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   Chapter 209 Have You Lived with Colin

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In less than three minutes, everybody had left the office. But Aaron and Sophia stayed behind.

Sophia finally recovered from her shock and slowly stood up, "Wait a minute. I'm going to wash my face first. Thank you for being here with me, brother."

Aaron's rage was completely gone from his face, and he nodded gently. "Okay. Take your time. I'll be waiting here."

Sophia Lo entered the restroom, tidied herself up, and splashed some cold water on her face. Still, she felt some pain lingering on her face.

When she got out, Aaron had already cleaned up her office which was in a total mess just moments ago. Sophia was surprised on how his brother could do all these things in the manner he was capable of.

"Sophia, I will take you to the hospital. You need a doctor to check up on you." Aaron approached Sophia and looked at her worriedly.

Sophia thought that she had gone back to her past. She could still remember how fondly she would look at her little brother back then.

Sophia shook her head lightly, "I'm fine. But, why did you come back all of a sudden? You didn't even inform us that you're coming." They casually sat on the couch.

"I wanted to surprise you. Though, it turned out I was the one surprised by all these." Aaron already informed his sister about his plans of coming back. But, he never said that it would be today. He wanted to surprise her.

As soon as he got off the plane, Aaron didn't waste any more time and went straight to Pei Group. He called Sophia on the phone outside the Pei Group headquarters. However, he unexpectedly heard his sister screaming for help.

He hurriedly went upstairs with several security guards. Sure enough, Sophia was in trouble.

Sophia sighed heavily, "Aaron, you just came back. Before you thought of doing all those things earlier, you should have analyzed what will the consequences be. Especially on you, brother."

Aaron thought otherwise. He comforted Sophia and reassured her, "Sister, don't worry about me. I could handle myself. I should have kicked her harder." He should have had that woman disappear right here and right now. He knew that a woman like that would not stop causing trouble if she had the chance. However, he didn't do that, because that would also spell trouble for his sister.

Besides, he didn't want to disappoint Colin. Aaron would not do anything that Colin didn't allow him to do.

"When will you start working? Have you told Colin about this change in your post?" Sophia asked him casually.

"Yes, I have told him. But, my brother-in-law said I should follow him first and do what I'm told. As for the post, it doesn't matter." Aaron replied honestly.

Sophia sighed again. "Aaron, you know I already divorced Colin a long time ago. We're not together anymore. He's not your brother-in-law any longer."

Aaron pretended to agree with her and just nodded, "I know. Although I have gotten used to calling him that way. I'll try to adjust next time around." However, Sophia found out later that Aaron still called Colin brother-in-law. Despite her protests, Aaron still remained loyal to Colin.

At the Chengyang Private Hospital

Marcella worriedly looked at the swelling face of her daughter, and almost cried out in distress. "My dear baby, how could you be beaten so badly? It distresses me greatly. Who could have done this horrible thing to you?"

Dorothy sat up on the bed, and looked back at her mother. She felt so humiliated right now. "Dad, mom, it was Sophia and Aaron. They worked together to put me in such humiliation!" She exclaimed loudly, obviously in so much emotional pain. She continued, "Dad, you can't let them go unpunished. They deserve to rot in prison!"

Gregary's face instantly turned pale. He rubbed his hands together continuously behind his back as his thoughts absorbed him. He said, "Have Aaron come back? I didn't know about that."

Jonas ordered people to go to England and kill Aaron. To their shock, Aaron killed them all and escaped. They never knew he had the ability to do that. So, Aaron had been living an industrious life in England in the past few years. He may had learned the tricks of the trade while living there.

"You are right, dad. Aaron hit me on the face. He also kicked me hard. He was merciless!"

"He's not a man at all. How could he think of hitting a woman? He and Sophia are really birds of the same feather. They are both cold-blooded killers!" Marcella angrily blurted out.

Gregary turned serious and asked, "What about Colin? What was he doing recently?"

Dorothy was about to tell him that Colin and Sophia stayed overnight at the Redbud Mansion, but she had second thoughts. Her fiance cheating on her would cause shame to herself. So, she shook her head and reluctantly replied, "Nothing special to

report. He's not doing anything unusual."

Colin doing nothing meant that he would not help Sophia. But as long as Colin stood by and did nothing, it was all good for Dorothy. "You should try really hard to win Colin's favors. I know he's a good man and you just have to completely lure his heart to yours. When you become his wife, the Lien Family will be showered with blessings and wealth because of his power and influence. If that moment comes, both Sophia and Aaron will not threaten us any longer. Killing them will be as easy as squashing a bug."

He never thought Sophia and Aaron had grown so reckless and aggressive. Otherwise, he would have killed them at the first opportunity he got. If he did so, troubles like this would not hamper their path towards power and wealth.

Dorothy puzzled over the fact that her father requested her to win Colin's heart. She always tried but ultimately failed time and time again. Colin was so indifferent towards her.

In the past three years, she had left no means untried in the hope of sleeping with Colin at his house. But, Colin refused her every time and even seemed to hate the idea of being intimate with her.

Marcella did not fail to see how strange her daughter looked like right now. She thought for a moment before asking, "Have you ever slept with Colin?"

Her mother's bluntness embarrassed Dorothy. She replied in distress, "No, I haven't. We never got to that part."

"Come on. You once married Payne. Why are you so shy to do things like that right now? It's completely normal." Marcella looked at her daughter, exasperated at Dorothy's failure at seducing Colin. She thought that she should have taught her daughter about doing this act. If Dorothy didn't work harder, Sophia might become her son's mother and Colin's wife again. Time was ticking on them.

In that case, Gregary and Jonas' efforts would be wasted and all their hopes on becoming rich and powerful would come to nothing.

"I want it, but Colin doesn't. Mother, he always says that we can wait until our wedding night. What can I do? I have to respect his decision." Dorothy felt very anxious. She couldn't understand why Colin would be like that.

Marcella stared at her daughter for a moment and hesitated before responding, "I have an idea for you."

Then, she whispered in her daughter's ear. Her idea shocked Dorothy to the point of bewilderment, "Does this drug really exist?"

"Of course. I can make a soup and you just have to make sure that Colin would eat it. Then you two should do that at least three times."

Dorothy stuttered, "Mother, does it... have any difference with... a philter?"

"Yes, it does. The effects of philter can be tested easily in the hospital, while this kind of traditional Chinese medicine is unknown to most people. But it has already been tried and proven by some people already. Besides, its effects can't be officially tested in the market. If Colin begins to have suspicions, he can have a physical examination. But, he won't know anything because the drug is really unknown." Marcella felt elated at her idea and added that one of her maids introduced this prescription to her.

This drug was intended to be used for Sophia. However, she never had the opportunity to come close to that woman.

"All right." As long as she could successfully sleep with Colin, she would try every means necessary and possible.

Gregary overheard the conversation between the daughter and the mother, but he opted not to let it bother him anymore. They could play that little trick by themselves. There were other more important things that he should do.

As long as they could control Colin, Gregary himself would do anything.

The Lien Group was starting to lose money. He was worried that it might be completely ruined if he didn't act on it soon.

That afternoon, Dorothy was eventually discharged from the hospital. On the way home, she still thought of when she could send the soup to Colin. She couldn't wait for that moment.

She held the trump card of being Colin's wife. She had the upper hand now.

After work, Sophia called Aaron and asked him to go to the SL Group and fetch Colin.

"Brother-in-law." Aaron was behind the wheel as he called Colin that way. Sophia immediately felt uncomfortable and confronted his brother.

She whispered in Aaron's ear and told him, "Don't do this again. Haven't I told you that I divorced him a long time ago?

If you call him this way, he might misunderstand our relationship. He might put unnecessary meanings to our relationship. I don't want him to assume anything." If by any chance Colin thought it was Sophia who talked Aaron into this, then Sophia was in trouble.

As Sophia finished confronting Aaron, Colin went inside the car and sat beside her.

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