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   Chapter 215 Let's Break Up

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Gregary quickly denied, "Of course not, I was merely curious. You're going to marry Dorothy. We trust you completely." Even if he had some doubt, he wouldn't dare say it in front of Colin.

Trust? Colin sneered, but remembered to reassure Gregary. "Rest assured that I won't keep Aaron for too long. I'll distance myself from Sophia and Aaron for Dorothy's sake."

Gregary started to believe Colin. What he didn't know was that Colin planned to keep Aaron for a very long time, and that he even thought of supporting Aaron in starting his own business. Either way, Colin wouldn't abandon him.

Aaron was standing right next to Colin. He clearly heard everything he told Gregary.

The more Colin spoke, the more reassured Gregary felt. Finally, Gregary completely believed in Colin and stopped mentioning Sophia and Aaron. "Colin, as for the bidding contract..."

Colin understood what Gregary meant before he finished speaking. "Nourishing water shouldn't flow into the other's farmlands. The Lien Group will definitely get the cooperation."

Gregary breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, Colin. You really haven't let your father-in-law down!" He let out a relieved laugh.

Hanging up the phone, Colin looked at the screen disdainfully. The reason the Lien Group had reached such a state was because of Gregary's foolishness.

"Colin, was it Gregary?" Aaron had been talking with Colin about his work. He didn't expect Gregary to call Colin at this time.

Colin didn't conceal anything. "Yes. To avoid causing any suspicion from Gregary, I must distance myself from your sister for now. Please look after her for me. Don't let her get too close to my friend, Hugh."

Colin and Hugh were practically brothers. But they were both in love with Sophia.

Aaron nodded in understanding. "Okay, Colin. You can count on me."

In Levi's Bedroom

Selina stared at the man standing in front of her. "Levi, let's break up!"

Levi's eyes widened at her in disbelief. "You're breaking up with me just because of some woman?"

"She's not just some woman. She's the ex-girlfriend of one of your comrades. You know her well, don't you?"

"Yes, but I have nothing to do with her!" Levi got agitated when Selina mentioned the woman.

Ignoring Levi's response, Selina went into the wardrobe to take out her suitcase and began packing her clothes.

Levi grabbed her wrist. "Don't make trouble!"

"Why not? A woman came to our house with a child in her arms. She kept crying and saying that you made a commitment to her, and you have to take responsibility. Go ahead, honor your commitment!"

"Yes, but I didn't mean that I would marry her. I meant I would support them financially." The woman was the same woman who had stopped Levi's car three years ago to say that she was carrying Levi's baby. Back then, Selina and Levi had just gotten into a relationship.

"Maybe you didn't mean that, but what about her? Oh, she wanted her child to call you 'dad!' And she's even moved into your family's house. Get out!" Selina shook off his grip and continued packing her things at random.

Levi incredulously looked at the woman bending down to get her clothes. "You're asking me to leave?"

Holding back her tears and grievances, Selina stood up and said, "Yes! Get out now! Wait, no. This is your house, I'm the one who should be leaving!"

"Selina, stop being childi

sh and immature." Upset, Levi paced around the room.

"I'm being childish? The woman and the child have moved into your family's house. What should I do? Ignore her? Treat her as well as you do? Oh, Mr. Senior Colonel. I'm sorry, but I can't!" Selina resumed haphazardly putting her clothes into the suitcase.

Levi grabbed her and kicked the suitcase off. Bang! The suitcase hit the closet hard and all the clothes fell to the ground.

Selina was so furious that she punched his shoulder. "You bastard!"

Although Selina hit Levi with all her strength, he didn't react. Holding her tightly in his arms, Levi lowered his head and looked at her. "You are my fiancee. The woman means nothing to me. What are you worried about? She's not staying at home. I'll ask her to leave in two days!"

Selina pulled herself away from him and said sadly, "Levi, I saw her kissing you in the hallway last night. Did you think I wouldn't see? She kissed you! Who do you think I am?"

The woman kept getting close to Levi, holding the child in her arms. While they played with the child together, they looked like a happy family. Selina felt like an outsider. If Wendy hadn't stopped her, she would've left the house yesterday.

Levi didn't expect Selina to see that. He said in a deep voice, "I'm sorry, Selina. I didn't expect her to kiss me. I promise it won't happen again."

"I don't believe you." She knew that if the woman stayed, they would keep getting into fights.

"Selina, if you want to make trouble, I'll do whatever I want!" Selina had no idea what he was talking about.

She walked to the suitcase and started to pack up her stuff again. "Do what you want!"

What? Well, then!

Levi carried her over his shoulder and put her on the bed despite her yelling. He climbed on top of her. "I've waited for this moment for three years. You're mine!"

Selina suddenly realized what he meant. Her face turned red as she tried to push him off. "I'm breaking up with you, Levi. Let go of me!"

"You're breaking up with me? Well, I'll take what I want, then I'll let you go."

Selina stared at him in horror. "Are you saying that you just wanted to have sex with me this entire time?" It was difficult for Selina to accept it.

The romance, the love...

Levi smiled in resignation. Selina was such a fool. If he just wanted to have sex with her, why would he wait so long? "Stop making trouble. In two days, I'll find a place for the woman. She won't stay, okay?" Levi said gently.

Selina nodded her head to prevent Levi from going further.

But late at night, Levi came back from the army at around 2 a.m. Before he could walk into his bedroom, the woman called him into her room.

Selina was waiting for Levi and didn't go to sleep. When Levi approached the bedroom, she heard the woman's call clearly.

Jumping off the bed, she opened the door and followed Levi after he entered the woman's room.

The door was ajar. She looked inside and saw the woman embracing Levi.

Selina went back to Levi's bedroom without a word.

The next morning, everything went on as usual. But as soon as Levi left for work, Selina said goodbye to Wendy and left the manor with her suitcase.

Wendy immediately called Levi to tell him what happened. He turned around the car and frantically drove towards the airport. On the way to the airport, he called Selina.

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