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   Chapter 203 Dad Kissed Sophia

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"Just once? Then, I want to do it once. Hmm?" Levi wrapped his arm around Selina's slender waist and pressed their bodies together.

"Levi, don't. We're getting married at the end of the year. No need to rush." Because of his movements, Selina was forced to stand on her tiptoes.

Levi took a deep breath. "Do you have your ID card?"


"Let's go to the registry office and get married tomorrow morning."

Selina puzzled over these words. "Oh! But I didn't bring my household register."

"Don't worry about that. Now, we'll have our wedding night in advance." Levi couldn't wait any longer. Selina was so stubborn, that any form of intimacy with her was never possible before.

"Levi, please don't. I'm not ready." Levi was strong. Selina was afraid of what he'd do.

Levi grasped the clothes around her waist firmly and lowered his head to kiss her. Knowing he had compromised, Selina breathed a sigh of relief.

Selina decided to do him a favor, so that Levi didn't need to take a cold shower...

Inside Ambrose's bedroom, Sophia finally got the boy to sleep. She quietly put the story book back on the shelf.

Colin stood still and didn't say a word as he watched Ambrose and Sophia.

As soon as Sophia put the book away, there was a pull on her wrist. Colin gently dragged her towards the door in silence. Sophia said hastily, "Wait, I haven't cleaned the bathroom yet!"

"I'll have the maids do that tomorrow."

Sophia paused. "My coat is still inside." The door of Ambrose's bedroom was closed and Sophia was taken to the room where she and Colin used to stay.

Besides the new set of bedding, everything remained unchanged.

Everything was so familiar, it felt like she was back in the past.

After the door was closed, Sophia looked back at the man approaching her. Why did he look so grim?


"Yes?" Sophia answered quickly.

She stepped back as he came closer, until she fell onto the large bed.

Shit! She had forgotten about the bed behind her. She should have stepped back in the direction of balcony.

As expected, the corners of Colin's mouth curled as she fell onto the bed. Before she could get up, Colin climbed on top of her.

"The apartment code is 0929. Take the card from where you put it." He refused to let her get rid of him.

Sophia didn't reply. Her thoughts were filled with the four digits, 0929... It was her birthday.

She looked at Colin with mixed emotions. "Colin... What the hell... Do you mean?"

"It's simple. Sophia, you are my wife. Don't even think about marrying Hugh Pei or any other man."

His answer was unexpectedly straightforward. But Sophia still didn't know if he loved her or not. She reiterated her stand. "I'm not going to be your mistress."

His thumb rubbed back and forth against her cheek. "Be good, and you won't be my mistress."

How could he bear to let Sophia be his mistress? As long as the plan went smoothly, he would not only give her his name, but also marry her in a grand wedding ceremony.

The divorce was fine, it would only give him an opportunity to get to know Sophia all over again.

Besides, the marriage certificate didn't matter. He could see things clearer now. As long as she was by his side, it was good enough for him.

Of course, he still remembered Daniel's words. 'If you really love a woman, give her a grand wedding. Let the whole worl

d know that Sophia is your wife.'

"Be good? Do you want me to watch you and Dorothy Lian be affectionate with each other every day? Colin, did you ever consider my feelings before you got together with her?" Sadness flashed in Sophia's eyes.

His thumb stopped at her parted lips. "Sophia, please don't marry Hugh Pei."

Sophia wanted to scream in frustration. Colin hadn't given an answer to any of the questions she asked him in the past two days.

She's had enough! Sophia put her hands on his chest to push him away. Colin stopped her protests with a kiss.

Colin's kisses always left Sophia breathless. Before the kiss could go any further, the bedroom door opened.

Dumbstruck, Sophia and Colin paused their movements. Who would enter at this late hour?

In the next instant, a wail shook the whole room.

It was Ambrose.

Pushing Colin away, Sophia rearranged her clothes and approached Ambrose. "Brody, what happened? Why are you awake?"

Ambrose looked depressed. He wiped his tears and questioned Colin, "Dad, why did you kiss Sophia?"

His father told him that he would check on Sophia for him. How could he betray him and kiss Sophia like that?

"Is there a problem?" Colin stared at his crying son with a black look on his face. If it weren't for him, he would be having sex with Sophia right now.

Ambrose cried louder. He felt unhappier and more aggrieved. His cries brought Wendy and Levi into the room.

Dressed in her pajamas, Wendy hugged Ambrose in distress. "Brody, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Grandma, Dad... He..." Ambrose burst into tears again.

"What happened, Brody? Tell me. If he's bullying you, I won't let him get away with it!" Levi didn't notice Sophia's scarlet face. He actually thought Colin had hit Brody.

Ambrose stopped crying. Choking with sobs, he looked at his uncle with wide eyes. "Uncle, will you beat up Dad for me?"

"Of course! Just tell me what he did to you." Levi crouched down to wipe Ambrose's tears away. He had always doted on his nephew.

Selina stuck her head out of their bedroom and looked at the commotion outside in curiosity.

Embarrassed, Sophia hurried to cover Ambrose's mouth as she tried to comfort him. "Brody, let's go to sleep, okay?"

Ambrose removed Sophia's hand and told Levi loudly, "Uncle, Dad kissed Sophia on the bed. He's taking my wife away from me! He promised that he would check on Sophia for me. But he kissed her! Why did you do that, dad!"

Ambrose shot his father a betrayed look. ...

The room burst into laughter.

Colin and Sophia were silent. But the other three couldn't help bending over and clutching their stomachs from laughing so hard.

Sophia flushed crimson. She found herself at a loss with what to do. Ambrose told them everything! There was no way she could explain it now.

"Why are you laughing? Dad attempted to take Sophia away from me while I was asleep! Uncle, you have to teach him a lesson!" Ambrose looked like a man who had caught his wife cheating on him...

The three burst into laughter once again, making Sophia feel more awkward.

Finally, Levi put his finger to his mouth to silence the room. He cleared his throat and told his nephew, "Your dad just wanted to make sure that Sophia... Uh... That Sophia really loves you."

Levi didn't know how to explain the situation to the kid. He had to make something up.

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