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   Chapter 202 Ambrose's Request

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Selina was surprised at Ambrose's actions. Looking at Sophia and the child, a thought came to mind...


"Ambrose, time for bed." Colin glanced at his son in reminder.

Ambrose immediately clutched Sophia's hand and waved to the others. "Grandma, Auntie, good night!"

"Good night, Brody." Selina snapped out of her thoughts and waved to the boy.

Sophia followed Ambrose into his room, but Ambrose stopped at the door and blocked his father from entering. "Dad, I want to spend time alone with Sophia. Please go back to your room."

Colin didn't answer. After glancing at his son and the woman inside the room, he complied and went to his room.

Sophia didn't notice what Ambrose said to his father, because she was busy marvelling at Ambrose's room. A large shelf was filled with models of yachts, cruise ships, sailing dinghies... Everything related to ships.

The yacht model Sophia bought Ambrose was placed right in the middle of the shelf, where he could reach easily.

Ambrose closed the door and slowly walked to Sophia. Looking down, he asked shyly, "Sophia, can you give me a bath?"

Turning around, Sophia held back her laughter when she saw his little flushed face. He was only three years old, but he was already acting coy. So adorable!

"I haven't given a child a bath before, but I think I can try."

Of course... She would have been more skilled in doing these things... If she hadn't lost her baby. Sophia shook the sad thoughts away.

With Ambrose here, she would take good care of him and make him happy.

Ambrose kept squealing as Sophia bathed him.

Looking at the little boy covering his private parts, Sophia couldn't help thinking that Ambrose was a little precocious. Despite being only a three-year-old boy, he had asked her to be his girlfriend and now, he was shy because she was bathing him.

If Maeve was his mother, why wasn't she with him?

But if Maeve wasn't his mother, then who was? Ambrose was over three years old... A thought suddenly struck her...

"Ouch! That hurts!" The shout interrupted Sophia's thoughts, and she forgot what she was thinking about.

Sophia pulled Ambrose, who had slipped in the bath. "I'm sorry, Ambrose. I drifted off. Does it hurt?"

Ambrose shook his bubbly head. "No. I'm fine, Sophia. Did I frighten you?"

"Yes. If you're hurt, I'll feel bad." Sophia lifted the shower head and washed off the bubbles with warm water.

It took Sophia nearly an hour to bathe Ambrose.

She wrapped Ambrose in a bath towel and dried him off. When they walked out of the bathroom, Colin was leaning against a desk and staring at them.

He had a strange look in his eyes as he watched them.

Sophia followed his gaze and looked down.

Apparently, her dress had turned transparent from the water and her underwear was visible! She quickly pulled Ambrose in front of her. "Why are you still awake?"

"I wanted to make sure he's asleep." With the alluring sight hidden from view, Colin tore his gaze away.

After settling Ambrose on the bed, Sophia went to get the hai

r dryer and began to dry his hair.

Women were talented at taking care of children. After drying Ambrose's hair, Sophia tucked him in as if she had done it many times before. Colin stood silently as he watched Sophia take care of the boy.

Sophia didn't know how to coax a kid into sleeping. "Brody, do you want me to read you a bedtime story?"

Ambrose wasn't fond of bedtime stories. But when Sophia offered, he immediately pointed at the bookshelf. "Dad, fetch me the dinosaur book. I want Sophia to read it for me."

Sophia was impressed at Ambrose for his courage in ordering Colin. But Colin was cooperative.

He found the book and threw it to Sophia.

Sophia picked up the book and opened it to the first page. "Okay, let's start. Close your eyes now."

"Okay!" Ambrose closed his eyes as he listened to Sophia's soft voice. "Once upon a time, there was a little green dinosaur..."

As the night progressed, the room filled with warmth.

In a Troop in A Country

"Sir, the work is done. Please check!" Rows of soldiers stood in the middle of the training grounds as they waited for Levi to check their work.

Levi glanced at the Major beside him. "Check it for me. I have something to attend to. Give me the results tomorrow."

The Major was startled. It wasn't Levi's style. No matter what, Levi did everything personally.

"Is there a problem?" Levi asked when he didn't get a response.

The Major straightened his back and saluted to Levi. "No, Sir!"

"Good." The Major watched as Levi walked away before increasing his pace into a run.

The military vehicle sped along the road before finally stopping at the Li Manor. Levi slammed the door shut and rushed into the villa without locking the car.

He changed his shoes and rushed to Wendy's room on the second floor.

"Mother!" Levi pushed the door open, revealing two persons sitting in the room.

His mother and his wife. More precisely, his future wife.

Selina stood up with a smile as Levi gathered her into his arms. She gently pushed him away. "Hey! We're not alone."

Levi put his arm around Selina's waist and waved to his amused mother. "Mother, we're going to our room."

"Good night!" She saw them out and waited for them to enter Levi's room before closing the door.

Levi opened the room and pulled Selina in. Closing the door, he pressed her against it and kissed her lips. He did all this in an instant.

When did they last see each other? It's been... Four months.

Levi's kiss made Selina weak in the knees.

"Selina, how could you model in that revealing outfit? Have I been too good to you?" Since they got together, he's been a complete gentleman. He didn't go further than kissing and hugging her.

Selina wanted to wait until their wedding day, and he respected her decision. He didn't mind that Selina was a model, but she posed as a car show girl... And wore low-cut clothes! He was definitely not fine with that.

Levi's sharp glare made Selina shrink. "Come on, I was just doing my friend a favor. It was just that one time..."

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