daughter-in-law. She thought she was a blessing, especially for Levi. If Colin and Sophia got back together, she would have no regrets.

"Well, okay. Hmmm, Mom. I'm really okay now. I don't want to disturb you with this..." Selina stuttered while they were walking down the stairs.

Withdrawing his gaze from Selina and his mother, Levi stared at Lorraine and said indifferently, "Don't you have to start packing up your stuff? Go now!"

Lorraine held back her tears and said, "Levi, are you trying to kick me out?"

"Yes! What do you think I'm doing?" Levi gave her a straight answer without hesitating at all. How could he be so hard to her like this?

Finally, tears streamed down her face. "Levi, I love you. Don't you see it? I have always loved you!" Lorraine tried to beg for Levi's pity.

"I've told you before. Stop saying something like that! It's really annoying!" replied Levi. He took out his phone and dialed Beck's number. "Where are you? I need you right now!" Levi hung up the phone after he got the answer from the other side of the line.

"He will be here in five minutes. Go and start packing. I want you to leave immediately." He went into his bedroom right after he mercilessly dismissed her.

Several minutes later, Selina saw a soldier rushing inside. Beck greeted them with a smile, and said, "Mrs. Wendy Li, Mrs. Selina Li, good morning! Levi asked me to come over."

It seemed that Beck had already thought of Selina as Levi's wife. Selina still felt confused. All of these were happening very quickly.

"Good morning." Selina nodded her head slightly and greeted him with her lovely smile.

Wendy waved at him and said, "Come over here and help yourself with some fruits first. Don't be shy, now."

"No, no. Thank you, Mrs. Wendy. I have some errands to do first. I need to go upstairs." Beck respectfully refused the kind offer. Before Beck went upstairs, he saluted them and grinned.

A few minutes later, Beck was hurrying downstairs with a suitcase in one hand and with a child in the other hand. Lorraine followed from behind with a very pale face. She was still teary-eyed.

Wendy was actually pleased to see Lorraine leaving with a suitcase. "Ms. Lorraine, are you leaving already?"

Wendy knew that Selina would not be happy if Lorraine stayed. So she was relieved to see her leave.

Lorraine put on a stiff, obviously-forced smile and said, "Yes, I'm leaving. Thank you for taking care of me, Mrs. Wendy. I'm sorry for all the troubles I caused."

"It's my pleasure." said Wendy, and she then turned to Beck and said, "Beck, drive safe."

"Yes, I will, Mrs. Wendy." then Beck saluted her again.

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