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   Chapter 208 Your Future will Be Full of Pain

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Gritting her teeth, Sophia pulled out the scissors. In an instant, blood spurted out of Wythe's stomach.

Turning pale and staggering, Wythe covered the bleeding wound with his hand, and fell to his knees. Wilbur Liao and Dorothy Lien stood dumbstruck by Sophia's sudden vicious act. Both of them were motionless, terrified of what's going to happen next.

Sophia pointed the blood-stained scissors on Wilbur, and yelled, "Don't move! Or I will gut you too!"

But Wilbur was once a patriot of the criminal underworld. His experience in these moments taught him a lot about composure. To him, Sophia's words were nothing but empty threats. "Bitch! How dare you hurt my brother like this! I will rape the insides out of you! I'm warning you!"

With a swift move, he easily took the scissors from Sophia's trembling hand, tossed it away, and pressed her down onto the desk. Struggling, Sophia frantically tried her best to escape, but failed.

Wilbur grabbed her by the face with one hand. He pressed her down even more, unbuttoned his belt, and smirked. "I like struggling women. They are more vigorous in bed. Come here, you bitch!"

"Dorothy Lien! If you dare to let him do this to me, I will let you suffer, too!" But Dorothy didn't listen to any word she said. She turned to Wythe, dismissed him, and told him they have to patch his wound up. She was not wasting her time on this.

The latter staggered to stand up and walk. When he opened the door, he suddenly saw a group of people waiting outside, led by a neatly-dressed man, whose hand froze like he was about to knock on the door.

Behind him were a dozen of burly security guards, waiting for his orders. The man went inside, and observed around the office. A shady, suspicious expression appeared in his eyes as he snapped, "Seize them!"

The security guards quickly obeyed to the command. Outnumbered, Wythe and Wilbur were handily subdued by the guards.

With a heap of panic on her face, Dorothy reluctantly got up from the couch. Out of nowhere, she asked, "Aaron Lo? Are you Aaron Lo?" Although Aaron was no longer the boy she used to whip before, Dorothy recognized him immediately.

But Aaron just walked around her. He walked to the panting and trembling Sophia, who was sitting on the floor. He extended his hand to her and gently comforted her, "Sister, I'm back. You don't have to worry anymore."

Sophia readily held his hand, and got back to her feet. She leaned on her desk for support as she whispered, "Aaron, you are back? What brings you here?"

They had been apart from each other for two long years. But right now, she found herself stand

d I look forward to the day that it happens. If that really happens."

Panting in pain, Dorothy struggled to get up. She thought her words had intimidated Aaron, so she continued, "Both of you will suffer! Sophia, you bitch... Ah!"

Before she could mock even more, she was forcefully kicked backward. Tumbling in the air, she flew backwards, and hit the couch before she landed hard on the ground.

Aaron walked over to her, and angrily looked down upon her as she screamed in agony. "How dare you call my sister a bitch? Don't you fear that I will cut off your tongue? Huh? Are you out of your goddamn mind?!"

...... Behind them, Sophia sat in the chair and watched, her hands shaking and trembling.

Aaron seemed so violent and aggressive now. And he showed no mercy to Dorothy as he was beating her despite knowing that she was a woman. He didn't hold back at all... What did Aaron experience and learn in England? What had he experienced all those years that they were apart?

He seemed... Well, it was really difficult to describe. Compared to Colin, Aaron looked less indifferent, but way darker. He should be tamed, or else he would be more cruel.

Sophia's heart cringed a little when she realized how her brother had changed.

Right now, Dorothy couldn't manage to even say a single word. She was finding it so hard to breathe. Not far from her was the bloodied Wythe. He was terribly frightened of Aaron and he didn't dare to move or say anything.

"Guards, call the police. Escort these two men and the woman to the police station! Let them crumble in prison!"

Everyone could see that the guards were obviously frightened of Aaron too. They hurriedly obeyed Aaron's orders, and took immediate actions to solve the situation.

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