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   Chapter 210 No Signal

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"To welcome you, I have booked a special room in the hotel just for you. Let's go there now." Both Sophia and Aaron were surprised by Colin's endearing words.

When did Colin decide to welcome Aaron like this? It was really strange of Colin to be something of this very nature. Aaron was simply a staff member in the SL Group. But Colin, the boss of the company, just became unusually generous to him. It was completely unheard of!

Sophia immediately refused the offer. It was too much. "No, thank you, Colin. We just want a simple dinner. That's too much..."

"I've arranged everything well. I would be so disappointed if you refuse me." Colin retorted in a very serious tone.

In short, he had arranged everything and made sure that Sophia didn't have any choice but to agree.

Sophia opened her mouth but couldn't say a single word. It seemed impossible to refuse him. His influence on her was just overwhelming.

Putting the briefcase aside, Colin glanced at Sophia indifferently, "Why are you acting like this? Am I not part of the family?"

Sophia quickly responded, "Of course. We have no relationship now. We shouldn't even be together right now."

Putting his hand on the back of her head, Colin forced her to look at him. "You're my ex-wife. There's still a connection between us! We have to remain good friends with each other!

Ex-wife... "Be ashamed of yourself! How could you say that when you're also connected to a lot of women? For example... Brody's mother? Who is she and where is she?"

Finishing her question, Sophia's heart was beating so fast. She wasn't sure if Colin would get angry upon the mention of Brody's mother. But she had always wanted to know who that woman was... To her surprise, it turned out that... Colin didn't get angry at all. That was strange. He just said in a gentle tone, "Yes, I still have a connection with Brody's mother. But you shouldn't worry about it too much."

Sophia was not happy on what she just heard. Why could he take this for granted? How could he just let his son's mother be irresponsible?!

Aaron became so curious about the couple's conversation. Who was Brody? And who was Brody's mother? Curious as he was, he didn't ask anything because this was a matter between his sister and brother-in-law. He'd better stay out of this. He didn't want to involve himself and cause trouble.

Sophia moved further away from Colin, and looked out the car window. Colin and Aaron were talking about important matters in th


"Sorry, I can't hear you. I'll call you back!" Hanging up the phone, Colin called back three seconds later. Turning on the speaker, he put the phone away.

"Colin... Ummm..." The phone was directly hanged up by somebody.

People at the room remained uncomfortably quiet. Aaron and Sophia looked at each other. Aaron talked to Sophia while grinning, "Sophia, karma is really a bitch!"

'Fuck karma! This was Colin's cruel idea!

But since Colin would marry Dorothy soon, how could he allow other men to treat Dorothy like that? It just does not make any sense at all.' At that moment, Sophia couldn't understand what Colin was thinking. He was becoming tremendously reckless!

The ice cubes were sent to the room soon after. Colin took the towel with the ice cubes in it and gently put it on Sophia's face. It was really a very sweet gesture.

"Ouch..." 'It hurts!'

Colin's face turned pale. He adjusted and became even more gentle. "Did you fight back?"

She didn't answer him but asked, "Colin, will you really marry Dorothy... next month? Are you sure about that?"

"Definitely!" His answer was clear-cut. Without the wedding, how could he ruin Dorothy? That was his plan all along.

His straightforward reply hurt Sophia deeply. In a heap of anger, she pushed his hand away. The ice cubes dropped onto the floor.

The manager who took the medicine to the room dared not to breathe. He didn't want to involve himself in this.

Sophia was completely carried away by her anger and jealousy. She stood up from the chair and exclaimed, "Go and marry your Dorothy! Stay away from me! Aaron, let's go! We're wasting our time here!"

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