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   Chapter 214 Three Long Years

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Dorothy struggled to her feet. She gritted her teeth and spat, "They must've been sent by Aaron Lo!"

She staggered towards the bathroom in the lounge.

As she walked to the lounge, she left traces of white fluids behind her... Retching, Marcella hurried to open the window.

By the time Dorothy walked out of the bathroom, the sun was shining in the sky. Marcella was sitting on the sofa in the lounge, waiting for her.

Dorothy put on the clothes Marcella brought for her. After dressing herself up, she lay down on the bed. Looking at her livid mother, she swore, "Mom, I'll kill Sophia and Aaron Lo!"

"How dare they! If they were the ones behind this, I won't let them get away!" Marcella snapped, smashing her fist on the arm of the sofa as she spoke.

Dorothy was certain that the men were sent by Aaron. But she didn't dare tell her mother what she attempted to do to Sophia.

"Don't call the police. If Colin finds out, we'll be finished! Dorothy, I know how you feel. But you need to stick it out a bit longer, and everything will be all right." Marcella shot her daughter a distressed look.

At the mention of Colin's name, Dorothy hurriedly shook her head. "No, we can't let him know. The wedding will be cancelled!" She had waited three long years to become his wife. She couldn't let it slip through her fingers.

"I don't understand why they would bring you to your father's office..." Marcella was puzzled.

A guilty look appeared in Dorothy's eyes. It must've been because she led her men into Sophia's office.

Noticing the subtle change in Dorothy's expression, Marcella realized that Dorothy was keeping something from her. "Dorothy, I'm your mother! What did you do? Tell me!"

Unable to hide anything from her mother, Dorothy had to tell the truth.

Marcella was furious. Not with her daughter, but with Sophia. How dare Sophia seduce Colin again! As Colin's future wife, her daughter did the right thing. The bitch had no right to retaliate.

"Clean the mess up. I need to talk to your father and discuss what to do next." The mess in the office made her sick.

Dorothy had never cleaned anything up by herself before. Although she was reluctant, she tidied up the room. If someone else found out, it would ruin her.

After getting Marcella's call, Gregary came to the company as quickly as he could.

When he arrived, the office had returned to its original state. Dorothy was sleeping on the bed in his lounge.

Marcella was waiting for him in the room. Eyes red with anger, she spat, "Your daughter was bullied! Gregary Lien, you can't go easy on them this time."

"What happened?"

Gritting her teeth, Marcella told him everything.

Gregary was outraged. He swept everything on his desk to the floor. "Aaron Lo! Sophia Lo! How dare they do that to my daughter!"

"Dorothy believes the men who raped her were under Aaron's orders. But I think it's Sophia. She told Dorothy that she would make her pay. Whether it was Aaron or Sophia, we have to dispose them. Gregary, you need to talk to Jonas!"

"I've talked to him many times. But that Sophia is too cautious. She has fortified her car windows with bulletproof glass. His men failed in assassinating her, and one of his men was nearly caught. If I didn't have a sniper take care of him, we would've been exposed already."

Marcella frowned at his words

. "Why would she replace the window with bulletproof glass?"

"She's not stupid! She probably expected that we would do something to her!" Gregary walked into the lounge. Dorothy was so exhausted, that she was still sound asleep.

The sight of his weak daughter enraged him again. He asked Marcella, "Have you called the police?"

"How can I call the police? What if it gets big? What if Colin finds out? Do you think Colin would take a defiled woman as his wife? Gregary, don't be stupid! We can't call the police. We have to remain silent!"

Gregary became livid at her words. How could he do nothing when his daughter was violated?

Marcella comforted him, "Don't worry. We already known that the Lo siblings are behind it. As soon as Dorothy and Colin get married, Colin will help Dorothy take revenge on them. We don't even have to do it ourselves."

Colin had given his promise. Once he and Dorothy were married, he wouldn't stand by idly if anything happened to the Lien Clan.

Gregary nodded to her. "I'll have a look at the surveillance video. Take care of Dorothy."

Later that morning, Jonas called Gregary while Gregary was in the middle of a meeting. He walked out of the conference room to answer the call. When he heard what Jonas said, he blurted out, "What did you say?"

"Did you hear anything about this before?"

"No, I didn't! What is Colin doing?" Why would he appoint Aaron Lo as the new chief secretary of his company? Gregary suddenly had a bad feeling. Was it possible that Colin still had feelings for Sophia? His heartbeat quickened at the thought.

Jonas was silent for a while. "He's your future son-in-law. Ask him." He always thought that Colin was planning something in secret.

From Colin and Dorothy's engagement to the preparation of their wedding, everything went so smoothly that it seemed too good to be true.

"Okay. Wait a moment, I'll call him now." Driven by anxiety, Gregary didn't think twice before calling Colin.

After a long time, the line went through. "Mr. Lien."

At the sound of Colin's low voice, Gregary almost cursed himself for acting so rashly. Taking a deep breath, he started, "Colin, several men bullied Dorothy last night. They seemed to be acting under Aaron Lo's orders."

"What did they do to her?" Colin asked coldly.

Gregary's heart sank. He didn't know how to continue. "Well... They cornered and threatened Dorothy. How do you suggest I get back at Aaron?"

Colin smirked. "What time did this happen?"

"Last night, Dorothy wanted to make some chicken broth for you. At about 6 or 7 in the evening, several men cornered her and threatened her. Luckily, Marcella got there in time. No substantial damage was made."

Gregary had no idea that every word he said made Colin want to laugh.

"At that time, the Lo siblings were having dinner with me. We were together in a private room the whole time, and neither of them got a phone call." Colin calmly told him.

What? Gregary frowned. The men weren't sent by Sophia and Aaron Lo? "Why were you having dinner with them?"

"Aaron had applied for the position of chief secretary in my company, and he passed the interview. Last night was a welcome dinner, and he brought Sophia with him. My future father-in-law, why did you think I was with him? Surely, you don't think that there's something going on between us."

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