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   Chapter 206 Will You Be My Mother

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"Don't mention it. Don't forget to have breakfast downstairs after helping Brody dress up."

"Okay." Sophia happily watched Wendy leave the nursery.

"Sophia." The little boy suddenly called her. Sophia snapped out of her thoughts.

Seeing Ambrose changing out of his pajamas, Sophia hurriedly went to him to help him change his clothes. "You know how to change your own clothes? That's amazing!"

"I've learned that a long time ago! Dad always tells me that since I'm a man, I need to do things like this by myself." Ambrose announced with pride.

"That's wonderful, Brody is such a responsible man!" Sophia gushed, smiling in amusement at the proud look on his face.

After Ambrose was dressed properly, Sophia took him to the bathroom to wash. Ambrose watched Sophia through the mirror as she squeezed toothpaste out of the tube. "Sophia, do you like my father?"

Oh... That came out of the blue. Sophia was at a loss of words. Sophia fumbled for an appropriate answer.

She intended to deny it at first, but in the face of Ambrose's serious look, she couldn't lie. She stuttered, "Well, a little..."

Sophia didn't like Colin a little. She already loved him a lot, and his recent kindness towards her only made her fall in love even more.

"In that case... I won't ask you to be my girlfriend anymore." Ambrose approached her with a smile. Sophia was astonished when he asked, "Will you be my mother?"

'Will you be my mother?' Sophia's eyes widened. Tears welled up in her eyes as she quietly repeated the words to herself.

Her hand trembled and froze halfway in handing the toothbrush to Ambrose. Taking it, Ambrose rinsed his mouth with tap water and started brushing his teeth. He stared at Sophia's shocked expression through the mirror.

He was serious about this. He couldn't compete with his father and win Sophia over against him. But it would be good to have Sophia as his mother.

He would be proud to tell everyone in class, "This is Sophia Lo, my mother!" That would be awesome!

By the time Sophia finally snapped out of her shock, Ambrose had finished brushing hi

ia was surprised. Ambrose never called her that before.

Glancing at his son in surprise, Colin wondered what he was up to.

Sophia sat down beside Ambrose, who was eating an egg tart. He quickly picked up another one for Sophia and urged, "Try it! It's good, Aunt Sophia!"

Sophia put the egg tart back into his plate with a smile. "My food will arrive soon. Eat your breakfast, little one."

As she spoke, a servant brought over two plates and placed them in front of her and Colin.

But Ambrose insisted, "Aunt Sophia, there's no egg tart in your plate. Granny made them for me specially. See? I have two, I'll give you one!"

Sophia smiled at him. Gesturing to her plate, she said, "No, thanks. I have steamed dumplings and eggs." There was also milk and fruit.

But Ambrose put the egg tart back into her plate. "You're too skinny, auntie. You need to eat more, or you won't have the strength to pick me up."

Since Sophia was going to be his mother, she would hold him more often. Children were always held by their mothers.

Sophia chuckled and didn't refuse again. "Thank you, you're so considerate! How about I trade your egg tart for my omelette?" Afraid Ambrose would get hungry, Sophia fed him the omelette.

The others smiled as they watched Sophia and Ambrose's interaction.

Outside the Li Manor, Sophia watched Wendy and Ambrose get into the car before entering hers.

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