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   Chapter 204 Who Really Upset the Child

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The little boy seemed to believe what Levi just said. Ambrose's eyes dilated a little as he fixed his gaze on Levi. "Tell me honestly. In your opinion, does Sophia like me?"

"Of course, she likes you. Who wouldn't like you, Ambrose? To be sure, let's ask her. Sophia, do you agree with me?" Levi surprised Sophia with this question so as not to cause an awkward situation.

Sophia knew what Levi was thinking and she answered immediately, "That's true! Brody, Sophia likes you very much! Don't be angry anymore, okay? Can you do that?" Sophia took Ambrose from Wendy's arms, and lovingly comforted the little boy.

Ambrose saw that Colin was very quiet. He glared at him as he teased, "Look! Only I can kiss Sophia from now on! Daddy, I don't need your advice anymore! I'm happy already."

Without showing any emotions at all, Colin said, "Go to sleep! It's getting late now."

With Colin's words, everyone went back to their respective rooms. Sophia carried Ambrose to his room to help him go to sleep.

Ambrose lovingly clung onto Sophia's arm as both of them lay on the bed. Sophia casually leaned against the headboard and ran her fingers through the child's soft short hair. "Sleep now. Auntie Sophia is here with you!"

"Sophia, please don't go away, will you? Don't leave me here. I want to see you first thing in the morning when I wake up." Ambrose tried to beg her. He affectionately nestled his cheek on Sophia's palm.

Sophia's heart was easily drawn to the child as she became fond of his sweet gestures. "I promise." She tried to reassure him. "But Brody has to go to school tomorrow. You should sleep early or else you'll miss school. You don't want that."

"Okay!" Ambrose closed his eyes as a smile showed on his cute face.

A moment later, Ambrose broke the silence again and murmured, "Please wait for me, Sophia. When I grow up, I am going to work and earn money for you! You can buy anything you want!"

...... Sophia let her thumb caress the little boy's face, "Well, your Aunt Sophia will wait for that. For now, you have to study hard first."

Within half an hour, Ambrose fell sound asleep. Sophia gently tucked him into the quilt.

But Ambrose clung to her arm again as soon as she sensed that Sophia was about to get up from the bed. Then to Sophia's surprise, he murmured, "Mommy, don't go. Mommy......"

Sophia couldn't help herself as she almost burst out in tears.

She moved closer to him, patting him lightly on his back. Deep down inside her, she wanted to be selfish and think that Ambrose was her own son. But she could not do that... "Brody, I won't go anywhere. I'm just here..." She replied in a soft, hoarse voice.

"Mommy......" Then Ambrose closed his eyes once more and fell asleep.

He has a face like that of Colin's especially his lips, eyes and eyebrows. But then she noticed his nose. Sophia was not really sure on whom Ambrose might have inherited it. Maybe it was from his mother...

Sophia also knew that staying with him is a result of her desire to be a mother. She couldn't tear herself away from Ambrose. She was lost in these thoughts as she almost fell asleep. But soon after that, the door slowly opened.

A familiar figure of a man came in. His heart softened a little when he saw his son and his mother sleeping together.

Even though they haven't spent a long time being with each other, they have already developed an intimate relationship. Colin realized that this was the natural magic of a mother-and-son connection.

Although they didn't know how they were really related to each other, they still loved each other so deeply in just a short span of time.

He fondly caressed his son's face with his hand. "My son, daddy will let mommy stay with you forever as soon as possible. We'll soon be a family and we will stay together forever."

Then he nudged Sophia and woke her up. When she opened her eyes, Colin was already leaving the room, carrying her in his strong arms.

When they were already in Colin's room, he let her sit on the edge of the bed. Sophia rubbed her eyes and asked, "Where is Brody's mother? Who is she? Do I know her?"

Colin already knew that she would ask that inevitable question one day. So he just answered casually, "She has left us already." Actually, she came back. Colin was thinking to himself.

"Where did she go? Why did she leave?" Sophia asked out of curiosity and concern. Without a concrete explanation, her heart cringed upon the thought of a mother leaving her son. That cruel woman dared to abandon Brody and went away! How could she treat her own child like this?

Colin didn't answer her question. He doesn't have to. So he retorted with his own question. "Well, do you want to be Brody's mother? The boy needs a mother especially when he grows up."

...... Sophia's face turned red all of a sudden. "No, I don't! Brody needs his true mother. I can't be

selfish as to just take him away like that. I feel sympathy towards him."

Colin was unpleasant about her attitude. He asked, "Nothing but sympathy? Just that?"

She hesitatingly nodded. She wasn't Brody's mother. What else could she do and feel? "You're his father. You should spend more time with Brody. You are the most important person for him right now." She convinced him. "Right now, he is getting a bit hard-headed. You should be able to teach him good values."

"...... Yes, indeed." Colin agreed. "How about you take care of him as his mother? He loves you, Sophia. I know you could see that." What Sophia said was right, Colin thought. Brody was just three years old but he was already looking for a girlfriend. And the crazy thing was the woman he wanted to be his girlfriend was twenty years older than him and was actually his own mother! His child was getting really brassy and immature!

'Hmmm...... Should I really act like a true mother for Brody? But...' "I can't, Mr. Li." Sophia finally said. "When I used to be your girlfriend, you impregnated Brody's mother! I can't fool myself and become part of your life once again!"

She rushed to the table and reached for her handbag. It was really a shame that a child's life and future should be destroyed because of a grievance between adults.

Brody's mother was also without conscience. She gave birth to Brody but didn't take responsibility of him! Such a dismay!

Sophia made her way towards the door. Then she heard footsteps behind her. She turned her around in confusion and said, "I know how to make my way out of here! Just stay where you are."

Colin glanced at her coldly. "You think too much!"

...... How blunt was this man! She felt so uncomfortable right now. She just was not in the mood to talk to him right now.

Then Colin approached her. "I am going to wake Brody up, and tell him that his auntie Sophia doesn't want to take care of him anymore! I will tell him that you are leaving him alone!"

...... Sophia became so infuriated that she immediately grabbed Colin's arm. "You can't upset your child like this! That's just mean!" She exclaimed in pure disgust.

"Do I ever upset him? I'm just stating the truth that you are leaving him alone." Colin retorted. "It's you that refused me. So, who really did upset the child? Was it me or you?" Colin intently fixed his eyes on Sophia.

Sophia was so affected by his words that she became utterly speechless.

Thinking of the cute handsome face of Brody and the ugly, disgusting Dorothy, Sophia made a quick decision. "Ok, Ok!" She promised right there and then. "I will take care of Brody. But don't you dare blame me if your son doesn't want Dorothy to become his stepmother!"

Blame her? Why the heck would he do that? Colin would be really happy if that happens! Dorothy did not mean anything to him at all. "My good girl!" Colin moved closer, lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

...... Sophia became so embarrassed that she immediately pushed him away. "It's getting so late now. I have to go. You can go to bed early tonight. You need some rest."

She was actually planning to leave? Colin smirked like a charming cruel man. He held her in his arms all of a sudden and kissed her lips again to stop her from screaming. Then he threw her onto the bed, and pressed his body on her. "Let's continue doing our thing!"

At that very moment, a little box dropped from Sophia's handbag. Colin's attention was immediately drawn to it. Sophia was taking her cellphone out from the bag and forgot to zip it close.

Colin let go of Sophia and picked up the little box from the floor.

Sophia abruptly reached to grab it from his hand as soon as she realized what it was! But Colin didn't give her any chance. He was already holding the medical case. He held it up so Sophia couldn't touch it even if she jumped.

Contraceptive pills... What?

Colin's handsome face turned pale. Although Sophia tried frantically to prevent him, he still opened it and found that a pill has been removed from the box already.

His eyes became fiery. It frightened Sophia. She knew that he was angry. "I...... Hmmm...... It's because you never use condoms! He never used anything to protect her when they do it. It was his fault. But the strange thing was she was so guilty when she said it. Colin became suspicious.

Colin threw the pill box forcefully into the garbage. Coldly, he stared at Sophia's flickering, terrified eyes. He asked, "Who allowed you to take it and why?!"

Sophia did not like his cold tone and felt aggrieved by it. Her face turned red. She retorted with her own question. "Why are you so angry? You're going to get married. What should I do if you made me pregnant? Abortion? Or I give birth to an illegitimate child all because you're already married to another woman? Colin, you're so selfish! Please think of me too!!"

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