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   Chapter 207 Dorothy's Attack

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When Sophia was about to start the car, Colin got into the passenger's seat. "Bring me to my office."

Sophia shot him a bewildered look. "Okay."

Sophia stopped the car at the entrance of the SL Group building. When Colin got off, it attracted a lot of attention from many employees. They looked at Sophia in surprise.

"Contact me after work in the evening." Colin wasn't in a hurry to close the door. He leaned against it as he smoothed his sleeves.

"I have something to do after work." She had made an appointment with Wade to see Sandy.

"I want to visit her as well. I'll go with you." Colin explained.

What? With an odd look on her face, Sophia asked, "Will you also visit Sandy?"

Colin glanced at her but didn't answer her question. "Call me after work and drive slowly!"

He closed the door and walked towards the building at a steady pace.

Sophia helplessly shook her head, turning the car around and leaving the SL Group.

At the Pei Group

When Sophia walked into her office, she found an uninvited guest waiting for her.

Looking at the woman in the black mink coat, she said coldly, "Get out!"

With an impassive face, Dorothy walked up to Sophia and slapped her across the face.

Dorothy had tried slapping Sophia several times before, but only succeeded this time.

She should have been pleased, but the thought of the pictures made her blood boil. "Bitch! Will you keep taking my lover away from me for the rest of your life?"

To avoid losing face, Dorothy had spent a lot of money buying the scandalous pictures from a reporter. In the photos, Colin was taking Sophia to the Redbud Mansion late at night.

She didn't dare ask Colin about this matter. So she came to make a scene here.

Sophia rubbed her sore cheek and smiled. "Do you really want to know?"

Dorothy shot her a doubtful look. "Know what?"

Crack! Crack! Taking advantage of Dorothy's distraction, Sophia slapped her twice.

Since Dorothy dared to slap her, Sophia would fight back!

Now she was backed up by Colin, she would start her revenge with Dorothy! Since Colin told her that she could do anything she wanted, he had no reason to blame her for hurting his fiancee.

She wouldn't let Colin escape, Instead, she'd make him take responsibility along with her.

"Sophia Lo, you bitch!" Dorothy tried hard to keep her cool. But whenever she faced Sophia, she always fell apart. She took out her phone and dialed a number. "Enter!"

Sophia's office door opened and two bodyguards came in.

Sophia had a bad feeling. "This is the company. What are you going to do?"

Dorothy rubbed her painful face. With a vicious look bursting in her eyes, she replied, "What am I going to do?

To ruin you, of course! Designer? I'll let everyone know how designer Sophia Lo has sex with men in her office!"

How dare Sophia approach Colin behind her back again! She wouldn't let this go!

Sophia cried, "This is the company, don't go too far!" Sophia's office was isolated from the rest. Because she liked the quiet, Hugh had specially chosen a quieter office for her.

But if she got into any trouble, she could shout. Someone should be able to hear her!

"You can shout for help, but..." Dorothy suddenly smiled. "Uncle Joans has sent Hugh on a business trip. Everyone in the Design Department is having a meeting in the conference room. You can

shout as much as you like, but no one will hear you!" Pleased with herself, Dorothy let out a manic laugh.

Dorothy was working with Jonas, no wonder she was so bold!

What should she do? What could she do? Distant water couldn't put out a fire. Sophia racked her brain for ways to save herself.

"You don't have to ruin me, because Colin doesn't want to be with me at all."

Dorothy couldn't believe her ears. Colin didn't want to be with Sophia? She took out a pile of photos from her bag and threw them to the ground in front of Sophia. "How do you explain this? Did you take the initiative to seduce Colin? You must be an expert in seducing men now!"

As far as she knew, Colin currently hated Sophia. But Colin actually let Sophia enter the Redbud Mansion with him, where she never had a chance to visit! Sophia was obviously manipulative!

She didn't even know that Colin owned a house in Redbud Mansion!

Sophia lowered her eyes and looked at the photos on the floor. They were taken when she went to the Redbud Mansion with Colin the night before.

"Wilbur Liao, she belongs to you two today. Fuck her to death!" Dorothy settled herself on the nearby sofa and prepared to watch the show.

"Yes, Miss Dorothy!" The man she addressed nodded respectfully.

Shocked, Sophia shouted at the bodyguard beside her, "You were caught on camera when you entered just now. If you do something to me, I will take you to the court!"

At the bodyguards' obvious hesitation, Dorothy said, "Don't worry, she can't get her hands on the footage. Uncle Jonas is in charge of it!"

Sophia bit her lower lip tightly and took several steps back. When she turned around and began to run, Wilbur grabbed her long hair. Unable to move, Sophia clenched her eyes at the pain.

"I advise you to be obedient, or you'll die in our hands!" Wilbur leered at the fair and lovely woman. He had never slept with such a beautiful woman before!

Sophia gritted her teeth and bit his arm hard when he let go of her hair.

Wilbur screamed loudly. Sophia bit him so tightly that he slapped her face on instinct.

The harsh slap forced Sophia to loosen her teeth. Her bite left deep teeth marks and a little blood on his arm.

At that moment, the mobile phone in Sophia's bag rang. She opened her bag in a panic and took out her phone. She wasn't able to see who it was.

"Take her phone away!" Dorothy ordered immediately. Wythe Liao, Wilbur's younger brother, walked to Sophia and grabbed her phone.

Despite not knowing who was calling, Sophia quickly tapped the answer button. She wasn't sure if she could be heard, but she shouted loudly, "Help!"

The call was quickly disconnected. Sophia didn't know if the other party had heard her scream.

Wilbur turned off her phone. Meanwhile, Wythe pressed her to the ground to rip her clothes.

"Let me go! Help me! Help..." Her screams turned into muffled sounds. Wilbur covered her mouth, and she could only whimper helplessly.

Sophia suddenly remembered that she had a pair of scissors on her desk. Using all her strength to push Wythe away, she rushed to the desk.

She quickly got hold of the scissors she used for cutting cloth samples. Wythe didn't see her movements clearly. "Shit, how dare you run!"

When he pulled her arm and grabbed her hair to push Sophia on the table, he let out a bloodcurdling scream.

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