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   Chapter 213 Don't Be Sad

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While Sophia hesitated, a voice joined the conversation. On the other line, Wendy curiously asked, "Is that Sophia? Are you sleeping over tonight? That's great! Brody and I will wait for you for his bedtime story!"

Hearing that, Sophia was at a loss of words. Since Wendy had also invited her, it was very difficult to refuse. Thinking how much she missed Brody, Sophia readily agreed.

Before they drove to the Li Manor, Sophia stopped the car at Waterside Boulevard to drop Aaron off. "Take care, sister."

"You too. Go back home early."

"Wait for a moment." Colin told Sophia. He got off the car and closed the door behind him. Outside of the car, Colin walked towards Aaron. "They'll think you're retaliating against her. Watch your back."

Aaron knew who he was talking about. Inserting his hands into his pockets, he gazed at the buildings in the distance. "I know, brother."

But he wasn't afraid. He had been through hell. How could he fear the Lien Clan and Pei Clan after that? They were nothing to him in comparison.

Colin patted his shoulder. "I know you're capable of protecting yourself, but don't worry your sister."

Although Sophia had no idea, Colin knew what Aaron had been through in England. If Aaron hadn't contacted him last year, or if he hadn't used his influence in England at the time, Aaron would've been long gone by now.

Driven by curiosity, Aaron couldn't help but ask, "By the way, brother, what's the deal with Brody?"

At the mention of his son's name, Colin smiled and glanced at the woman sitting in the car and playing with her phone. "Your sister doesn't know that our son is alive."

Aaron's eyes widened in shock as he stared at Colin. Did he mean... Did he mean that the dead son his sister mentioned was still alive?

But his sister was so certain of the child's death. "But sister said the child..."

Colin sighed heavily. "No. I had Wade take away the child and raised him myself. Your sister now thinks he's my child from another woman."

"Why not tell my sister? She was so sad..." Aaron could still recall how Sophia wailed over her son's death over the phone.

Complex feelings surged in Colin's eyes. "It isn't time yet. I'll tell her about Ambrose soon. And until then, you have to keep quiet."

Aaron didn't agree. He insisted, "Brother, she's overwhelmed by grief every time she remembers the child!"

"I know. But she sees him often now, I think it compensates for her sadness. Don't worry, I'll tell her as soon as possible." He would tell Sophia about their child as soon as he had dealt with the Pei Clan and Lien Clan. When he was sure that he was Sophia's true love, and Sophia relied on him the way a wife relied on her husband, that would be the time.

Aaron wanted to say more, but he remained quiet. He hadn't been in A Country for many years, and had no idea what had happened between them. He didn't want to make any assumptions. "Okay. I'll find a chance to visit the elders and see my nephew one of these days!"

"Okay, take care. And if you meet any trouble, ask Herring for help." With that, Colin went back to the car and sat in the passenger's seat.

Aaron nodded. "I will. Take care, sister, brother!"

"Take care!"

Sophia started the car. As she drove to Li Manor, she glanced at Colin. "What has Aaron been up to these past few years in England? Do you know?"

"Yes." Colin knew better than anyone else.

"Tell me." Sophia was worried for her little brother.

Colin closed his eyes and leaned against the back of his chair. "Let him tell you himself."

Sophia was speechless.

But Colin seemed tired, so she stopped asking and concentrated on driving.

When they arrived at the Li Manor, Brody was already waiting for them outside. He jumped in joy when he spotted Sophia's car.

After Sophia parked the car, he threw himself into her arms when she was within reach. "Aunt Sophia!"

Sophia picked him up. "Brody, it's really cold outside! Why didn't you wait in the house?"

Beside them, Wendy let out a sigh. "I told him the same thing, but he wouldn't listen. He kept running out to see if you had arrived."

Sophia was so touched. She kissed Brody's cheek affectionately. "Let me carry you back inside. Will you wait for me in the house next time?"

"No, I want to see Aunt Sophia earlier!"

Sophia patiently coaxed him, "It's too cold outside and you'll get sick. If you get sick, I'll become very sad. When you wait for me next time, please wait for me inside. Will you do that for me, little one?"

"Don't be sad. I'll wait for you inside the house next time." Reaching out his little hands to cup Sophia's face, Brody solemnly promised.

Sophia smiled at his response. How could such a lovable child like him exist? "Alright, let's go back inside."

"Okay! Let's go!"

Wendy and Colin followed behind. Complicated feelings filled their hearts as they watched Sophia and Ambrose's interaction.

Wendy glared at her son. "Look at them. That's what a family is supposed to be. Are you still marrying that woman?"

Her son had grown up, and no longer took his parents' advice. With Colin, she always felt like she was talking to the wind.

"Yes." Colin didn't even explain. He entered the mansion ahead of her.

Wendy was enraged. She blamed Colin for his cold-heartedness. What an ungrateful son!

At the Lien Group

It wasn't until 2 o'clock in the morning, that the sounds in the room gradually quieted down. A naked woman lay indecently on the floor.

Nearby, several men were discussing their escape. "You two handle the surveillance video. We'll report back to the boss."

"Alright, let's go."

On the ground, Dorothy had lost consciousness. At 5 o'clock in the morning, she finally woke up. She felt rigid and had difficulty moving. Fortunately, the heating system was still running inside the building, so she didn't freeze to death in the late autumn night.

It took Dorothy several times to pull the tape off her mouth. Climbing to the desk, she lifted the mobile with a trembling hand and dialed a number. After a long time, someone finally answered.

In a hoarse voice, Dorothy said, "Mother, it's me."

"Dorothy? What happened?" Thinking her daughter was still in her own bedroom next door, Marcella was confused.

Dorothy leaned against the desk to support herself. She endured the discomfort in her body and said, "Mom, take some of my clothes to father's office. Don't let father come!"

Gregary's office? Instantly alert, Marcella sat up in bed. "Why are you there?"

Next to her, Gregary turned over on the other side of bed. She quickly lowered her voice to a whisper.

"Mom... Something horrible happened." Dorothy started crying, and Marcella hurriedly got off the bed in fear.

She tiptoed out of the bedroom and closed the door behind her. In the corridor, she asked, "What happened? Tell mom."

"Mom... You'll know when you get here. Don't forget to bring my clothes. And don't let father come with you!"

Marcella was at a loss. She paced around the corridor a few times before she calmed down. She went back quietly into the bedroom to change. Taking a set of clothes from Dorothy's room, she hurried to the Lien Group.

When she opened the door of the office, she almost fainted at the scene.

"What... What... What happened to you?" It took a long time for Marcella to find her voice.

Breathless, Dorothy said faintly, "They raped me... All of them..."

"Who did this to you?" Looking at the mess in the room, Marcella couldn't help covering her nose as she resisted the strong urge to vomit.

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