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   Chapter 211 Looking Forward to It

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Aaron got no response. Finally, she decided she didn't care and went straight for the door with her bag in hand.

"Come back, I can explain!" Colin said hurriedly.

Sophia stopped. Swallowing down the bitterness in her heart, she didn't turn around. "What's there to explain? You'll marry Dorothy in the end. Why bother making excuses for yourself?"

With that, Sophia opened the door and left.

It wasn't long before Colin caught her arm.

Sophia tried to shake his grip off. Colin caught her again and embraced the struggling woman in his arms.

He said patiently, "Please listen to me."

"No, I don't want to listen to you. I'm only your ex-wife. You don't have to explain to me!" Sophia covered her ears tightly. She didn't want to listen a word he had to say.

At the sight, Colin felt helpless and anxious.

Three other people entered the corridor. They were surprised to see the couple quarreling. Realizing the man was Colin, one of them came over to greet him. "Mr. Li, nice to see you..."

"Fuck off!" Because he was so upset, Colin shouted at the man without caring who he was talking to. The three were so terrified that they scurried away.

In the Private Room.

The manager picked up the ice cubes on the floor and threw them into the garbage can. While he contemplated if he should get more ice, Aaron said, "Please send over more ice and a new towel."

Aaron had faith that his brother-in-law would fix things with his sister and come back.

"Yes, Mr. Lo." The manager quickly asked a waiter to prepare the items.

Shaking off Colin's hands, Sophia headed towards the lift. She clenched her teeth and held back her tears.

Did Colin see her as a woman without any boundaries? Did he think she would give him anything he wanted?

The elevator door opened, and Sophia moved to step in. Suddenly, Colin pulled her into the nearest private room.

"Listen to

No matter how hard she struggled, it was useless.


After dinner, Sophia took the driver's seat because she didn't drink any alcohol.

"Go to 8 Jianye Road." Colin told her.

Knowing they were going to see Sandy, Sophia silently drove towards the west part of the city.

There was an old villa district on 8 Jianye Road. It must have been there for a long time. The paint on the villas was already falling off.

Sophia almost didn't recognize Sandy when she saw her.

Several years had passed. Her plump figure was now skinny, and her eyes looked dull and glassy.

"Sandy!" Sophia stood in front of her. Sandy raised her head and recognized Sophia. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Sophia Lo? It was indeed her. Sophia had changed a lot.

"Sophia... Did you... Were you the one who brought me here?" Her voice was trembling. The men who caught her were horrible!

Sophia sat down beside her and looked at her.

"I never did anything to offend you. Why did you commit perjury?"

Sandy could clearly see the hatred in her eyes. She shook her head in panic. "Dorothy and Payne forced me to do it..."

"Fine. But will you be my witness and prove my innocence?" Sophia's voice was very calm, as if she was discussing someone else's problem.

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