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   Chapter 212 Interrogation

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Sandy sat still, looking at Sophia thoughtfully.

Sophia remained quiet while she waited for Sandy's answer. Silence engulfed the room.

"You stabbed me before, Sophia... I don't think... Ah!" Her words ended in an abrupt shriek when Aaron suddenly pinched her chin painfully.

Leaning towards her, Aaron coldly whispered, "How impenitent. Do you want to die?"

... Sophia was once again scared. How did her brother become so aggressive and merciless?

Sandy was also frightened. Trembling, she squirmed into the sofa and begged for mercy. "Please... Please let me go..."

"Why would I let you go? What good will it do me? And what about my sister? Will Dorothy let her go? Answer me!" The expression on Aaron's face was vicious and scornful.

Sandy was too scared to say a word. She almost lost consciousness in the face of his confrontation, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Sophia didn't stop Aaron. After all, her brother was only scaring the girl. He hadn't done anything to her.

She glanced at Colin, who was leisurely leaning against the desk. He didn't react to Aaron's aggressive behavior.

"Open your eyes. Or I'll fly to Song'an City and kill your parents after breaking your neck."

Sophia got increasingly alarmed as she listened to the conversation. How could her little brother talk about killing someone so casually? She took hold of Aaron's wrist and pulled his hand off the trembling woman. "Sandy, I'm not asking you to perjure yourself. I'm merely asking you to tell the truth. If Dorothy has threatened you, you can tell us. We'll protect you."

As soon as Sandy was released, she curled into a ball. "I... I'll tell you everything... I didn't want to frame Miss Lo. But because I wasn't cooperative, Miss Lien threatened to strangle my baby. My baby was only two months old at that time..."

Sandy's whole body shook at the memory of Dorothy's threat. Sophia was also shocked. She had known that Dorothy was cold-blooded, but she didn't expect her to be cruel enough to threaten to kill a 2-month-old baby.

It reminded her of her own baby's death. Was Dorothy also involved? Instead of the umbilical cord strangling his neck...


Aaron flashed her a smile. Instead of refusing or agreeing with her, he said, "Okay, I'll be home as soon as I can."

Colin wasn't happy with their conversation. Although they were siblings, he didn't think an adult man and woman should live together. He took out his phone and called Wendy.

"Mom, is Brody there?"

At the mention of Ambrose's name, Sophia's ears perked up as she listened to Colin's phone conversation.

Ambrose quickly answered the phone. "Dad, are you still busy?"

"No, I'm not busy. I'm with Sophia." Colin calmly replied.

His son didn't let him down with his reaction. Ambrose yelled when he mentioned Sophia's name. "Aunt Sophia! I miss her so much! Dad, please bring her back home with you!"

"Oh... I can't speak for Sophia. Ask her yourself."

Colin put the call on loudspeaker. Ambrose's voice filled the car.

"Aunt Sophia, it's Brody! I miss you so much! Can you sleep in our house tonight?" He was so excited to see Sophia again.

Sophia's heart melted at Ambrose's ecstatic voice. But she couldn't go back with Colin tonight. "Sorry, little one. How about I pay you a visit tomorrow? It's too late already."

"Why? Aunt Sophia, please! I want you to sing me a lullaby! If not, I'll feel really bad!" Sophia couldn't bear to hear Ambrose's disappointed tone.

She bit her lower lip as she stared into the distance. Should she give in? It didn't seem appropriate to visit them at this late hour...

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