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   Chapter 205 I Have Great Respect for My Wife

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Because Colin never used condoms when they made out, Sophia needed to take the pill to prevent herself from becoming pregnant. She was no longer a teenager and she knew how to protect herself from doing something stupid. She didn't have to ruin her future again like this.

Plus, she didn't want her child to come from a hidden relationship. Her child deserved a happy and secured family. She would rather take the pill than have the abortion. She didn't have the guts to kill an unborn child.

"I don't see any problems with that at all. If you get pregnant, we can have the baby together. You don't need to worry about anything." Colin tried to gently reassure her. They could get married and have children together. With that, their children will have the happy family that they need.

"That may be good for you. But I would never allow myself to become a person who would destroy a marriage. And my child would never be conceived in secret. My child deserves a warm, complete family." replied Sophia. She pushed him further away and abruptly got up from the bed while speaking. Then she picked up her handbag from the floor and zipped it close.

"The pill is bad for your health. You know it has side effects." Colin warned her. If Sophia didn't want to have a baby right now, he could just have sex with her using a condom.

She knew what Colin was planning to do. She had seen this scene countless times before. He would always punish her, then try to be sweet with her right after. And Sophia would always give in to his sweet words, unable to free herself from his care.

"Just wait here." Colin then rushed out of the bedroom.

Sophia looked back in confusion. What was he going to do? Why was he leaving me here?

Levi's room was just opposite of Colin's. At that very moment, Levi was trying to surpress his sexual urges while holding Selina in his arms on the bed. Then Colin knocked on the door. Levi kissed Selina on the lips and got up from the bed.

Levi opened the door and stared at Colin in surprise. He wondered why Colin would want to talk to him this late in the night.

"Hey, Colin. What's up?"

Colin smoothed back his hair in an embarrassed manner and asked, "Levi, sorry to disturb you. Can you give me some condoms? Do you have some there?" Colin's face was turning red while asking. He didn't really want to ask his brother this kind of awkward question.

After Levi got wind of what his brother just said, he went back to the room with a mischievous look on his face and took out a box of condoms. Lexi handed it to Colin reluctantly and said, "I have bought them for myself. I just don't need them for now..."

He prepared the condoms a long time ago, but Selina was not ready to do it with him just yet.

Colin raised an eyebrow, glanced at him and smirked. "Maybe you're that bad in bed?"

Levi's face went pale instantly and said, "I have great respect for my wife, and I won't force her into anything. I'll wait for her to be ready. That's all."

"Okay. Okay. Sleep early. Thanks." Colin did not want to spend more time talking about this. It was getting really awkward between the two of them.

"Colin, restrain yourself. Don't keep on doing it." Levi warned sourly.

Restrain himself? Every time he was alone with Sophia, he just could not let her off the hook so easily. Colin stubbornly ignored what Levi just said and went back straight to his bedroom. Sophia was wondering whether she should wait for Colin or not. It's been a while since he left the room. But just when she was about to get on her feet, Colin opened the door.

"Where have you been?" Sophia asked curiously.

Colin raised his hand and showed a small box. In an indifferent tone, he said, "I need to borrow them."

Sophia took a closer look at his hand, and realized that It was a box of condoms. She felt mixed feelings immediately. She was shy, angry and touched at the same time. Eventually, she felt a bit disappointed. "Have you no shame?"

Sophia fixed her eyes at the door while she was speaking. Before Colin could reach her and stop her, she ran straight to the door.

Now that she knew what was going on in Colin's mind, if she did not get out of the room now, she would not have the chance later. She knew he would not let her go if he could get hold of her.

However, before she could touch the doorknob, Colin quickly caught up with her and held her in his arms. Before Sophia could say a single word, he kissed her on the lips. "Where do you want to go? Just stay here."

"I need to go home now. It's getting really late." Sophia was shaking a bit as she said these words. They were in his parents' house, not his apartment. How could they have sex here? It was so embarrassing.

"Okay, I'll let you go tomorrow. Just stay here first. It's not safe for you to go out this late." said Colin. And then he kissed her deeply again. It was really a passionate kiss. He could not stand her saying something more depressing.

It was late at night. Sophia knew well that she could not get away from Colin if he really wanted her right now. Colin has an influence on her that no other man can do.


Levi's room, Levi and Selina were whispering to each other. Levi held Selina in his arms and blurted out grumpily, "Colin thinks that I am bad in bed!"

"Pooh..." Selina could not help but laugh heartily.

"What are you laughing at? I do want to see whether I am bad or not. I want to know!" Levi said in a bit of a childish manner. He looked at Selina with a handsome smile. She was still laughing at him.

Selina stopped laughing right after she heard what he said. "No...No... You don't need to rush this! You are certainly good in bed. I know that."

She was sure about that and she knew it more than anyone else did. She believed in her loving and respectful husband.

"That's really great to hear. Okay, I'll cut you some slack tonight." said Levi with a grin. He could smell the sweet fragrance of Selina's lotion. He held her tighter in his arms and tried to drive away his carnal impulses.

Gosh! When Selina asked him to move into Li Manor, he should have said no.

He should insist on moving into his apartment. So when they were alone, he could do whatever he wanted...

Well... That has to wait. The important thing was that he was with her now.

Early the next morning, Sophia was awakened by Ambrose's angry voice. When she opened her eyes, Colin was still holding her in his arms.

"Sophia, you... You always betray and leave me! Huhuhu..." Ambrose was wiping his teary eyes with his hands.

Sophia was shocked to see Ambrose in the room and she quickly sat up. She didn't know what to do now. "Brody, don't be upset. Come here. Stop crying. I will be with you in a while. Wait for me, okay?" Sophia said hurriedly.

When Ambrose was pretending to be weeping the tears that hadn't even come down yet, he met Colin's eyes and saw the discontent in them. "It's Dad's idea, isn't it? You carried Sophia to your bedroom, right? Why would you always do that?!" Ambrose exclaimed in dismay.

"Yes, I did! What's your problem with that?" Colin gave him a straight answer.

Ambrose was so angry now. "You are getting married. Why don't you hold your own wife? You, cheater!" He replied as his cute little cheeks turned red.

"You should get out first. Sophia needs to get dressed. Wait for her outside." Colin ignored his question. He had noticed that Sophia was trying to sneak out of the bed to get her clothes. Ambrose should not stay here.

"Why do you get out first?" Ambrose would not back down from him. He stared at Colin with utter disgust.

When it came to Sophia Lo, Colin and Ambrose were never on the same page. Not even once.

"You get out first, and I will follow you. Go on now." said Colin. He got off the bed without any clothes on and walked straight to the dressing room. He did not care that Ambrose saw him naked.

Sophia was shocked at what Colin just did. Should he at least cover his penis? Ambrose was only a child. What was he thinking?

Ambrose looked at Colin in complete astonishment. How could he... How could he be naked in front of Sophia? What did they do?

"Sophia, can you put on some clothes for me? Please." Ambrose turned his gaze to Sophia. Ambrose was still wearing pajamas. He has been looking for Sophia ever since he opened his eyes a while ago.

"Okay. But can you wait in your room? I will be right there." Sophia assured him in a gentle voice. Sophia was still holding the sheets with her hands. She was afraid that it would fell off. Her body would be exposed if it did.

As soon as Ambrose left the room, Sophia picked up the clothes on the floor and tried to put them on as soon as possible.

After Ambrose headed back to his room, he could not stop thinking about the question. As Dad and Sophia looked really great together and got along well, could he take advantage of it and also stay close with Sophia?

Before Sophia could even wash her face, she went to Ambrose's room first.

As Sophia was getting dressed, Ambrose had already picked out what he wanted to wear today. He then put them neatly at the edge of the bed.

Right after Sophia went inside the room, Wendy followed after her. She was very happy to see Sophia again in the house. "Sophia, did you stay here last night? Why didn't you inform me?" Wendy said with a brimming smile on her lovely face.

Sophia became a little embarrassed by the question. She nodded her head and answered, "I should... I should get Ambrose dressed first. I'll talk to you later, Auntie."

"That's okay, Sophia. You don't need to feel embarrassed about it. You can stay here every night. Like I said before, I am waiting for you to call me Mom someday. You're always welcome in this house. Just keep going!" Wendy convinced her sweetly. When Wendy found out that Sophia had spent the night here, she was aware that there was a good chance Sophia and Colin would get back together. So she needed to give Sophia the support! She really wanted Colin to pursue Sophia instead.

Sophia was deeply moved and could only say, "I see. Thank you, Auntie. Thank you as always."

Actually, she wanted to be with Colin. She wanted it to happen. If there was a chance, she would not let the chance slip away again.

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